Saturday, August 23, 2014

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Uzbek President Heading To China

Uzbek President Islam Karimov is traveling to China on August 19 for an official visit with Chinese President Xi Jinping. More

Freed Ex-Official Leaves Kyrgyzstan

Former Kyrgyz parliament speaker, Akhmatbek Keldibekov, who is on trial for corruption, has left the country to seek urgent medical treatment abroad. More

Russia Pledges $500 Million To Kyrgyzstan

Russia has pledged financial aid worth about $500 million to Kyrgyzstan in support of the Central Asian republic's integration into Moscow-leg regional groups. More

Tajiks, Kyrgyz Discuss Border Shooting

Kyrgyz and Tajik officials are meeting over the killing of a Kyrgyz citizen in a Tajik district near the border between the two countries. More

Israel Protests Flag Desecration By Kyrgyz Lawmaker

Israel has sent a protest note to Kyrgyzstan's Foreign Ministry regarding the public desecration of an Israeli flag by a Kyrgyz lawmaker. More

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'They Ate The Sheep: The Kyrgyz, From Shepherd To Businessman'

Nari Shelekpayev reviews a book by Boris Petric titled "On a mange nos moutons: le Kirghizstan, du berger au biznesman" or "They Ate the Sheep: The Kyrgyz, from Shepherd to Businessman," which examines the foundations of Kyrgyz society in the years of independence from the point of view of "the historian or anthropologist." More

Central Asia Prepares For Afghan 'Threat'

Central Asia's governments have been dreading January 2015, for some time. Many remember the last half of the 1990s, when the Taliban was stretching its rule along Afghanistan's northern border and the problems of the country seeped into Central Asia. More
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