Saturday, August 27, 2016


Odds, Ends, And Autocrats

Kazakh Prime Minister's Hashtag Fail

The Kazakh prime minister's call for Twitter users to list the country's achievements since independence has not gone as planned. More

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Qishloq Ovozi

Blogging Central Asia

There has been a big uptick in the number of asylum seekers, many of them Tajiks, appearing at the main train station in Brest, a town on Belarus's border with Poland. (file photo)

Audio Tajik Asylum Seekers Traveling Further Abroad

During the last two years, authorities in Tajikistan have been carrying out a crackdown on political opponents. More of a crackdown than usual, that is to say, because the Tajik government has a long record of harassing the country's political opposition. More

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Balkans Without Borders

People pay their last respects to the Bytyqi brothers -- Ylli, Agron and Mehmet -- whose bound bodies were found in a mass grave in 2001.

Bytyqi Brothers' Slaying Casts Pall Over U.S.-Serbian Relations

The visit to Belgrade of U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden has brought the 1999 execution-style killings of the Bytyqi brothers -- three Albanian-Americans who left the United States to fight in Kosovo -- back into focus among Serbian media. It's a crime that won't go away. More

Turkey Notebook

According to some estimates, since the coup attempt 77,000 public servants have been suspended, 5,000 fired, 19,000 detained, and more than 11,000 people arrested.

Turkey's Anti-Gulen Clampdown Rages Out Of Control

The clampdown on suspected supporters of U.S.-based Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen, who has been accused of masterminding the July 15 coup attempt, has reached unprecedented scope. Reportedly even some friends of Gulen supporters have been detained. More