Tuesday, August 04, 2015

A member of the Afghan security forces stands guard on a roadside after security was increased following reports of Mullah Omar's death.

Kabul Unsympathetic To Mourning Mullah Omar

Kabul isn't grieving the death of its elusive and longtime adversary, Mullah Mohammad Omar, and it is making sure the Afghan people don't either. More

Police officers wait before an oath-taking ceremony in Kyiv on July 4.

A Force For Change: Kyiv's New Cops

A new police force in Kyiv seems to be winning over the public in the Ukrainian capital, if social media is any barometer. More

Where The Major Powers Stand On Carbon Emissions

Where the five biggest global greenhouse emitters stand today. More

A Penchant For Fancy Watches

At an estimated $620,000, Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov may have the most expensive watch. But among the Russian and Ukrainian political elite, he’s certainly not the only one who enjoys wearing his wealth on his wrist. More

Crimea: 'Cheap, Beautiful, And Ours'

Russian tourists are being enticed to vacation in Crimea by ads that portray the annexed peninsula as the ultimate holiday destination. The truth is a little more unsettling. More

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Prominent Linguist To Leave Russia

Russian-language linguist Ilya Frank intends to join the growing number of disillusioned Jews leaving Vladimir Putin's Russia for Israel. He says he doesn't want his 6-year-old daughter to attend schools suffused with "Nazi propaganda."

Former Ukrainian Official On The Lam In Alligator Shoes?

A new luxury shoe store has opened up in Kyiv, and the owners' tracks appear to come from one of Ukraine's most wanted men.

Mullah Mansur, The Afghan Taliban's New Leader

The Afghan Taliban has a new leader, one who appears pragmatic and moderate compared to Mullah Mohammad Omar, the near-mythical figure he replaces.

Russia 'Will Probe With A Bayonet'

The U.S. State Department's coordinator for sanctions policy says he believes Western sanctions are keeping Russian aggression in check but that "patience and determination" are critical to their success.

Photogallery By The Numbers: Almaty's Winter Olympics Bid

What would make Almaty's hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics a historic milestone? How many minutes would it take athletes to travel to most competition areas? Here's a rundown of the answers to these and other questions ahead of the July 31 decision on whether Almaty or Beijing will host the games.

Can A Dead Mullah Omar Kill Taliban Peace Talks?

The Afghan government says Taliban leader Mullah Omar's absence will pave the way toward peace. But skeptics counter that his death could in fact complicate the peace process.

Photogallery Mixed Feelings About Almaty 2022 Bid

As the International Olympic Committee (IOC) decides between Almaty and Beijing to host the 2022 Winter Olympics, many Kazakhs are excited about the prospect. But others say the investment required to sell Almaty as a suitable site would be better spent improving living standards.

Commentary: Pride Versus Prejudice In The West

Throughout its history, my country -- the Soviet Union -- conducted cruel and arbitrary mass purges; participated in international political terrorism; fostered new totalitarian regimes; committed aggression; and violated fundamental principles of law. Russia has returned to that behavior.

Can The Taliban Survive Mullah Omar's Death?

The Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan faces an uncertain future after the announcement by Kabul that its spiritual leader, Mullah Mohammad Omar, has been dead for more than two years.

Russian Veto Of MH17 Tribunal Leaves Few Good Alternatives

After Russia vetoed a UN Security Council resolution to establish an international tribunal for MH17, proponents of the court are left with only weak second choices.
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