Friday, August 28, 2015

A Hungarian soldier carries a border sign to install at a fence near the town of Morahalom, at the Serbian border, on August 24.

New Walls Rise After Iron Curtain’s Fall

The idea of erecting barriers to keep undesirables at bay did not crumble with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Iron Curtain. More

Ghanaian Patrick Twumasi (right) of FC Astana crosses the ball during a game against HJK Helsinki in Astana on August 5.

The Rise And Rise Of FC Astana

Soccer fans burst into the streets of the Kazakh capital to celebrate after FC Astana became the first Central Asian team to advance to the group stage of Europe’s Champions League, the most exclusive club tournament in the world. More

The National Museum of Bosnia-Herzegovina is a nearly unique institution, including departments of archaeology, art history, ethnology, geography, history, and natural history. It houses a library of some 162,000 volumes.

Frustrated, Yet Hopeful, Bosnians Rally To Revive National Museum

The National Museum of Bosnia-Herzegovina has been shuttered for nearly three years -- a potent symbol of the country's unresolved ethnic divisions. But now museum supporters and ordinary citizens of Sarajevo are standing up against the politicians who they say "detest Bosnia-Herzegovina as a country." More

Crosses marked only with numbers stand on the graves of unknown pro-Russian separatists at a cemetery in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk in February.

Report With Tally Of 'Russian War Casualties' Causes Stir

A Russian-language website has caused a stir with a report asserting that more than 2,000 Russian soldiers have been killed in the conflict in eastern Ukraine. More

Film director Jafar Panahi (left) and human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh are two prominent Iranians inside the country who have joined the campaign.

Prominent Iranian Activists, Intellectuals Call On Congress To Back Nuclear Deal

Dozens of prominent Iranian rights activists and academics, including Iranian Nobel Peace Prize laureate Shirin Ebadi, have joined a social-media campaign to express support for the July 14 agreement on Tehran's nuclear program and urge U.S. lawmakers to approve the deal. More

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Video Nemtsov Probe Stymied By 'Stonewall'

The investigation into the killing of Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov has become a skirmish in a broader battle for power and influence between federal law-enforcement authorities and Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov.

Just Say 'Nyet:' Hash Article, Cleaning Products Latest To Be Banned In Russia

Last week, California wines and French meat were attacked. Today, it's Wikipedia and washing detergents -- all part of the Kremlin's dizzying parade of bans and blacklists on foreign products since the West imposed sanctions on Russia last year.

Facebook Photos Help Convict Tajik 'Birthday Boy'

In a Tajik first, prosecutors have used Facebook photos and friends' comments to charge a man for partying too hard.

Hard Times: Why Are Commodity-Exporting Countries In Trouble?

As commodity-exporting countries worldwide face problems, Kazakhstan is the latest to feel the economic pain.

Eight Russians Who Have Taken A Stand

On August 25, 1968, eight Soviet citizens were arrested on Red Square for protesting the Soviet-led invasion of Czechoslovakia and most suffered years of exile or imprisonment for their quixotic gesture. Here are eight Russians who have suffered for protesting today.

As In 1968, A Few Brave Russians Swim Against The Tide

In 1968, eight Soviet citizens protested in Red Square against the Soviet-led invasion of Czechoslovakia. Now many Russians are facing the same test of courage as they take public stands against the policies of President Vladimir Putin.

Video 'Street-Sweeping' Dushanbe Teen Unmoved By 'Atlas Of Beauty' Fuss

A 19-year-old Tajik gardener takes it all in stride when her photo for a Romanian photographer's Atlas Of Beauty project takes the Central Asian Internet by storm.

Rachmaninoff Granddaughter Says Moscow Effort Risks 'Disservice To His Legacy'

The composer's great-great-granddaughter says one of the giants of 19th- and 20th-century classical music had turned the page on a Russia that "no longer existed," no matter what Moscow says.

Video Russian Patients Brace For Ban On Medical Supplies

A government proposal to restrict the import of medical supplies is sowing panic among Russians whose loved ones may be affected. Health experts say the move will endanger the lives of countless patients.

Tenge Fever: Kazakhs Anxious Despite Slight Rebound In National Currency

Ordinary Kazakhs express dismay and criticize their government following Astana's decision to abandon a fixed exchange rate to devalue the national currency, the tenge.
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