Friday, May 22, 2015

The lecture erupted into a heated confrontation.

Video Anti-Maidan Activist Booed By Moscow Students

Students at a prestigious Moscow university angrily disrupted a lecture by Nikolai Starikov, the leader of a pro-Kremlin group that has backed separatist militants in eastern Ukraine. More

The video shows former Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadtster growing visibly heated as he accuses Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban of pursuing policies that seek to deliberately sabotage European values.

Video Chewed Out: Watch As Hungary's Orban Gets An Earful

A new viral video shows Guy Verhofstadt, leader of the European Parliament's Liberal Democrat alliance, excoriating Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban for courting closer ties with Russia and proposing to reinstate the death penalty. More

Conchita Wurst has said she would "love to spend at least a week" with Russian President Putin in order to grasp what it means to "be President Putin."

Bearded Drag Queen Grips Russia Amid Eurovision Fever

For the second straight year, the cross-dressing Austrian singer Conchita Wurst has seized the attention of top Russian political and religious figures. More

While Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah (right) is said to not be against engagement with Pakistan, he reportedly expected President Ashraf Ghani (left) to consult him before moving forward.

Afghan Unity Government Split On Intelligence-Sharing Deal

A controversial security deal with Pakistan has exposed deep divisions in Afghanistan's unity government. More

A rally in support of Novorossia in St. Petersburg in February

Out With A Whimper: Novorossia, 2014-2015

Separatist authorities in Ukraine's self-declared Luhansk and Donetsk people's republics have announced they are abandoning plans to create a pro-Kremlin breakaway state. We look at the brief history of the so-called Novorossia project. More

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Russia Plans 'Patriotic' TV Channel For Children

Russia's government has approved the creation of a new TV station aimed to instill patriotism in Russian children, the daily Izvestia reports.

Afghan Intelligence Deal With Pakistan Sparks Uproar

The Afghan government is fending off a storm of criticism after it signed a security deal with Pakistan, which many Afghans accuse of supporting the Taliban.

Photogallery Deadly Blaze Reveals Ugly Truth Behind Baku Beautification

With less than three weeks until the start of the European Games in Baku, authorities are coming under criticism for shoddy construction practices believed to behind a May 19 fire that left 15 people dead.

Photogallery What Is Killing Off Kazakhstan's Rare Antelope?

Herds of one of Central Asia's most iconic animals, Kazakhstan's saiga antelope, are dwindling rapidly and no one seems to know why.

Ukraine's Top Traffic Cop Resigns Amid Evidence Of Lavish Lifestyle

The acting head of Ukraine's traffic police has stepped down after reports showed he and his family appeared to be living far beyond the means of a public servant, with several luxury cars and a large villa.

Mystery Of Missing Tajik OMON Commander Deepens

Tajik authorities vow to shed light on the fate of a missing OMON commander amid sensational reports he was arrested abroad while holding a fake passport and extradited home.

Soccer Club Gives Ukraine Something To Cheer About

For a country weary of war, soccer club Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk has given Ukrainians reason to smile.

Name Your Poison -- Exotic Toxins Fell Kremlin Foes

The discovery of poison from an exotic Asian plant in the stomach of Aleksandr Perepilichny, a wealthy Russian whistle-blower who died suddenly in England in 2012, has raised suspicions of a KGB-style assassination. RFE/RL takes a look at various poisons thought to have been used in attacks -- some of them fatal -- against Kremlin opponents and critics over the years.

Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine 'Have Right To European Dream'

European Council President Donald Tusk says Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine have the right to aspire to EU membership but he will not deliver an “empty promise” about the prospects of such integration.

Russian Hockey Early Exit Sparks Backlash

The Russians continue to generate headlines for all the wrong reasons after reaching the final of the ice hockey world championship.
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