Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A World-War-II-era Russian tank on display at the Soviet war memorial near Berlin's Brandenburg Gate.

German Tabloid Campaigns For Removal Of Russian Tank Memorial

Germany's largest-circulation tabloid wants two Soviet tanks removed from a Berlin war memorial in protest of what it calls Russia's "hegemonic military policies" in Ukraine. More

Pro-Russian gunmen stand guard outside the mayor's office in Slovyansk, Ukraine, on April 14. Can Kyiv prove some are Russian servicemen?

In Eastern Ukraine, The Hunt For A Smoking Gun -- And A Real Russian Holding It

As separatist takeovers heat up in eastern Ukraine, Kyiv is struggling to prove it's Moscow stirring the pot. More

Hundreds of protesters gathered on Kyiv's Independence Square on April 14, angry at the new government's apparent inaction in eastern Ukraine.

Fear, Anger In Kyiv Over Inaction In Eastern Ukraine

It's no secret many on the Maidan are underwhelmed by Kyiv's new authorities -- and dismayed by the slow response to the crisis in eastern Ukraine. And this week, they took to the streets to vent their anger. More

The appointment of Victoria Nuland as U.S. assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs, whose candidacy was backed by foreign-policy hawks, is seen by some as the beginning of a tougher stance toward Moscow.

U.S. Takes Off The Gloves In Rhetorical Rumble With Russia

Its "reset" policy with Moscow effectively buried, the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama has ramped up the rhetoric as it battles with the Kremlin for control of the narrative in the Ukraine crisis. More

Afghan presidential candidate and former Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah leads in the preliminary vote count issued on April 13.

Interview: Afghanistan's Abdullah Vows To Make 'Meritocratic Appointments'

Afghan presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah says he will not exclude anyone, including his fiercest rivals, from government if he wins Afghanistan's presidential election. He spoke to RFE/RL about contesting the possible second round and his plans should he win. More

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Video Ukraine's Flashpoint Cities

Tensions are running high in eastern Ukraine as a deadline set by Kyiv for pro-Russian gunmen to vacate government buildings passed early on April 14. Here's a look at the situation on the ground in flashpoint cities.

Russian TV Weatherman Blends Weather With Politics

A prominent weatherman for a major Russian television channel has added some spice to his forecasts with allusions to the crisis in Ukraine.

Interview: Ex-President Kuchma Says Only West Can Resolve Ukraine Crisis

Former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma believes that Western mediation is the only way out of Ukraine's current crisis. In an exclusive interview, Kuchma discusses Crimea's annexation, the chaos in eastern Ukraine, and discord between Kyiv and Moscow.

Down And Out On The Maidan

Ever wonder why hundreds of people are still camped on Kyiv's Maidan? Here’s the tale of one of them. Maks Bydnyk of Maidan’s self-defense brigades can’t go home for fear of his life.

Former Journalist Spearheads Ukraine's Lustration Effort

As a journalist, Yehor Sobolev investigated corruption for years. Now, as head of Ukraine's Lustration Committee, he's seeking a purge of the country's political elite

Ukraine's Lustration Process Unlikely To Be Smooth Sailing

The authorities in Kyiv are pushing ahead to meet Maidan protesters' demands for a sweeping purge of the old elite. But the process known as lustration could explode the country's deep divisions.

Photogallery In Donetsk, A 'Self-Made' Oligarch Learns To Play Nicely With Others

Ukraine's richest man, Rinat Akhmetov, has positioned himself as peacemaker in restive Donetsk. But that might just be because he has no options left.

Video Ukrainian Civil Society Struggles To Build On Euromaidan Gains

Launching a revolution is one thing. Building on what you've won is another. Just ask Ukraine's civil society activists.

Pressure Mounts On Russian Journalist Over Crimea Prank

A Russian journalist is under mounting pressure after jokingly appealing to the Kremlin to send troops to liberate his region's Russian-speakers from corrupt officials.

Afghan Candidates Jockey For Position Ahead Of Expected Second Round

Abdullah Abdullah has made the first move as the jockeying among Afghanistan's three leading presidential contenders gets under way.
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