Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Jon Stewart hosts Comedy Central's runaway hit, "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart"

Jon Stewart On The Value Of Political Satire

While it's taken for granted in the West, political humor can lead to decidedly unfunny consequences in many places. RFE/RL talks to one of America's preeminent humorists about political jokes and free societies. More

'Enemy Agent' Satirizes Iran From Exile

Ebrahim Nabavi says that while he wasn't planning on becoming a satirist -- or "enemy agent," as he is inclined to quip -- it was an inevitable path for him. He's set his sights squarely on Iran's presidential elections.

Ukrainian Says Irony 'Way To Overcome Gravity'

He is credited by many Ukrainians for tearing down the Soviet-era convention that humor and politics are a dangerous mix. A former military interpreter and Ukrainian consul to Israel, Dmytro Chekalkin first rose to satirical prominence during the 2004 presidential race that led to the Orange Revolution.

The Joke's On Them

Russians aren't waiting for Dmitry Medvedev's inauguration to poke fun at the new president. But the most scathing political satire has been driven from the political scene.

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Satire Across The Region

In countries throughout RFE/RL’s broadcast region, humor plays a special role for writers and artists seeking to shed light on corruption, violence, and repression. These editorial cartoons offer a cross-section of perspectives on issues from energy politics to press freedom. Play

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The World According To Hozhaber Shinwary

RFE/RL broadcaster Hozhaber Shinwary is one of Afghanistan's best-known editorial cartoonists. His drawings hold Afghanistan’s leaders and their allies to account, and turn a satirical eye on corruption and violence. Play