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Amir started his publishing career lampooning Iranian life.

From Blog To Telegram, Iranian Citizen Journalist Keeps Challenging Regime

An Iranian emigre toils over serious questions of nuclear safety all day, but his nights are filled with humor -- often at the expense of Iran's leadership. More

A militant fighting for Russia-backed separatist forces aims his weapon near the town of Avdiyivka, outside Donetsk,.

'Too Many Troops Willing To Fire'

With so many opposing troops massed in close proximity along the line of separation, you can expect more civilians to be caught in the line of fire in eastern Ukraine. RFE/RL spoke to International Crisis Group adviser Paul Quinn-Judge about the scale of the problem. More

Video Kerry Hails Efforts Against IS, Says Saudis Could Do More

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry says there's been "slow and steady" progress in the international community's battle against the Islamic State militant group. More

Iranian women display their ink-stained fingers after casting their ballot for the second round of parliamentary elections at a polling station in Robat Karim, some 40 kilometers southwest of the capital, Tehran.

Could Runoffs Tilt Iran's Balance Of Power?

Two months after elections that brought Iran's moderates back in from the cold, runoff votes to fill nearly one-quarter of the parliament could still pack some surprises. More

Reza Zarrab, a dual citizen of Turkey and his native Iran, is surrounded by journalists as he arrives at a police center in Istanbul in December  2013. Will his U.S. trial expose facts Turkey's president would rather not be made public?

U.S. Arrest Awakens Ghosts Of Turkey's Iran-Gold Scandal

A Turkish political scandal centered on funneling gold to sanctions-hit Iran three years ago could get a new life as U.S. authorities prosecute a key suspect. More

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Land Sales Unearth Kazakhs' Love For The Motherland

Fears that land will be taken from the people and sold off to foreigners or moneyed elites are fueling a rare and growing protest movement in Kazakhstan.

'Minister Of Singers' Tells Uzbek Performer To Cover Up

An Uzbek singer has been told by authorities that her controversial choice of clothing "contradicts the national mentality."

Names Of Russia's Elite Vanish From Public Property Records

As Kremlin foes continue to dig up evidence of luxury properties held by top officials and their family members , the names of Russia's ruling elite are vanishing from public property records in what activists believe is a deliberate -- and illegal -- attempt to hide corruption and cronyism.

An 85-Year-Old Pensioner Is Russia's Most Unlikely Dissident

A pensioner from southern Russia made headlines earlier this month by filing a lawsuit that named President Vladimir Putin as an "enemy of the people" and calling for his removal. Now everyone wants to know what motivates him.

Iranian Hard-Liners Link Afghan Girl’s Killing To Telegram Messaging App

After a horrifying crime sent shock waves through Iranian society, hard-line conservatives found the perfect scapegoat to blame the killing on -- technology.

Tension In A Tajik City After Authorities Hand Mosque To Homeless Family

A formerly homeless Tajik mother of two is at the center of a struggle between the government and citizens who pray in unregistered mosques that the state fears could be hotbeds of extremism. Savsan Jonova recently moved into a former prayer house that the authorities confiscated from residents of the southern city of Kulob -- and her neighbors are not happy.

Video Chernobyl's Ring Of Fire: Signs Point To Rising Risk

Decades of extensive studies have led a leading Chernobyl researcher to warn that a bolt from the blue, or the strike of a match, could lead to forest fires that send clouds of toxic, radioactive fallout spewing into the skies above Europe.

Life In Limbo For Afghan Migrants In Turkey

Blocked from Europe, and unwilling to return home, Afghan migrants in Turkey say life is passing them by.

Poised For Big Win, Vucic Highlights Serbian 'Paradox'

Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic looks set to strengthen his hold on Serbia this weekend. But which way does a former ultranationalist turned EU champion intend to lead the country?

Disaster Workers Return On Anniversary

A visit to the Chernobyl exclusion zone might seem like an adventure to the tourists who flock there for a glimpse at disaster. Not so for the hundreds of thousands who were sent in to clean up the world's worst nuclear accident.
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