Tuesday, June 30, 2015

"Love can work miracles," says Dmitry Kiselyov. "Who is against that?"

From Burning Hearts To Civil Unions: The Unlikely Evolution Of Dmitry Kiselyov

Dmitry Kiselyov, Russia's controversial chief propagandist, has shocked viewers during a weekly news round-up by coming out in favor of same-sex civil unions. More

A Russian opposition party has rejected claims that French actor Gerard Depardieu is running as its candidate for governor of a Siberian region, dismissing the allegation as an "unfortunate joke."

Russian Opposition Party Says 'Depardieu Candidacy' A Bad Joke

A Russian opposition party has rejected claims that French actor Gerard Depardieu is running as its candidate for governor of a Siberian region, dismissing the allegation as an "unfortunate joke." More

Russian President Vladimir Putin (right) has led a conspicuous effort to highlight tensions between Brussels and Athens, led by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

A Russian Lifeline For Greece? Don't Hold Your Breath

Moscow largesse is unlikely to help Athens ward off economic calamity anytime soon. More

The nonprofit group United Against Nuclear Iran has launched a multimillion-dollar media campaign that pushes Washington to take a harder line on the nuclear negotiations with Iran.

Critics Of Nuclear Deal Go On The Offensive Ahead Of Deadline

Even before the deadline for a comprehensive nuclear deal with Iran, critics were ratcheting up their calls for Washington to take a tougher line in negotiations. More

There are some 10,000 street sweepers working in St. Petersburg, many of them low-paid migrants from Central Asia. (file photo)

Central Asian Migrants Sue Russian Employer Over Unpaid Wages

Dozens of street sweepers from Central Asia are combining forces to take their Russian employer to court over unpaid wages. More

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Russia Splutters As U.S. Goes 'Gay'

Its greatest adversary has legalized same-sex marriages, and Russia doesn't quite know how to react to the United States' 'gayification' movement.

Video Hard-Nosed Armenian Police Chief Draws Mockery, Anger

The protests in Yerevan have put the spotlight on Armenia's iron-fisted police chief, whose angry tirades at protesters are sparking both anger and jokes.

Surviving The Siege, Only To Die Of Neglect

Samiya Khalikova survived the siege of Leningrad and the Soviet-era repressions that decimated her family. But when she recently collapsed in her flat, it took authorities two days to open the door.

Muscovites Fight To Save Park From New Church

Angry residents say the Russian Orthodox Church pulled a fast one as part of its push to build 200 new churches in Moscow, and are waging a pitched battle to keep their park.

Video Armenian Protesters Chafe At Comparisons To EuroMaidan

Many observers in Russia and the West are comparing the ongoing Armenian protests against rising electricity prices to the Euromaidan movement in Ukraine. But spokespeople in Yerevan are resisting this attempt to broaden the framing of their project.

Estonian Defense Chief: NATO Must 'Neutralize' Putin's Perceived Advantage

Estonia's defense chief has welcomed the U.S. decision to preposition military equipment in the Baltics and other countries on the eastern edge of the alliance, saying that a strong presence is required to diminish the potential threat of a Russian attack.

Mixed Feelings In Macedonia As A Russian Orthodox Church Rises

A Russian Orthodox church under construction in Macedonia is one of several that have been built or planned in Europe in recent years. Beneath talk of spiritual ties, there is concern that Moscow could use such churches to advance its temporal interests.

Russian 'Profiteering' At Heart Of Armenian Power Protests

Russia owns Armenia's power-distribution grid, and Armenian consumers are furious about the way they are being treated by the firm when it comes to paying for electricity.

Tech-Savvy Armenian Trio Leads 'Collective Brain' In Rate-Hike Protest

The little-known trio behind the large demonstrations in Armenia is relying on "the people" in their battle against an electricity price hike.

Video Islamic Party Members Resign En Masse In Tajikistan

As dozens of party members and officials publicly announce their departure from Tajikistan's Islamic Renaissance Party, its leaders are putting on a brave face and saying the situation does not reflect reality.
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