Thursday, September 03, 2015

Thousands of beleaguered refugees and migrants were given food and water as they disembarked from trains in Munich on September 1.

Video Germany Leads Way In Welcoming Refugees

Thousands of refugees arriving by train to their dream destination -- Germany –- are receiving an outpouring of support from German officials and citizens. More

Ukrainian authorities believe that Ihor Humenyuk is the man who threw a grenade at a demonstration in Kyiv (circled in the right of the picture). The subsequent explosion killed three guardsmen and injured scores of others.

Video Grenade Thrower Described As 'Brave' Soldier

Authorities in Ukraine have arrested a 24-year-old nationalist volunteer soldier as the suspected grenade thrower in a deadly attack on security forces in Kyiv on August 31. Ihor Humenyuk warned in a YouTube video that Ukrainian people would only wait so long for reforms before it "will burst." More

Uzbek students will no longer have the option of systematically studying political behavior because the discipline "doesn't follow a scientific method," according to the country's Education MInistry. (file photo)

Uzbekistan Doesn't Believe In Political Science

Uzbekistan's Education Ministry has eliminated political science from university curriculums, saying it doesn't fit the domestic developmental model. More

The Kremlin's attitude toward the Internet has cooled since Vladimir Putin's return to the presidency in 2012. (file photo)

New Russian Internet Data Law Raises Questions About Privacy And Compliance

A new Russian law requiring companies to store users' personal data on Russian territory has sparked concerns about privacy and free speech. But will major companies comply, and can the law be enforced? More

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko visits a serviceman who was wounded during the August 31 protest outside parliament. Three National Guardsmen were killed in the violence.

Explainer: What's Behind This Week's Deadly Violence In Kyiv?

RFE/RL explains the controversial legislation at the heart of the dispute and what to expect next. More

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'Good Listener, Neat Dresser' -- Taliban Publishes Biography Of New Leader

The Taliban has published a 5,000-word biography of Mullah Akhtar Mansur, its recently named successor to spiritual leader Mullah Mohammad Omar.

Alleged Police Beating Of Bearded Tajik Student Prompts Outrage, Investigation

Allegations that a beard-wearing university student was brutally beaten by Tajik police during his summer break has sparked public outrage in a country where such incidents are not exactly uncommon.

Kyiv Violence Steps Up Pressure To Reject Ultranationalists

A grenade attack against police and National Guardsmen outside Ukraine's parliament has renewed allegations that the government of President Petro Poroshenko has been too indulgent toward ultranationalists who are not afraid to use violence to promote their radical agendas.

Russian Icon Roasted Over U.S. Citizenship

Iconic Russian jazzman Igor Butman, an ally of President Vladimir Putin, has come under fire from Kremlin critics over his U.S. citizenship after he performed in Russian-occupied Crimea.

'I Might Be In Prison, But The Work Will Continue'

Investigative journalist Khadija Ismayilova, an RFE/RL contributor, has made a defiant closing statement in a Baku courtroom, saying her trial on economic crimes charges won't crush her spirit or stop her work.

Khadija Ismayilova 's Final Statement Before A Baku Court

An English translation of the closing statement that investigative journalist Khadija Ismayilova presented to a Baku court following her conviction on economic crimes charges that are widely believed to have been fabricated.

Photogallery Afghan Refugees Flee -- This Time From Pakistan

Afghan refugees are on the run from the safe haven they sought in Pakistan. Tens of thousands have returned in recent months, amid claims of intimidation, extortion, and arbitrary detentions.

At Ukrainian Camp, Orphans Learn Painful Past Doesn't Mean Grim Future

For 20 years, orphans from across Ukraine have been setting up camp in the Carpathian Mountains to learn lessons of life and better living.

'The Worst Is Not Knowing': In Chechnya, An Endless, Agonizing Wait For The Missing

Hundreds of families in Chechnya have yet to bury relatives who disappeared in the two wars that devastated the region in Russia’s North Caucasus more than a decade ago. Ahead of the International Day of the Disappeared, marked on August 30, RFE/RL spoke to one couple still waiting for their son to be returned to them -- dead or alive.

New Walls Rise After Iron Curtain’s Fall

The idea of erecting barriers to keep undesirables at bay did not crumble with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Iron Curtain.
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