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Iran Urged To Be More Flexible

Western diplomats at the United Nations are urging Iran to be more flexible in talks with world powers on Tehran's nuclear program. More

Iran Says 'Good Steps, Good Atmosphere' At Nuclear Talks

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says talks with six world powers on Tehran's nuclear program are being conducted "in a good atmosphere." More

Iran Rights Group Wants Access To United States

An Iranian human rights body has urged the United Nations to allow its inspectors to travel to the United States to investigate the rights situation there. More

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Iran: Ex-U.S. Marine On Hunger Strike

The family of a former U.S. Marine imprisoned in Iran says he is going on a hunger strike. More

Iran Allows Afghan Refugees To Study

Iranian authorities have agreed to allow the children of illegal Afghan immigrants to attend Iranian schools and universities. More

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Nuclear Program Has 'Hurt Iran More Than Iraq War'

Iran's nuclear activities and ambitions faced rare, blunt criticism at a roundtable at Tehran University, where one of the speakers said the damage done by the nuclear program was greater than that by the 1980-88 war with Iraq, which left tens of thousands dead and caused much devastation. More

Iran Slams U.S. Fight Against IS, Backs Russia's Push For Syria Talks

Washington is "not serious about fighting terrorism," Iran's deputy foreign minister has said, in a sharply worded criticism of the United States and its allies fighting against the Islamic State (IS) militants in Syria and Iraq, according to Russian media reports. More
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Iran Honors Its Fallen Jewish Soldiers

Tehran has commemorated Iranian-Jewish soldiers who died in the bloody Iran-Iraq War.

Rise In Cohabitation Has Iran Officials Railing Against 'White Marriage'

Iranian officials are worried about the spread of cohabitation among unmarried couples.

Obama Faces Tough Crowd At Home On Iran Nuclear Deal

As a deadline approaches for world powers to strike a deal with Iran over its nuclear program, U.S. President Barack Obama faces a challenge getting it through -- or past -- a wary Congress.

Two Futures: With An Iran Nuclear Deal, And Without

The world could look very different depending on the success or failure of the Iran nuclear talks.

Iranians Mourn Fallen Pop Star With Puzzling Public Outpouring

Iranians have taken to the streets to grieve the death of pop singer Morteza Pashaei in the country’s largest mass gatherings since the controversial 2009 presidential election. Many wonder exactly what’s driving this mass mourning.

Video Interview: Iran's 'Rosewater' Journalist Maziar Bahari Is 'Not Expecting A Revolution'

Iranian-born journalist Maziar Bahari, whose detention and torture by Iranian authorities are given cinematic treatment in “Rosewater,” a new film by U.S. political satirist and “The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart, tells RFE/RL that he wants officials in Tehran to watch the film and rethink their actions.

Who's In, Who's Out: Republicans Take Over Top U.S. Foreign-Policy Committees

Republicans won big in U.S. Congressional elections on November 4, a surge whose impact could ripple beyond the borders of the United States.

Iranian Lawmakers Look To Protect Vigilantes Of Islamic Justice

As Iran's parliament debates a bill that would give protection to citizens who take it upon themselves to defend Islamic values, critics warn that they risk fueling tension and normalizing violence against women.
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