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Iranian President Hassan Rohani

Rohani Welcomes Results From Runoff Election

Iranian President Hassan Rohani welcomed the success of the moderate-reformist bloc in the second round of parliamentary elections. More

Iranian President Hassan Rohani

Rohani Allies Score Resounding Win In Second-Round Elections

Preliminary results indicate that reformists and moderate politicians are leading in Iran's second round of parliamentary elections, Iranian media reported on April 30. More

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (file photo)

UN Ready To Help On Iran Assets Dispute With U.S. If Both Sides Ask

The UN says that Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is ready to help settle a dispute between Iran and the United States over Tehran's frozen assets if both sides ask for his assistance. More

Iranian Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli (file photo)

Iran Runoff Results Due By May 1

Iranian Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli says results from Iran's second round of parliamentary elections will be announced on May 1. More

Iranian Refugee Dies After Self-Immolation Protest On Nauru

An Iranian refugee who set himself on fire at Australia's immigration detention camp on the tiny Pacific island nation of Nauru has died of his injuries. More

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Iran Launches Undercover Morality Unit

Iranian authorities have launched a new undercover police unit that will be tasked with monitoring citizens' morality in the Iranian capital and reporting transgressions to authorities. More

If The Goal Is To Defeat Islamic State, Don't Rely On Russia To Help

Three historic developments have taken place in Syria in the last month and a half. Any of these events could have substantial impact on the collective efforts to combat IS, but each of them is clouded in myth, distortion, and broken promises. More
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From Blog To Telegram, Iranian Citizen Journalist Keeps Challenging Regime

An Iranian emigre toils over serious questions of nuclear safety all day, but his nights are filled with humor -- often at the expense of Iran's leadership.

Could Runoffs Tilt Iran's Balance Of Power?

Two months after elections that brought Iran's moderates back in from the cold, runoff votes to fill nearly one-quarter of the parliament could still pack some surprises.

U.S. Arrest Awakens Ghosts Of Turkey's Iran-Gold Scandal

A Turkish political scandal centered on funneling gold to sanctions-hit Iran three years ago could get a new life as U.S. authorities prosecute a key suspect.

Iranian Hard-Liners Link Afghan Girl’s Killing To Telegram Messaging App

After a horrifying crime sent shock waves through Iranian society, hard-line conservatives found the perfect scapegoat to blame the killing on -- technology.

Life In Limbo For Afghan Migrants In Turkey

Blocked from Europe, and unwilling to return home, Afghan migrants in Turkey say life is passing them by.

Video Killing Of Afghan Girl Prompts Outrage In Iran

The horrific killing of a 6-year-old Afghan migrant girl outside Tehran has sparked unprecedented condemnation in Iran.

Saudi Arabia's 'Islamic' Coalition: Spin Or Substance?

In December, Saudi Arabia announced the formation of a new military alliance of Islamic countries to fight terrorism. Months later, questions remain about the makeup and motives of the 34-country coalition.

Iranian President's Khatami Comments Officially Fall On Deaf Ears

Iran's President Hassan Rohani broke a long-standing taboo by praising a reformist predecessor, Mohammad Khatami. But while those who heard the remarks responded wildly, the comments were officially met with silence.

Rags To Riches To Death Row: The Rise And Fall Of An Iranian Billionaire

Babak Zanjani, one of the richest men in Iran, has been sentenced to death on corruption charges for pocketing billions of dollars in oil revenues when the country faced international sanctions.

Nine Takeaways From Iran's Elections

Iran's moderates and reformists have had nearly a week to celebrate their return from a decade of political marginalization. But how much has really changed?
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