Saturday, August 27, 2016

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev shows off a new BMW to synchronized swimmer Natalia Ishchenko, who won gold at the Rio Olympics on August 16. It's not known if Ishchenko was the swimmer selling her new car, however.

New BMW Goes On Sale In Russia, One Day After Being Awarded To Gold Medalists

For Sale: 2016 BMW X6 II luxury crossover. Low mileage. White exterior. Black interior. Acquired first-hand from the president of the Russian Federation. Asking $73,000. More

Local residents surround the body of Aleksandr Tsukerman in the middle of a dirt road in the southern village of Krivoye Ozero.

Death At Hands Of Police Sparks Public Anger, Reform Pledge In South Ukraine

Ukraine's interior minister has vowed there won't be any "whitewash" as authorities investigate the death this week of a 31-year-old man at the hands of a half-dozen policemen with the man's family looking on. More

Amir Tataloo was detained by plainclothes officers on a Tehran street on August 23. (file photo)

Iranian Fans Take To Social Media To Demand Rapper’s Release

Fans of popular Iranian rapper Amir Tataloo have taken to social media to demand his release from custody. Tataloo was detained on charges of spreading corruption and depravity among youth. More

Photographer Dmytro Muravskiy has stood by this photo -- and is threatening to sue his detractors.

War Of Words Over Ukraine 'Combat' Photo

A controversy is escalating in Ukraine over a photo that seems to capture the conflict with Russia-backed separatists in a single frame. It could be one of the greatest war photographs ever taken – or a fake. More

Female Afghan students who were trapped inside during the attack are escorted by Afghan police at the end of the nearly 10-hour raid at the American University in Kabul.

Survivors Of Attack At American University Of Afghanistan Recall Terror

Here are the accounts of four survivors of the 10-hour assault by gunmen on the American University of Afghanistan in Kabul. At least 13 people were killed in the attack. Survivors describe barricading themselves behind classroom doors, clinging to the floor as shots rang out meters away, and suffering injuries as they and others scrambled to reach safety. More

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Afghan Girl's Death Has Iranians Questioning Ban On Organ Transplants For Foreigners

The death of a 12-year-old Afghan girl in Iran has prompted that country's health minister to publicly defend a national ban on organ transplants for foreigners that some were initially blaming for the tragedy.

Audio Slide Show Behind The Scenes In Ukraine, Ties To Putin Help Power Broker Pull Strings 

A tycoon and power broker with close ties to Vladimir Putin, Viktor Medvedchuk has influenced policy for two tumultuous decades in Ukraine. As a peace deal he helped push through in a conflict with Russia-backed separatists threatens to unravel, the outsize role of a man critics call the "Prince of Darkness" is in the spotlight again.

Punitive Medicine? Crimean Tatars Shaken By Leader's Confinement To Mental Asylum

Russia's confinement of a Tatar activist to a psychiatric clinic in Crimea is raising fears that Moscow is reviving a Soviet-era practice to intimidate opponents of the peninsula's annexation into silence.

Video Interview: Putin-Mask Protester 'Safe' In Ukraine After Midnight Run From Russia

An in-depth interview with Roman Roslovtsev, the anti-Kremlin activist known for staging one-man protests while wearing a rubber Putin mask, who is now asking Ukraine to provide him sanctuary.

Iranian Journalists Alarmed As Media Legislation Resurfaces

Journalists in Iran are sounding the alarm over a government-drafted media regulation bill that is expected to be sent to the parliament for approval soon, after a two-year delay.

Guerrilla War In Tbilisi: Activists Battle City Hall To Preserve Georgian Capital's Shrinking Green Spaces

Rampant development in Tbilisi is pitting city hall against a feisty group of activists determined to preserve what's left of the city's green spaces.

Surge In Women's Suicides Alarms Kazakh Province

More women are taking their own lives in South Kazakhstan, but it's not clear why.

A Long Jump: Russia Claims Moral Victory From Rio Olympics

Despite its showing on the medals table, Russian media have taken a positive spin on its results in Rio.

Return Of Belarusian Kopeks Brings Currency Risk

The return of coin currency in Belarus has led to a spike in choking cases among young children.

Plucky Russian Newspaper Stands By Warning Against ‘Distorted’ TV News

Thousands of kilometers from the Kremlin’s watchful eye, a plucky newspaper in Siberia is practicing its own brand of independent journalism and running a unique antipropaganda campaign after being tarred earlier this year by state-controlled Russian media.
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