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People gather outside the site of the fire in northeast Moscow.

Moscow Fire Kills 17 Kyrgyz Migrant Workers

Russia's emergency services said a fire broke out at a warehouse in Moscow, killing 17 migrant workers from Kyrgyzstan. More

Kyrgyz Oppositionists' Trial Postponed

The trial of five members of Kyrgyzstan's opposition People's Parliament movement started on August 26. More

Alleged IS Recruiter Held In Bishkek

Kyrgyz authorities say they have detained a Russian citizen on suspicion of recruiting Kyrgyz nationals to fight for the Islamic State (IS) extremist group in Iraq and Syria. More

The four Kyrgyz men were arrested near the town of Kerben, in a disputed border area. (file photo)

Uzbekistan Claims Disputed Territory Along Border With Kyrgyzstan

Uzbekistan has claimed a disputed part of the border with Kyrgyzstan as "Uzbek territory," adding that four Kyrgyz citizens detained there "were illegally present in Uzbekistan." More

The Kyrgyz-Uzbek border area has been a flash point for unrest in the past. (file photo)

Bishkek Seeks Release Of Citizens Amid Uzbek Border Tensions

Kyrgyz authorities say negotiations are under way with officials in neighboring Uzbekistan to secure the release of four Kyrgyz nationals detained by Uzbek police in a disputed border area abutting the two Central Asian states. More

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Audio The Gulen Schools In Central Asia

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan blames Fethullah Gulen, a cleric living in self-exile in the United States, for being the mastermind behind the alleged plot to overthrow his government. Turkey has urged other countries to shut their "Gulen schools," including in Central Asia. More

With Kerry Meeting, Washington Seeks New Path In Central Asia

With its involvement in Afghanistan winding down, the United States is attempting to restructure the relationship it has had with Central Asia for the last 15 years -- where for Washington, security had been the priority. More
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