Thursday, December 18, 2014

Bank of Russia Chairwoman Elvira Nabiullina has become a target of political and public criticism alike.

Blame Game Begins As Ruble Plummets

Economists say the collapse of the ruble is due to a combination of Western sanctions and the uncontrollable drop in world oil prices. But many Russians are still searching for particular countries or people to blame. We look at some of the most popular scapegoats. More

Russian President Vladimir Putin will likely address U.S. sanctions at an end-of-year press conference on December 18.

U.S. Says Russia Sanctions Vindicated As Ruble Tumbles

As Russia’s currency plunges, the Obama administration is delivering a message about the impact of Western sanctions: We told you so. More

The ruble remained in free fall through December 16, nearing the psychological barrier of 80 to the dollar.

Video Explainer: Russia Defends Ruble But Currency Still Struggling

The Russian Central Bank has raised its interest rate to a staggering 17 percent in a move to stop the ruble devaluing further. But the ruble keeps falling and the bank's action risks weakening Russia's ailing economy further. More

The Russian ruble has been plummeting in recent days.

Video Muscovites React To The Ruble's Crash

Some blamed the Europeans. Some blamed the Americans. Some blamed the falling oil price. And nearly all blamed Western sanctions. Here's a snapshot of how Muscovites viewed the ruble's dramatic slide. More

Audi sales are on the rise in Moscow

What To Do In An Economic Crisis? Buy A Car!

Russians have been snapping up luxury cars before the plummeting ruble forces producers to dramatically hike prices. But experts say the uptick won't last. More

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Jailed Azerbaijani Journalist Khadija Ismayilova's 'Letter Of Hope' For 2015

Award-winning Azerbaijani investigative journalist, Khadija Ismayilova, who hosts a daily program for RFE/RL's Azerbaijani Service, has been held in pretrial detention in Baku since December 5 after being accused of encouraging a man to commit suicide -- charges that have been broadly condemned as a flagrant attempt to silence her critical voice.

Money Troubles: Russia's Weak Ruble Pulls Down Neighbors' Currencies

As the value of Russia's ruble tumbles amid low oil global prices and Western sanctions, it is taking the currencies of many former Soviet republics down with it.

Letters From Donbas

What is day-to-day life really like in Ukraine's separatist-held territories? RFE/RL invited ordinary people behind rebel lines to share their impressions.

Don't Shout, Don't Push, Eat Blini: Russian Orthodox Church's Manual For Migrants

Migrant laborers in Russia will soon be required to pass Russian language, history, and civics tests. And now the Russian Orthodox Church wants to teach them how to behave.

Five Things You Might Not Know About Alisher Usmanov

Russia's richest man is in the news for buying a Nobel Prize gold medal for millions of dollars -- and giving it back to the U.S. scientist who won it. Here are some other interesting things to know about billionaire Alisher Usmanov.

In Kyrgyzstan, A New Interest In Russified Names

Tens of thousands of Kyrgyz are changing their names to sound more Russian in the belief it will make their lives easier.

‘Brutal’ And ‘Not Effective’: Senate Report’s Key Findings On CIA Interrogations

A U.S. Senate report released December 9 chronicles the CIA's “brutal” interrogations of suspected terrorists with techniques that U.S. officials say constitute torture. Here are the report’s key findings.

Opera Star Under Fire For Backing Ukraine Separatists

Opera star Anna Netrebko is under fire for backing separatists in eastern Ukraine.

Independent Siberian TV Channel Faces Shutdown

Russian government assaults on national media like Ekho Moskvy and Dozhd TV have gotten a lot of coverage. But the imminent closure of one of the country's premier regional television stations is getting less attention.

President Borat: French Leader Mocked Over Traditional Kazakh Costume

Critics of Francois Hollande are mocking the French president after he posed in a traditional Kazakh furry costume, causing anger in Paris and dealing another blow to the French president's deteriorating public image.
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