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Senior Tajik Drug Control Officers Detained On Bribe Allegations

Two top officials at Tajikistan's State Agency for Drugs Control (OGMM) have been detained on suspicion of bribe-taking. More

The deputy chairman of the Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan, Saidumar Husaini

Tajik Imams Call For Islamic Party's Closure At Friday Prayers

Imams at several mosques across Tajikistan have urged Muslims to support the closure of the Islamic Renaissance Party, calling for a referendum to dissolve the only officially registered Islamic party in former Soviet Central Asia. More

Tajikistan Seeks Russian Help To Evacuate Medics From Yemen

Tajik officials say they have asked Russian authorities to help evacuate some 100 Tajik medical workers and their families from Yemen as a Saudi-led coalition launched air strikes there. More

Kyrgyzstan Says Stops Tajiks From Joining Islamists In Syria

Kyrgyz authorities say they have prevented several Tajik nationals from joining Islamist militants in Syria. More

Tajik President Emomali Rahmon (right) inspects plans for the new desert city

Tajikistan Begins New City In Desert

Tajikistan has begun the construction of a brand new town in a desert area in the country's north to provide housing and jobs for local residents. More

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Interview: Most Tajiks In Syria, Iraq Appear To Be Fighting Alongside IS

Edward Lemon, a doctoral candidate at the University of Exeter who tracks Tajik militants in Syria and Iraq, talks to Under The Black Flag about whether the Islamic State threat to Central Asia is being "hyped" and, if so, to what end. More

Video People Of Two Lands: The Kyrgyz Of Jerge-Tal

None of the titular nationalities of Central Asia can trace their history back as far as the Kyrgyz and the Tajiks. These two peoples measure their presence in Inner Asia in terms of millennia. More
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New Chinese Bank Becomes Major Headache For U.S.

China's decision to establish a new China-led development bank for Asia is causing major headaches in Washington. As countries -- including, now, Russia -- rush in to join the bank before a March 31 deadline, the United States looks increasingly isolated.

Video In Tajikistan, Too Much Cousin Love Could Be Causing Birth Defects

Tajikistan is considering a ban on marriages between first cousins, a long-standing tradition that doctors believe is the cause of many birth defects in the country.

U.S. Reassesses Central Asia Strategy

The State Department says it has completed a review of U.S. policy toward Central Asia at a time of economic and political uncertainty in the region.

Video Tajik Prostitutes Seek Protection In The Hijab

The fear of insults and attacks has prompted some Tajik street prostitutes to literally go undercover; that is, under the Islamic hijab.

The Wrong Qayumov: A Tajik Killing And A Case Of Mistaken Identity

A Tajik man whose name is the same as a suspect in the slaying of an opposition figure has been forced take evasive action after receiving death threats.

Slaying Of Tajik Opposition Leader Draws Nemtsov Comparisons

Following the killing of a wanted Tajik opposition leader on the streets of Istanbul, it didn't take long for fellow oppositionists to draw comparisons to the recent assassination of Boris Nemtsov in Russia.

Tajikistan's Islamic Renaissance Party On Life Support

A resounding election defeat in Tajikistan's parliamentary elections has Central Asia's only Islamic party on the ropes.

Tajik Nurse Kidnapped In Yemen 'Prayed To Die At Home'

A Tajik nurse is captured, tortured, and held for ransom in Yemen -- and lives to tell about it.

Russia's Foreign Legion Of Doubt

If Moscow is looking to its new foreign legion to help restore its Soviet-era military might, it has a bit of a minefield to clear first.
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