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Auschwitz survivor Eva Mozes Kor at the former Nazi concentration camp in 2005.

Auschwitz Memories: 'I Refused To Die'

A survivor of the grotesque medical experiments of Nazi doctor Josef Mengele, Eva Mozes Kor tells of her harrowing and remarkable journey -- and her decision to forgive her torturers. More

A Ukrainian serviceman prays by a cross outside the eastern city of Mariupol, a port of crucial economic importance on the Azov Sea.

Mariupol: A Strategic And Symbolic Target For Pro-Russian Rebels

In launching an offensive against the Ukrainian coastal city of Mariupol, pro-Russian separatists have selected a target of both strategic and symbolic importance in their bloody conflict with the government in Kyiv. More

A beggar asks for alms near a torn poster depicting a Ukrainian 200-hryvnya banknote in Kyiv. Economists disagree on the best way to help Ukraine tackle its escalating economic crisis.

News Analysis: How Best To Help Ukraine Is The $50 Billion Question

Can tens of billions of dollars in Western aid jumpstart Ukraine's embattled economy or does Kyiv need the current crisis as a stimulus to implement reforms that it has avoided for the past two decades? More

Auschwitz Event Exposes Russia-Europe Tensions

A claim by the Ukrainian president's administration that it was mostly Ukrainians who liberated Auschwitz and Europe threatens to deepen a rift that reflects current animosity and deep historic tension between Moscow and its Soviet-era subjects. More

Maksim Frank-Kamenetsky, a Soviet-born biophysicist who lives in Boston, was struck by the rampant anti-Americanism among Russians.

In Brutally Critical Open Letter, Russian-Born Scholar Talks Of His 'Overwhelming Nausea' Over Putin's Russia

Maksim Frank-Kamenetsky, a Soviet-born biophysicist who lives in Boston, recently spent four months in his homeland. What he saw in Russia prompted him to sound the alarm in an open letter to Russians. More

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'The Payback Will Be Ruthless': Scholar's Open Letter To Russia Pulls No Punches

After returning to his homeland for a four-month visit, Maksim Frank-Kamenetsky, a Soviet-born biophysicist who lives in Boston, penned the following open letter to Russians.

Obituary: Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah Is Dead At 90

Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah has died at the age of 90 after ruling the oil-rich Middle Eastern state as king for 10 years.

Iran’s Leader Urges Western Youth To Learn About Islam

Iran's supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, has called on young people in Europe and North America to make an effort to understand Islam by reading the Koran and about the life of the Prophet Muhammad.

'You Could See Happiness In Their Eyes': Russian Veteran Recalls Soviet Liberation Of Auschwitz

On January 27, 1945, Red Army soldiers opened the gates of Auschwitz, the notorious Nazi concentration camp where hundreds of thousands of Jews and other prisoners had been killed. As the world prepares to mark the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, RFE/RL speaks to one of the few remaining Soviet war veterans to participate in the historic event.

Photogallery You Say Crimea, They Say Taurida

For some Russian officials, annexing Crimea wasn't enough. Now some want to change its name.

Red Tape, Not Red Carpet, For Afghan Man Who Saved Life Of U.S. Soldier

When an Afghan villager saved an American soldier from the Taliban, it was a story fit for the silver screen. But there is no Hollywood ending for Mohammad Gulab in his quest for asylum in the United States.

Pakistani Firm Slams Czech Rugby For 'Desecrating Allah'

The Czech rugby association has unwittingly raised hackles in Pakistan after being accused of disrespectfully using the word "Allah" for the national team's logo.

Tomb Of Soviet Founder Doused In Holy Water

A St. Petersburg performance art group this week staged a mock exorcism at Lenin's Mausoleum on Red Square.

Russian Pensioner May Spend Five Years In Prison For Picketing

Under Russia's tough laws targeting anti-Kremlin protesters, those caught at unsanctioned rallies four times within a six-month period now face stiff prison sentences. And the first person to face the new penalties is a 75-year-old pensioner.

Wary Of Russian Aggression, Vilnius Creates How-To Manual For Dealing With Foreign Invasion

Authorities in Lithuania have begun distributing a 98-page booklet advising citizens how to react in case of natural disaster, major accidents -- and war. Officials say the information is urgently needed because of Russia's aggression against its neighbors.
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