Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Talabshoh Sheikhov and Maria entertained the people of Dushanbe for 20 years.

Tajiks Want Statue Immortalizing 'Bear Man'

Tajik social media users are raising money to build a statue of a man who used to roam the streets of Dushanbe in the company of an unusual pet: a big brown bear named Maria. More

Will it be illegal in Russia to advertise McDonald’s Big Macs?

Putin Judo Pal Proposes Ban On Fast-Food Ads

A Russian lawmaker and friend of President Vladimir Putin is arguing that sugary drinks and fast food are dangerous and should not be allowed to advertise in Russia. More

Iranian President Hassan Rohani

Nuclear Deal Would Boost Rohani But Turn Up Pressure From Hard-Liners

For Iranian President Hassan Rohani, a nuclear deal with global powers would be a double-edged sword. More

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras addresses the nation after it voted "No" to an EU bailout offer.

Interview: What Does Greek Vote Mean For EU?

​Judy Dempsey, a senior associate at Carnegie Europe and editor in chief of Strategic Europe, spoke on July 6 with RFE/RL Brussels correspondent Rikard Jozwiak about the Greek referendum result and what it means for the European Union. More

U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower (right) meets with Iran's Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi in 1954.

Iran's Nuclear Program A Child Of Washington

Nuclear talks between Washington and Tehran have witnessed more collision than fusion. What may have been forgotten, however, is that the United States played a key role in the creation of Iran's nuclear program. More

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American Teacher Kicked Out Of Russia

An American who has lived and worked in Russia for more than 20 years has been dismissed as a professor at a university in Nizhny Novgorod in what critics say is the latest example of a Kremlin crackdown on inconvenient foreigners under the banner of counterespionage.

Video 'Electric Yerevan' Insists No One Has Pulled Plug On Armenia Protests

Street protests in the Armenian capital that sent shock waves far beyond the Caucasus have gone nearly quiet, with neither side able to claim victory in a battle over electricity prices.

Russian Yoga Ban Leaves Officials In Awkward Pose

Authorities in a central Russian city have suffered an embarrassing backlash after attempting to ban yoga.

Who Are The Russian Generals That Ukraine Says Are Fighting In The Donbas?

A new dossier by the Ukrainian security service has named five Russian generals who have allegedly participated in military activities with separatist forces in eastern Ukraine. Russia has consistently denied any military involvement in the conflict there.

The Father Of Iran's Nuclear Program Recalls How It All Began

It was late in 1973 when Akbar Etemad got the call -- the shah wanted to discuss ways to launch a nuclear program that would cement Iran's place in the world.

Jews Are Fleeing Russia Because Of Putin

Israel is seeing the biggest influx of Russian immigrants since the 1990s. Most of them are educated Muscovites bitterly disillusioned with their country's leadership.

Audio Slide Show Afghanistan's Underbelly: The Exposed North

The Afghan government has turned to a risky war strategy to tackle the Taliban in the country's north -- teaming up two rival former warlords with a history of animosity toward each other.

Bellingcat Tracks Russian Fighters In Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin says Russia is not involved militarily in Ukraine. A handful of resourceful digital-forensic investigators say they have enough evidence to say he's lying.

Video Ex-Envoy To Iraq Says Tehran Being 'Unhelpful'

A former U.S. ambassador to Iraq has accused Iran of playing an "unhelpful" and "very damaging" role in Iraq by furthering sectarian tensions in the war-torn country.

Russian Propaganda Chief Supports Same-Sex Unions

Dmitry Kiselyov, Russia's controversial chief propagandist, has shocked viewers during a weekly news round-up by coming out in favor of same-sex civil unions.
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