Saturday, August 30, 2014

WATCH: Thousands of children displaced by the fighting in eastern Ukraine are preparing for their first day of school in Russia. In Tomsk, Siberia, many displaced families are scrambling to enroll their children in local schools. Most rely on donations to provide their children with backpacks, uniforms, and other school supplies. (Melanie Batchina, RFE/RL's Russian Service)

Video For Displaced Ukrainians, A Troubled Return To School

As children across the world prepare to head back to school, those displaced by the fighting in eastern Ukraine are bracing for their first day of school -- far away from home. More

Italian Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini (left) is widely tipped to replace Catherinie Ashton (right) as the EU's foreign policy chief. (file photo)

News Analysis: Why EU Is Likely To Pick Newbie To Succeed Ashton

A foreign-policy neophyte viewed by eastern Europeans as being soft on Moscow is tipped to be the EU's new foreign policy chief. How come? More

Pro-Russian separatists patrol beside a destroyed war memorial near the city of Donetsk on August 28. Despite continued fierce fighting in eastern Ukraine, most interested parties seem to be going out of their way to avoid calling the conflict a "war."

There's A Word For What's Going On In Ukraine... But What Is It?

It's been called everything from an "invasion" and an "incursion" to a "cross-border crisis" and "escalated aggression." We look at the difficulty of describing what, exactly, is taking place in Ukraine -- and what's stopping officials from using the word "war." More

A group of Russian servicemen, who were detained by the Ukrainian authorities in southeastern Ukraine, arrive at a news conference in Kyiv on August 27.

In Russia, Ukraine Conflict Hits Home With Secret Funerals, Missing Men

Amid scenes of Russian paratroopers being paraded by the Ukrainian military, secret Russian funerals, and mothers asking where their sons are, fighting in eastern Ukraine appears now to be tangibly touching Russians. More

Outgoing Afghan President Hamid Karzai (center) with rival presidential candidates Abdullah Abdullah (right) and Ashraf Ghani (left) in Kabul on August 19.

Amid Election Uncertainty, Karzai Prepares For Inauguration Ceremony

The impasse in Afghanistan's presidential election is far from over. But that has not stopped outgoing President Hamid Karzai from fixing a date and hastily ordering preparations for the event. More

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Together A Lifetime, Azeri Activists Now Apart And In Jail

It's been nearly a month since Azerbaijani rights activist Leyla Yunus and her husband, historian Arif Yunus, were jailed on charges of fraud and antistate activity. The couple's only child, Dinara, talks about her parents' loving relationship -- and the pain of their separation.

Video Russian Soldiers Are In Ukraine

It's a claim authorities in Kyiv have made for months, but in recent days the evidence has become undeniable. Russian soldiers are now being captured -- and perhaps dying -- in Ukraine.

Explainer: Is Libya Plunging Into Civil War?

Violence has escalated sharply in Libya, where warring militias are battling for control of the country's two largest cities. Who are the main players in the violence and what are prospects for a full-blown civil war?

Russian Senator Fights Foreign Films 'Demonizing' Russia

A senior Russian lawmaker has called on the government to limit cinema showings of foreign films that "demonize" Russia and urged domestic filmmakers to nurture the image of the positive Russian "patriot."

Donetsk POW March: When Is A Parade A War Crime?

The parading of Ukrainian prisoners of war through the streets by pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine disgusted many. But does it constitute a violation of international law?

Afghans Laud, Rights Groups Concerned By 'Take No Prisoners' Orders

Afghans have lauded security chiefs for ordering their forces to kill militants on the battlefield instead of taking prisoners. But the "take no prisoners" orders are worrying human rights groups, who say they could violate international law.

Kicked Off Twitter And Facebook, Islamic State Finds New Tools

Following the beheading of American journalist James Foley, U.S.-based social networks ramped up efforts to ban accounts linked to the Islamic State militant group.

Moscow Skyscraper Stunt Sparks Memes, Suspicion, And Confusion

Ever since a prankster adorned a skyscraper in downtown Moscow in Ukraine's national colors, blue and yellow have been popping up all over the Russian Internet -- raised suspicions over all things yellow and blue in the capital.

Cystic-Fibrosis Patients Relieved As Russia Lifts Ban On Lifesaving Product

Russians suffering from cystic fibrosis are breathing a sigh a relief after their country lifted its ban on special food supplements, vital to the survival of many patients.

Interview: Economist Says Food Ban 'Certainly Against Russian Economic Interests'

Sergei Guriyev, former dean of the prestigious New Economics School in Moscow who left Russia in 2013 amid a crackdown on critics of the Kremlin, discusses Russia's ban on Western food imports and the dangers protectionist policies pose for the country's economic growth.
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