Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Former KGB General Oleg Kalugin lives in the United States and has been sentenced by Russia to 15 years in prison for treason.

Ex-KGB Agent Kalugin: Putin Was 'Only A Major'

A former high-ranking KGB officer is accusing Russian President Vladimir Putin of falsifying his rank in the spy agency and using dirty tricks to derail a probe into sweeping Kremlin corruption. More

"It does feel like they're tightening the rules, but they haven't seemed to impose any new rules. It's that they're enforcing old rules that they never used to enforce before," says Sam Greene, director of the Russia Institute at King's College London.

Western Scholars Alarmed By Russian Deportations, Fines

At least four Western scholars in Russia have been deported, fined, or threatened with these penalties over the past year due to alleged visa violations, unnerving many U.S. and European academics whose career advancement often depends on access to Russian archives. More

WATCH: Czechs Give Warm Welcome To U.S. Military Convoy

U.S. Convoy: In Czech Republic, Real-Life Supporters Outnumber Virtual Opponents

A convoy of U.S. military troops has met with warm welcomes in the Baltics and Poland. But a number of bloggers and pro-Russian media said the cheers would stop once the convoy reached the Czech Republic. More

Crimean Tatar TV channel ATR has placed a  countdown clock on-screen during its broadcasts.

Crimean Tatar TV Counts Minutes To Impending Shutdown

The only Crimean Tatar television channel in Crimea could be closed down on April 1 if it's not able to register with the Russian government. Locals see the pressure against ATR television as part of a broader campaign of intimidation against Crimean Tatars since Russia occupied Crimea last year. More

Chinese President Xi Jinping (center-front) poses for photos with the guests of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing in October 2014.

New Chinese Bank Becomes Major Headache For U.S.

China's decision to establish a new China-led development bank for Asia is causing major headaches in Washington. As countries -- including, now, Russia -- rush in to join the bank before a March 31 deadline, the United States looks increasingly isolated. More

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Who Has A Stake In Yemen Fight

Saudi Arabia's military intervention against Iranian-backed militants in Yemen has raised the stakes in a region already wracked by multiple conflicts, and reverberates well beyond the Middle East. Here's a look at who has a stake in the fight.

Video 'I Wanted To Die' -- In Russia, A Woman's Life Unravels After Trip To Kyiv

The director of a Ukrainian choir in Russia has had her life turned upside down since the crisis erupted in Ukraine.

In Dnipropetrovsk, Kolomoyskiy's Departure Leaves No One Indifferent

This week's surprise ouster of oligarch and Dnipropetrovsk Governor Ihor Kolomoyskiy has prompted strong emotions among locals, who -- love him or hate him -- acknowledge the key role he's played in keeping the eastern region safe.

Farkhunda's Lynching Hits Nerve In Afghanistan

The lynching of an innocent young woman in front of a Kabul shrine has cast unprecedented attention on women's rights in Afghanistan.

Meet The Kremlin's Young Army Of Cybersnitches

MediaGvardia, a new Kremlin youth group, patrols the Internet in search of content that violates Russian law. Critics say it revives the Stalin-era habit of citizen informants.

News Analysis: Ukraine Risks 'Feudalization' As Conflict With Oligarchs Boils Over

A devastating economic crisis, an open conflict with Russia, and now a war between Kyiv and one of Ukraine's leading oligarchs. Is Kyiv making a serious effort at breaking the oligarchs' grip over Ukraine or is the country in for another round of self-destructive infighting that could produce political and economic disaster?

One Professional Russian Troll Tells All

Ever wonder what the daily life of a Russian Internet troll is like? Dmitry Volchek of RFE/RL's Russian Service talks to a young blogger who recently spent two months working at the country's main "troll factory," the Internet Research center in St. Petersburg. He talks about the long hours, production quotas, and what he calls the "absurd" assignments that come with being a troll.

Iran Negotiations: The Deal-Breakers

Negotiators appear to be nearing a nuclear deal with Iran, but influential voices in both Tehran and the West have drawn clear red lines that could scuttle any agreement.

Explainer: Unpacking The Iran Sanctions

A nuclear deal with Iran appears to hinge on sanctions relief. Here's a look at who imposed the long list of sanctions against Tehran, what they target, and how easy it would be to lift them.

'Brussels Was ... Asleep': Bildt Assesses EU's Mistakes Regarding Russia

In an interview with RFE/RL in Brussels, former Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt talks frankly about the mistakes made by the European Union with regard to Russia, what he thinks the Russian president's next moves are likely to be, and why the bloc needs to engage more deeply with Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia. Bildt spoke on March 22 with RFE/RL's Rikard Jozwiak on the sidelines of a Brussels Forum held by the German Marshall Fund.
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