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Bondo Dorovskikh has been gathering groups of like-minded Russians seeking to fight against Islamic State militants in Syria.

'I Want To Be In These Fights': A Russian Volunteer Sets Sights On Syria

As Moscow launches air strikes in Syria, a Russian volunteer says he and a band of like-minded men are setting off to fight alongside Kurdish forces against Islamic State (IS) militants. Disillusioned with the rebels in eastern Ukraine, Bondo Dorovskikh says he is driven by an addiction to battle and the desire to combat the "evil" of IS. More

Men stand around a crater caused by what activists say was a Russian air strike in Latamineh on September 30 in the northern countryside of Hama.

The U.S.-Backed Groups In Syria That Say They Are Being Bombed By Russia

At least two Syrian rebel groups backed by the United States say they were bombed in Russian air strikes this week in Moscow's bid to bolster its ally, President Bashar al-Assad, in the country's four-year-old civil war. More

Afghan special forces arrive for a battle with the Taliban in the northern city of Kunduz. The U.S.-trained units' have recently been playing an increased role in nullifying insurgent threats around the country.

Afghan Elite Special Forces Take Lead

The Afghan army's elite special forces have proven they are up to the challenge of taking on the Taliban after playing a key role in retaking the northern city of Kunduz. More

The Ata-Meken (Fatherland) party is expected to do well in the weekend vote.

Fact Sheet: Kyrgyzstan's National Elections

RFE/RL's Qishloq Ovozi blogger Bruce Pannier has spent the last two weeks traveling Kyrgyzstan to get a read on the atmosphere in the run-up to the vote. In this report, Pannier distills some of the most essential questions about this weekend's poll. More

A woman watches a news program showing Russian President Vladimir Putin making a statement about the Syria situation in St. Petersburg on September 30.

'Irreproachable' Air Strikes: Russian Media Spin The Syria Offensive

After a dramatic day that saw Russia unexpectedly launch a campaign of air strikes in Syria, RFE/RL takes a look at how the country’s state-dominated media justified and explained the military action to its own people. More

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Video Putin's Strategy In Syria: Clever Gambit Or Doomed Game Plan?

Putin is betting on Assad as the only power in Syria able to roll back the Islamic State extremist group. But experts give mixed assessments of the gambit's chances of success.

Kunduz Governor Reappears, Vows To Spill His 'Last Drop Of Blood' Fighting Taliban

The governor of Kunduz Province, whose whereabouts have been unknown to journalists in Kabul for the last two days, has reappeared in Kabul and is vowing to spill his "last drop of blood" to recapture his provincial capital.

Video Taliban's Brutal Measures Belie 'Charm Offensive' In Captured Kunduz

The Taliban leadership is on a charm offensive to wins the hearts and minds of the people of Kunduz. But residents of the captured Afghan city say the hard-line militia is committing widespread abuses.

Video Syrian Opposition Posts Videos Of Russian Air Strike

Dozens of videos have appeared on social media showing what Syrian opposition activists claim are the results of a Russian air strike near the opposition stronghold of Talbisah. More than 20 casualties have been reported in the alleged strike.

Analysis: Putin Takes Center Stage At UN, In Syria

Vladimir Putin has fallen short of the most ambitious goals of his rare appearance at the UN General Assembly, but he has thrust Russia onto center stage and strengthened its influence on the outcome of the Syrian conflict.

Video Fear, Disbelief As Taliban Takes Kunduz

With the Taliban in control of much of the northern Afghan city of Kunduz, and government forces engaged in a counteroffensive to take it back, residents say they're bracing for heavy fighting.

Most Russians Oppose Sending Troops To Syria: Poll

An opinion poll says 69 percent of Russians oppose deploying combat troops in Syria -- something Russian President Vladimir Putin says he has ruled out.

Rights Activist Lyudmila Alekseyeva: 'You Can’t Win A War Alone'

Russia’s best-known human rights campaigner, 88-year-old Lyudmila Alekseyeva, reflects on the future of her country's embattled human rights movement and on the democratic prospects for her country.

Behind Ukraine's Front Lines, A Hospital Struggles To Cope

Before a cease-fire took hold in eastern Ukraine, a handful of doctors at Mariupol's Hospital No. 1 faced a flood of patients wounded at the nearby front in the war with Russia-backed rebels. Caught up in an unexpected conflict, the dilapidated hospital is part of an overstretched system plagued by poor equipment, uncertain loyalties, and Soviet-era attitudes about the value of a soldier's life.

Video From Aleppo To Malmo: War-Weary Refugees Find A Home In Sweden

For some refugees fleeing conflict and hardship, all roads lead to the southern Swedish city of Malmo.
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