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RFE/RL Sites Blocked In Tajikistan

RFE/RL's Tajik- and Russian-language websites, YouTube, and a number of Russian social networks were inaccessible in Tajikistan on May 28. More

Gulmorad Halimov's relatives say he disappeared on April 23 after telling his wife he would be traveling on business for three days.

Missing Tajik Police Commander Appears On Internet, Says Has Joined IS

A top Tajik police commander who has been missing for weeks has reappeared on the Internet, claiming that he has joined the Islamic State (IS) militant group in protest at official restrictions on religious observance back home. More

Tajik Prosecutor-General Yusuf Rahmonov

Tajik Lawmakers Back Tajik-Chinese Extradition Deal

Tajikistan's parliament has unanimously approved a Tajik-Chinese agreement on the mutual extradition of suspected and convicted felons. More

Lutfullo Bobokeov says Tajik police forcefully shaved his beard on March 31 in Khujand.

Tajiks Probe Fake Permits For Hijab, Beards

Tajik prosecutors are investigating suspected fraud in connection with the sale of bogus permits to people hoping to avoid falling afoul of state efforts to combat religious extremism. More

Gulmurod Halimov has been missing since April 23, when he told his wife he was going on a business trip.

Top Tajik Cop Disappears, Sparking Alarming Reports

One of Tajikistan's most powerful police leaders has mysteriously vanished, baffling his family and leaving observers to speculate about where the long-serving commander and father of eight might be. More

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Closer To Home, Islamic Movement Of Uzbekistan May Renew Original Goals

Militants of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) found sanctuary in Pakistan’s tribal areas for more than a decade. Now, it appears many have left and are looking for a new home. They might have found one in Afghanistan, right on the doorstep of their native land. More

Karimov -- Bold And Nasty

Uzbek President Islam Karimov seemed to have problems articulating his thoughts at his April 10 inauguration ceremony. In the interest of balance, it should now be pointed out that Karimov seemed to have no trouble expressing himself at the May 8 informal CIS summit in Moscow. More
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Mystery Of Missing Tajik OMON Commander Deepens

Tajik authorities vow to shed light on the fate of a missing OMON commander amid sensational reports he was arrested abroad while holding a fake passport and extradited home.

Reporter's Notebook: After Years Of Work In Russia, An Uzbek Wedding In Tajikistan

Anvar wanted to have a traditional Muslim wedding, rather than the vodka-soaked nuptials ubiquitous in Soviet Tajikistan. He had worked for years in Russia to build his own house. And now the day had come.

For Victory Day, Post-Soviets Show Their Colors -- Just Not Orange And Black

Red, purple, pink, blue-and-gold. Many people in post-Soviet countries are choosing any color, it seems, for their Victory Day symbols -- just not the orange-and-black of Russia's St. George ribbon.

Tajik Teen Earns Thousands By Allegedly Impersonating President's Son

A Tajik high school student who allegedly posed as a member of the ruling family was so convincing that he made off with thousands in bribes in return for presidential favors.

Video Tajiks Weigh Ban On 'Bad Names'

In the latest round of Tajikistan's effort to influence what its citizens name their children, authorities are set to ban names they deem insulting, demeaning, or foreign to Tajik culture.

Video Tajik Man Told To 'Kill Everyone Brutally' During Training To Join Islamic State

A Tajik man has surrendered himself to authorities after allegedly undergoing "jihadi training" at a Turkish mosque as a potential Islamic State recruit. Parviz Nabiev spoke to RFE/RL's Tajik Service about his experience and ultimate disillusionment.

Central Asia Medical Workers Struggle To Escape Yemen Violence

The conflict in Yemen has left hundreds of Central Asian medical workers struggling to find a way out.

New Chinese Bank Becomes Major Headache For U.S.

China's decision to establish a new China-led development bank for Asia is causing major headaches in Washington. As countries -- including, now, Russia -- rush in to join the bank before a March 31 deadline, the United States looks increasingly isolated.

Video In Tajikistan, Too Much Cousin Love Could Be Causing Birth Defects

Tajikistan is considering a ban on marriages between first cousins, a long-standing tradition that doctors believe is the cause of many birth defects in the country.

U.S. Reassesses Central Asia Strategy

The State Department says it has completed a review of U.S. policy toward Central Asia at a time of economic and political uncertainty in the region.
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