Saturday, May 30, 2015

Photos, shared widely over social media, have shown purported Russian troops in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Bloggers Hunt Down Russian Soldiers In War-Torn East

Ukrainian bloggers are using social networks to track down alleged Russian soldiers fighting alongside separatist rebels in Ukraine's east. They say they are building a damning case against Russia. More

Armenia - Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamian chairs a weekly cabinet meeting in Yerevan, 21May2015.

Video Armenians Say PM's Fish Farms Sucking Wells Dry

There was plenty of water in the Armenian village of Apaga just a few years ago, but that was before the surrounding region was dotted with new wells to supply fish farms, some owned by the prime minister and his family. Now, residents say Apaga's water supply is running dry -- and they doubt the government will do anything about it. More

Bonus-Media is one of the sponsors of Total Dictation, a free grammar-and-spelling test to which thousands of Russians voluntarily submit each year. (file photo)

Russian Grammar Enthusiast Questioned For 'Nazi' Sympathies

A Russian entrepreneur who helps organize the country's best-known competition on spelling and syntax has been questioned by prosecutors as a suspected "grammar Nazi." More

According to a new report, pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine are receiving weapons and equipment from Moscow.  (file photo)

Scathing Report Says Russia At War With Ukraine, Putin Lying

A Washington-based think tank on international affairs has released a scathing report on Russia's "direct military intervention" in eastern Ukraine, concluding that President Vladimir Putin has led his country into war and has lied about it. More

Many Russians on social media were quick to come to FIFA President Sepp Blatter's defense following the arrest of several senior soccer officials on corruption charges. (file photo)

Fear, Conspiracy, And Loathing As Russians React To FIFA Arrests

Before the Kremlin commented on the shocking legal drama unfolding over alleged activities at global soccer authority FIFA, the Russian Internet and other media lit up as Russians reacted to news of investigations that could cast a harsh light on Russia's successful bid to host the 2018 World Cup. More

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Lenin Slept Here, And Was Expelled -- Kazan 'Red Tour' Marketed To Chinese

Russia is trying to attract Chinese tourists to Tatarstan's capital, Kazan, with a "red tour" of communism's historic sites -- bragging not only that Lenin once slept there, but was also expelled from university there as a young revolutionary.

Arrests Put Spotlight On FIFA Corruption Allegations

Long dogged by allegations of corruption, FIFA is facing fresh -- and more importantly, concrete -- charges of graft leading all the way to the upper echelons of power in world soccer's governing body.

Photogallery Afghanistan To Ukraine: 'The Enemies Of Our Enemies Are Our Friends'

It took Afghan mujahedin nearly 10 years, and foreign weapons, to repel its Soviet invasion. A quarter-century later, Rostyslav Khotyn of RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service traveled to Afghanistan to see what that war could tell him about the current conflict in his own country.

Video East-West Tension Puts Baltic Sea Island On Its Toes

Concerns about Russia's intentions have bolstered the strategic importance of the Swedish Baltic island of Gotland. Sweden is planning to increase its troop presence there, and the number of locals joining a part-time home-guard force doubled last year.

Russian Hockey Great Wants To Cage Homegrown Talent

In a bid to recapture past Russian ice-hockey glory, a legend of the game has pulled a page from the old Soviet playbook by demanding players not be allowed to play abroad until they turn 28.

Russia Could Use Prison Labor For 2018 World Cup

The State Duma proposal has been endorsed by Federal Penitentiary Service officials, while the Russian opposition protests that the initiative has echoes of Josef Stalin's gulag economy.

'Baptism By Troll' As Patriarch Kirill Opens VK Social Networking Page

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church joined social-networking site Vkontakte to connect with the public, but the launch of his own personal page was marred by trolls who swamped it with derogatory comments.

Turkmen President Honors Himself With Giant Gold Horse Statue

Authorities in Turkmenistan have unveiled a giant golden statue of President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov on horseback in the capital, a towering sign of a growing personality cult celebrating the authoritarian leader.

Poland's Next President Could Ruffle Feathers In Moscow And Brussels

Poland's surprise choice for president signals appetite for change and is almost certain to dent egos in Brussels, but Andrzej Duda has so far pressed for even deeper defense commitments from the West.

The Mysterious Assassination Of A Rebel Commander In Ukraine

The assassination of Aleksei Mozgovoi, a separatist commander in eastern Ukraine and proponent of the idea of an independent Novorossia, has led to a lot of finger pointing.
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