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Probe Launched Into 'Illegal Release' Of Reputed Kyrgyz Crime Boss

Investigations have been launched into last year's release of a reputed crime boss in Kyrgyzstan. More

Lawmaker, Driver Killed In Daghestan

A lawmaker in Russia's North Caucasus Republic of Daghestan has been killed by unknown attackers. More

A man puts up a handmade memorial for victims of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings near the race's finish line in Boston, Massachusetts, on April 15.

Boston Marks Bombing Anniversary

Boston has marked the one-year anniversary of the bombing at the U.S. city's annual marathon. More

Russia Says Four Militants Killed In Daghestan

Russian forces have killed four suspected militants in Daghestan during a security operation. More

Police Disperse Daghestan Rally

Police have dispersed a rally by supporters of the arrested former mayor of Makhachkala, the capital of the republic of Daghestan. More

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Is The Clock Ticking For Ramzan Kadyrov?

For years, it's been accepted wisdom that notwithstanding Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov's outrageous pronouncements and tasteless self-promotion, no attempt to rein him in would be undertaken prior to the Sochi Olympics. Is his leash about to be drastically shortened? More

Republic Of Daghestan Head Names New Acting Makhachkala Mayor

Last week, the head of the Republic of Daghestan Ramazan Abdulatipov appointed as acting mayor of Makhachkala Magomed Suleymanov, 54, a former National Assembly (parliament) chairman whose most recent post was overseeing the mandatory health insurance fund. More
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Obituary: Who Was Doku Umarov?

Russia's FSB security service says it has "neutralized" the activities of Chechen militant leader Doku Umarov. The announcement -- while it stops short of a full confirmation of Umarov's death -- comes a month after a website close to Russian Islamist militants, Kavkaz Center, said Umarov had "become a martyr."

War Hero In Russia, Villain In Chechnya, Security Officer Honored With A Street In Grozny

A Russian security official who Chechens say committed war crimes now has a street named in his honor in Grozny.

'There Was No Water, No Food' -- Chechens Remember Horror Of 1944 Deportations

Seventy years ago, the entire Chechen and Ingush peoples were deported to Central Asia on the orders of Josef Stalin. Two survivors recall the tragedy, in which at least a third of the population succumbed to cold, hunger, and Soviet bullets.

Some Olympic Athletes Just Say No -- To Protests

While some Olympians say they'll use Sochi to condemn Russian legislation prohibiting homosexual "propaganda," others, including a number of gay athletes, have vowed to keep their political views to themselves.

Saving Sochi's Dogs From The Olympic 'Cull'

Animal-welfare activists are sounding the alarm over what they describe as the massive culling of stray dogs in Sochi ahead of the Olympic Games.
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