Thursday, April 24, 2014

Shepherd Pyotr (in red shirt) in Congaz, Gagauzia

Tiny Moldova Faces Its East-West Moment Of Truth

Moldova's European-integration policies are beginning to show results. But the closer the tiny country gets to the European Union, the harder pro-Russian forces try to pull it back into Moscow's orbit. More

In Shift Toward Free Speech, Turkmens Voice Anger With Government

Video Turkmen Starting To Complain In Greater Numbers

Under Turkmenistan's notoriously repressive regime, those who publicly criticize the government have been known to end up in jail. But that hasn't stopped an increasing number of Turkmen from approaching RFE/RL Turkmen Service correspondents in recent months to voice their dissatisfaction with officials. Is it bravery, desperation, or a more tolerant atmosphere? More

The CCTV tower in Beijing shrouded in smog.

Beijing Smog To Be Turned Into Jewels

A Dutch designer says he plans to suck the smog from Beijing's notoriously polluted skyline using the world's largest "electronic vacuum cleaner." And if all goes well, there could be sparkling results. More

A doctor weighs a child during an examination at a Jewish hospital in Tehran. (file photo)

Iran Seeks To Offset Advancement Of Women In Medicine

Iran plans to improve medical services by limiting the number of women who are admitted to medical schools. But the cure could be worse than the disease. More

Two elderly women place prayer candles in Kyiv's St. Michael's monastery on Easter Sunday.

Easter Mass Highlights Ukrainian Divisions

Many Ukrainians are united by a yearning for peace in the name of God and country. But divisions were also evident at Easter services in Kyiv. More

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Interview: 'The Maidan Represents Love'

Russian photographer Viktoria Ivleva was curious about how ordinary Ukrainians feel concerning the ongoing crisis, and found a way to see for herself. Using funds provided by her Facebook friends, she traveled to Ukraine and met with Ukrainians across the country -- from Euromaidan supporters in Ukraine's west to pro-Russian protesters in the east. RFE/RL's Russian Service spoke with Ivleva about her experiences upon her return to Moscow.

Moldovan Foreign Minister Says Ukraine Crisis Has Led To Reevaluation Of CIS

In a wide-ranging interview, Moldovan Foreign Minister Natalia Gherman discusses the Ukraine crisis, Moldova's EU integration, and the role of Russian-language media.

Geneva Accords Not A Hit On The Maidan

Activists occupying Kyiv's Independence Square are not thrilled with the agreement reached in Geneva this week to defuse Ukraine's ongoing crisis.

Video Jews Get Dragged Into Ukraine's Political Battle

A debate about an anti-Semitic flyer allegedly distributed in Donetsk is just the latest example of Jews being used as unwilling proxies in the battle for the moral high ground in Ukraine.

The Geneva Agreement -- On Paper And On The Ground

Ukraine, Russia, the United States, and the European Union have reached an agreement in Geneva on a series of steps to de-escalate tensions in Ukraine. We take a look at the key points in the agreement and the steps taken -- or not taken -- thus far to implement them.

Spies, Spooks, And Rock 'n' Roll At Twilight Of The Cold War

Was rock 'n' roll a secret weapon in the Cold War? A new documentary explores the impact of rock music on Soviet society.

Video Interview: Ghani Says 'All Walks Of Afghan Life Will Be Represented'

Afghan presidential candidate Ashraf Ghani says that, if elected, he will do all in his power to promote "genuine reconciliation." He spoke to RFE/RL about what he will do if he doesn't win the first round, and what his plans are should he be elected president.

Edward Snowden Asks Vladimir Putin A Question

What do you get when the most famous former NSA employee asks the most famous former KGB member for information on how his spying program works? A Russian propaganda victory, according to some.

Kramatorsk Dispatch: Humiliating Capitulation Dampens Troops' Morale

The Ukrainian army is licking its wounds after a much-touted "anti-terrorist" operation to regain control of the country's east ended with pro-Russian separatists in Kramatorsk seizing six armored personnel carriers.

Interview: 'We May Already Be Past The Point Of No Return'

Ivan Lozowy, a Kyiv-based political analyst, traveled to the eastern Ukrainian cities of Kharkiv and Luhansk this week. He talks to RFE/RL about Kyiv's failure to confront the separatist crisis and the role of the Donbas oligarchs in stirring up the unrest.
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