Tuesday, September 16, 2014

WATCH: "Yes" And "No" Campaigners Go Door-To-Door In Scotland

Video Scotland Mulls Split From United Kingdom In Knife-Edge Vote

Voters in Scotland are poised to decide whether to bring to an end a more than 300-year-old political union and leave the United Kingdom in a September 18 independence referendum vote that looks likely to go down to the wire. More

Rescue workers and local residents remove debris of an apartment building near Donetsk hit by an air strike. The war-torn Donetsk region's self-styled leaders say the situation there is now "extremely serious."

Donetsk Separatist Leader Says Cease-Fire Signed To Combat 'Humanitarian Catastrophe'

Andrei Purgin, first deputy prime minister of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic, has told RFE/RL that the separatists signed the Minsk cease-fire agreement to focus on restoring the region's damaged infrastructure before winter sets in. The price of fighting on, he says, would be "desolation." More

WATCH: Two Polish migrants, Bartosz Maroszek and Maciej Wiczynski, tell RFE/RL why they support Scottish independence.

Video Meet Some Of The Poles Who Will Help Decide Scotland's Future

Whether Scotland becomes independent or not will rest in part on the votes of some 160,000 nationals from other European Union countries who are resident there. That includes tens of thousands of Poles -- some of whom have been actively campaigning for a "yes." More

Scottish independence supporters gather outside Usher Hall ahead of the "A Night for Scotland" concert in Edinburgh, Scotland, on September 14.

Nine Things To Know About This Week's Scottish Referendum

On September 18, voters in Scotland will decide whether to stay in the United Kingdom or split off as an independent country. Here are nine things to know. More

PHOTO GALLERY: HRW Says Disabled Children In Russia Face Violence, Isolation, Neglect

Photogallery HRW Says Disabled Children In Russia Face Violence, Isolation, Neglect

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has issued a new report in which it finds that nearly 30 percent of all children with disabilities in Russia live in state orphanages where they face violence, neglect, and isolation. HRW says that many children are needlessly removed from their parents, convinced by doctors that they are incapable of adequately caring for their offspring. More

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Canadian Politician: Support, But Also Skepticism, For Ukrainian Government

RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service's Maryana Drach spoke to Canadian politician and journalist Chrystia Freeland about Western policies toward Ukraine and the role of Russian propaganda.

Wide Array Of Countries Expected To Join Coalition Against Islamic State Militants

Various Middle Eastern and European countries are expected to join the U.S.-led coalition to roll back Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria. We look at who they are and what they will do.

Moldovan Newspaper Threatened Over Orthodox Metropolitan's Vacation Pics

After a Chisinau newspaper published beach vacation photos of the head of the country's Orthodox Church, it received a threatening phone call from a man claiming to be the husband of a bikini-clad woman who posted the images on social media.

News Analysis: New Russia Sanctions Seen As Burning Slowly

The United States and the European Union have announced a new round of sanctions, but analysts see the measures having more of a long-term impact than an immediate one.

Syria's Ever-Growing Number Of Wars

Syria's conflict began as a revolution against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. Now the country is the arena for multiple wars, with the U.S. plan to roll back Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria adding only the latest level of complexity.

My Son The Jihadist

A Kazakh father recently got a first-hand view into his son's life as a jihadist in Iraq.

Self-Exiled Blogger: 'Crimea Is A Big Prison'

Crimea blogger Yelizaveta Bohutskaya says freedoms are dwindling in the annexed peninsula, which she fled this week after her home was raided by security forces.

Singing Trucker Hits Kremlin On All Cylinders

Vitriol meets diesel oil when a professional Ukrainian singer turned American truck driver gets behind the wheel.

Photogallery After An Era Of New Horizons, EU Turns Its Gaze Inward

The incoming European Commission has indicated that further enlargement will no longer be a priority for the 28-member bloc. What does that mean for EU hopefuls to the east and south?

Azerbaijan Tightens Screws On Civil Society, Independent Media

The government of Azerbaijan is carrying out an intense crackdown of civil-society organizations and nonstate media in what Baku says is a bid to stop "foreign forces" from undermining the South Caucasus country. "Apparently it is in Azerbaijan's national interest not to have critical media," says one worried journalist.
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