Friday, August 22, 2014

Russian Dissident Born In A Gulag

Russian human rights activist Yuly Rybakov has perfected the daring art of involvement. More

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Savior Of Sex-Trafficking Victims

Moldovan psychologist Lidia Gorceag says her job is to touch the souls of her patients, to encourage them to see their experiences from other angles, and to help them find the strength to move forward.

A True Accounting Of Bosnia's Dead

Mirsad Tokaca's "Bosnian Book of the Dead" tallies the number of those killed in the 1992-95 Bosnian war. But he's faced harsh criticism for his final count, dramatically lower than the usual estimates.

A Brave Life Full Of Close Shaves

Valery Shchukin, a legend in the Belarusian opposition movement, has been arrested, fined, beaten, and imprisoned perhaps more than any other activist.

Trying To Find The 'Not Found'

Nesrete Kumnova has dedicated her life to locating what she calls the "not found," including her only son, Albion.

Fearless In The Face Of Authority

Armenian lawmaker Zaruhi Postanjian is known for her tireless activism in the cause of human rights.

He Changed Tajik Journalism

Is Rajabi Mirzo the representative of a new generation of the opposition in Tajikistan? Or just a troublemaker?

The Toughest Defense Lawyer In Azerbaijan

Famous for both his honesty and his short temper, Isakhan Ashurov handles controversial cases that other lawyers either can't -- or won't.

'Many Days I Am Afraid For My Mom'

Aziza Abdyrasulova of Kyrgyzstan is a fearless human rights defender who's been arrested, jailed, and beaten for her activism.

Video Introduction

Series editor Grant Podelco talks about the aims and ambitions of "On The Front Lines."

About "On The Front Lines"

Every day, thousands of human rights activists, civil society advocates, journalists, lawyers, and lawmakers head into battle. Their wars are fought in courtrooms and publishing houses, in town halls and on picket lines, on the Internet, and in the pages of independent newspapers.

They face the constant threat of harassment, arrest, imprisonment, and even violence, but their tireless efforts remain largely unappreciated by the wider world.

The profiles in "On the Front Lines" aim to shine a spotlight on the often heroic work of men and women who have dedicated their lives to the causes of freedom of speech, freedom of the press, human rights, ethnic tolerance, the environment, reconciliation, and democratic values.

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