Saturday, June 25, 2016

Chinese President Xi Jinping attends a signing ceremony with Russian President Vladimir Putin (left) at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing in September 2015.

Putin's Pivot East Meets Tepid Chinese Enthusiasm

Moscow sees warmer relations with Beijing as one fix for colder relations with the West, but the Russian-Chinese partnership seems to be mainly treading water. More

A truck bearing a pro-Brexit sign driving in front of the British parliament building on June 23, when British voters opted to leave the EU.

After 'Brexit' Vote, Fears Of EU Losing Influential Voice On Russia

A vocal supporter of European Union sanctions targeting Moscow, Britain is now set to leave the bloc. Kremlin critics warn that could weaken the Western resolve in standing up to Russia. More

The British vote has sent shockwaves through Europe and beyond.

Eastern Angst: Brexit Vote Sends Jitters Through Countries On EU's Fringe

As Europe grapples with Britain's decision to leave the EU, the bloc's eastern partners are weighing the implications of a Brexit for their own countries. More

What Brexit Could Mean For The EU

Any British departure from the European Union would have knock-on effects for the bloc's other member states, beginning with the euro, the EU's budget, and trade. More

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin suggested that Russia would stand a better chance of busting out of EU sanctions now that London, often a noisy critic of Moscow, is spinning out of the 28-member trade bloc.

Russia Revels In Brexit Vote

It's official, the United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union -- and Moscow is delighted. More

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EU Notebook: Brexit Vote Deals Brussels A Body Blow

It is a Brussels in absolute shock this morning: an EU capital that is fighting for its very survival. Today -- and for the foreseeable future -- the EU will be engaged in a fire-fighting exercise so hot that the whole house might catch fire.

One Russian's Search For His Great-Grandfather's Soviet Police Killers

For four years, Denis Karagodin has been immersed in a relentless mission to document the fate of his great-grandfather, who was executed by the Soviet secret police during dictator Josef Stalin's Great Terror. All that remains, he says, is to find the killers.

Video Brexit Or No? U.K. Voters Cast Ballots In EU Referendum

Voting has ended in Britain's referendum on whether or not to stay in the European Union, in the first referendum on the country’s links with Europe in more than four decades.

Video In Boston, U.K., A Microcosm Of Brexit Vote's Immigration Debate

In Boston, east England, it's as easy to find Polish pierogi as haslet, the local pork meat-loaf specialty. The most Eastern European town in the U.K., it's also the ideal place to explore the Brexit hot-button issue of immigration.

Beatings And Arson Attacks: Is Online Dissidence Becoming Dangerous In Russia?

A growing number of ordinary Russian citizens are being assaulted and intimidated in what they believe is retaliation for online posts critical of authorities. The attacks are taking place against the backdrop of a deepening government crackdown on Internet freedoms.

Video In Northern Ireland, Border Looms Large In Brexit Vote

A Brexit would place Northern Ireland along the United Kingdom's only external land border with the EU. Many along that currently invisible dividing line worry it would hit cross-border trade -- and there have even been warnings it could endanger the peace deal that ended the province's long years of sectarian violence.

Confessions Of A Ukrainian 'Political Prisoner'

Following his recent release in a prisoner swap, Hennadiy Afanasyev, a photographer from Crimea convicted in Russia of plotting terrorist attacks on the Moscow-occupied peninsula, tells why he decided to recant his testimony implicating fellow Ukrainians.

Explainer: The ‘Holy And Great Council’ Of Orthodox Churches

The first gathering of the "Holy and Great Council" of Orthodox churches in more than a millennium has been in preparation for 55 years, but infighting began even before the event could begin this week on the Greek island of Crete.

Photogallery Russian Return To ‘Soviet Riviera’ Brings Hope, Concern To Breakaway Abkhazia

Russian vacationers are the lifeblood of Abkhazia, and the breakaway Georgian region is getting an infusion as the number of visitors from its giant patron grows. But a dispute over whether to let foreigners buy property in the lush Black Sea territory reflects concerns over the extent of Russia’s clout.

Paris Terrorist's Video Underscores Live-Streaming Challenges For Social Media

The challenge of preventing terrorists from glorifying attacks and spreading propaganda on the Internet is becoming more difficult as global social-media platforms bring live video-streaming capabilities to hundreds of millions of users.
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