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Tajikistan Legalizes Blocking Internet

Tajikistan's parliament has legalized blocking the Internet and telephonesystem during "counterterrorism operations" in the Central Asian nation. More

WATCH: Body Of Tajik Baby Who Died In Russian Custody Returns Home

Video Russia Deports Dead Tajik Boy's Mother

The Tajik mother of a baby who died while in Russian custody says she was hastily deported in order to prevent proper investigations into her son's death. More

Zarina Yunusova, 21, says her son was healthy when police took him from her.

Russia Deports Tajik Whose Baby Died

The mother of a baby Tajik boy who died while in Russian custody is being deported to Tajikistan. More

Tajik Jailed In Russia On Terror Charges

A court in Russia's northwestern city of Arkhangelsk has sentenced a Tajik man to three years in prison on "terrorist propaganda" charges. More

WATCH: Funeral For Tajik Woman Allegedly Killed By Russian Officer

Video Tajikistan Detains Russian Officer Over Killing

Tajik officials have arrested a Russian soldier in connection with the killing of a woman at a Russian military base in Tajikistan. More

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Audio The Islamic Movement Of Uzbekistan Comes Unraveled

In the last few years the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) has fractured and members of what at least once was the IMU are now dispersed in Afghanistan, and in Syria and Iraq. In some cases it's fairly clear who they are fighting for, but in other instances it is very difficult to see their allegiance or motives. More

Witch Hunt In Tajikistan

Tajik authorities have unleashed an unprecedented crackdown on a group the Tajik government has identified as Islamic terrorists. More
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Migrant Family Looking For Answers In Baby's Death In Russian Police Custody

A Tajik family's life has been turned upside down after their infant son died in police custody while Russian authorities were investigating his mother's residency status.

Tajikistan's First Online Sex Shop Tests Tastes, Traditions

Online startup vows to feed Tajiks' hunger for sex toys -- and fast -- but will remain in the shadows.

Uzbeks Unpick Cotton To Please No-Show PM

Farmers in Uzbekistan say they were told to glue cotton back to bolls to impress the visiting prime minister with a fake image of an abundant harvest.

Video Rural Girls Ride Past Bicycling Taboos In Tajikistan

It wasn't so long ago that bicycles were off-limits for rural Tajik girls -- the activity was deemed inappropriate for any young woman who hoped to find a husband. But times are changing.

Death Of A Fugitive: Abduhalim Nazarzoda, Tajik General Blamed For Recent Violence

Authorities in Tajikistan say they have killed a wealthy Tajik general who went on the run after being blamed for a recent burst of deadly violence in the fragile nation. Who was Abduhalim Nazarzoda?

Are Economics Again At The Root Of Tajikistan's Current Armed Conflict?

Another figure from the days of Tajikistan's 1992-97 civil war is on the run. One thing that does seem clear is that this conflict has little, if anything, to do with Islam or international terrorism, as the Tajik government's most senior figures are claiming.

No Music, No Wedding, Conservative Tajik Village Told

Authorities in a religiously conservative Tajik village have set up a band to play music at wedding parties -- and made it compulsory for hosts to hire the group.

Alleged Police Beating Of Bearded Tajik Student Prompts Outrage, Investigation

Allegations that a beard-wearing university student was brutally beaten by Tajik police during his summer break has sparked public outrage in a country where such incidents are not exactly uncommon.
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