Thursday, May 07, 2015

Moldovan millionaire Ilan Shor has already accumulated a vast fortune in his young life.

Moldova's Mysterious Magnate

Who exactly is Ilan Shor, the 28-year-old millionaire who may be behind Moldova's 'heist of the century'? More

Hundreds of villagers have reportedly taken up arms against militants in a remote Afghan province. (file photo)

Afghan Villagers Rise Up Against Militants

Frustrated by government inaction, some civilians in northern Afghanistan have taken their security into their own hands. More

Khushdil Qurbonov bears a resemblance to the president's son.

Tajik Teen Earns Thousands By Allegedly Impersonating President's Son

A Tajik high school student who allegedly posed as a member of the ruling family was so convincing that he made off with thousands in bribes in return for presidential favors. More

Stephen Cohen has been embraced by state-owned Russian media like the global news network RT, where he is frequently brought on to pillory Washington and Brussels.

Once Known As Preeminent Soviet Scholar, Stephen Cohen Now Seen As Putin Apologist

The renowned U.S. academic Stephen Cohen was once best known for his groundbreaking research on the Soviet Union. These days, he’s widely seen as Kremlin apologist. More

Ilan Shor is one of the richest people in Moldova.

Secret Audit Report Links Missing $1 Billion To Moldovan Businessman

Moldova's parliament speaker has released a confidential consultant report into the disappearance of nearly $1 billion from three Moldovan banks in November 2014. The report traces an elaborate plan to stealthily take control of the three banks by purchasing dozens of small, seemingly unconnected stakes -- culminating in an orgy of lending over three days. More

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Kyrgyz Migrant To Sue Moscow Police Over Raid

In an unusual case, a Kyrgyz migrant laborer is preparing legal action against the Russian police officers who raided her apartment.

Balts Say Russian Navy Bullying Undersea Cable Crews

Lithuania and Sweden are losing patience over the Russian attempts to intimidate crews laying a key Baltic Sea power cable.

Foreign Voices Ring Out In Afghan Spring Offensive

With the Taliban spring offensive under way, locals in Afghanistan's northeast are noticing a mysterious influx of foreign fighters.

PEN Honors Ismayilova As Azerbaijani Journalist Begins Sixth Month In Custody

Azerbaijani investigative journalist Khadija Ismayilova is beginning her sixth month in a Baku jail on charges she says are retribution for her corruption reporting. On May 5, she will be given a prestigious freedom-of-speech award by the PEN American Center amid international calls for her release and the release of others believed jailed for their civic activism.

Looking To Do A Good Deed? Tweet A Babushka!

A Russian-born student living in New York has come up with a novel way to bring a little brightness to lonely pensioners back home. Tweet A Babushka lets people write cheerful 140-character messages that Vera Golikova then translates and transcribes onto postcards to send to pensioners in retirement homes across Russia.

Ukraine Crisis Opens Up Wiggle Room For Lukashenka

The Belarusian president first criticized those in Moscow who view his country as "a northwestern province" of Russia, then did an about-face by flatly declaring that "we have been and always will be with Russia." The war in Ukraine has put a sharp new spin on the dizzying relations between Minsk and Moscow.

Russian Fighting For Ukraine Refuses To 'Die With A Russian Passport'

A young Russian filmmaker who fought alongside government forces in eastern Ukraine is being granted Ukrainian citizenship after an emotional appeal to the country's president. He says Russians fighting for Ukraine are in an impossible legal quandary.

Inconvenient Friends: Shady Real Estate Deal Tests Kyiv Mayor

As a scandal erupts over a controversial construction project, Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko faces a tough choice between backing his friends or serving his constituents.

'Monstration' Rallies Hold Up Mirror To 'Absurd' Russian Reality

The organizer of a surrealist May Day rally says it's merely reflecting the absurd reality of life in Russia.

Russia's Anti-Swastika Crusade Hits Toy Stores, Bookstores, And Museums

Russia is scrambling to get rid of swastikas and other Nazi symbols ahead of Victory Day celebrations. But has it going too far?
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