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Iran - A Telegram app user who was previously convicted on morals charges.

Iranian Guard Warns, Arrests 450 Social Media Users, Citing 'Immoral' Posts

Iran's powerful Revolutionary Guard said it has summoned, detained, and warned some 450 administrators of social media groups in recent weeks. More

Iran Said Willing To Support Joint Oil Output Freeze, Lifting Prices

A report that Iran may support joint action to prop up oil prices caused a jump in crude prices on August 23. More

Iran’s Parliament Speaker Says Russia Continues To Use Iranian Base

Iran’s parliament speaker Ali Larijani says Russian warplanes are still using an Iranian military base to strike targets in Syria. More

Iran Wants Better Ties With Cuba

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has said in Havana his visit would open a new chapter in the Islamic Republic’s relations with Communist-ruled Cuba. More

Iranian Defense Minister General Hossein Dehghan

Iran Says Russia’s Use Of Air Base Has Ended 'For Now'

Iran’s Foreign Ministry says Russia’s use of a military base in Hamadan for striking targets in Syria has ended for now. More

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With Use Of Iranian Base, Russia Is Trying To Send Clear Message

Russia is using an Iranian air base to launch strikes inside Syria, purportedly against Islamic State militants. The United States has cited Moscow's continued bombing of moderate Syrian forces that the United States and its allies support. But there may be a method to Moscow's madness. More

Iran's Rohani Orders Delay In State Recruitment Exams To Address Gender Quotas

President Hassan Rohani has ordered the postponement of state recruitment exams for Iranians seeking government jobs, saying that gender quotas must be fixed and based on "justice." More
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Iranian Journalists Alarmed As Media Legislation Resurfaces

Journalists in Iran are sounding the alarm over a government-drafted media regulation bill that is expected to be sent to the parliament for approval soon, after a two-year delay.

Charges Against Cleric Put Iran's Balkan Activities Under Spotlight

The Islamic republic's history of exporting its brand of Islam to the Balkans has come under scrutiny after an Iranian national in Kosovo was charged with financing terrorism.

One Year On: Why Iran Has Yet To Cash In On Nuclear Deal

In the year since a landmark nuclear deal was signed between Iran and world powers, there have been expectations that Tehran would cash in big time. Yet despite the lifting of many UN and Western sanctions, Iran is still internationally isolated and suffering economic hardship.

Iran Promotes Its New 'Martyrs,' Cementing Role In Syria Fighting

Iranian officials appear to be doubling down on their public portrayal of Syria as the front line in a war to defend their brand of "Islamic society."

Explainer: What's Behind Sudden Clashes In Northwestern Iran?

Clashes erupted this month between Kurdish fighters and Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), with each side claiming to have inflicted casualties on the other. Why the sudden flare-up?
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