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Russia's Lavrov Meets Turkmen President In Ashgabat

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has met with Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov in Ashgabat. More

Russia's Lavrov Visits Turkmenistan

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov will make a rare visit to Turkmenistan on February 3, following a visit to China. More

Turkmens Rush To Buy Dollars Amid Rumors Of Further Devaluation

Local residents in Turkmenistan's southeastern city of Mary have been rushing to foreign exchange offices to buy U.S. dollars amid rumors about plans for a further devaluation of the national currency, the manat. More

A missile ship of Turkmen navy takes part in an anti-terrorist naval exercise on the Caspian sea coast in September 2012

Turkmen Navy Sinks Iranian Fishing Boat

Iranian media has reported that Turkmen naval vessels fired on an Iranian fishing boat killing one of the fishermen and sinking the boat More

Azerbaijani, Turkish, Turkmen Foreign Ministers Discuss Trilateral Ties

The foreign ministers of Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Turkmenistan held a rare trilateral meeting on January 29. More

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Iran Seeking Role In Selling Gas To Europe

Iranian officials have been signaling to potential customers in Europe, potential suppliers in the Caspian Basin, and transit country Turkey that Iran is not merely ready to get into the game, but perhaps even essential to it. More

The Lure Of Islamic State For Central Asians

The Islamic State (IS) militant group poses a challenge in areas far from Syria and Iraq. Dozens of governments around the world are pondering the IS threat not only to the Middle East but also to their own countries. This is especially true in countries with a Muslim majority, such as the five Central Asian states. More
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Sports & Dictators: In 2014, A Match Made In Heaven

Many people turn to sports as a welcome break from politics. But from the Olympics to Formula 1, the year 2014 revealed a growing connection between big-ticket sporting events and ugly political regimes.

Money Troubles: Russia's Weak Ruble Pulls Down Neighbors' Currencies

As the value of Russia's ruble tumbles amid low oil global prices and Western sanctions, it is taking the currencies of many former Soviet republics down with it.

Don't Shout, Don't Push, Eat Blini: Russian Orthodox Church's Manual For Migrants

Migrant laborers in Russia will soon be required to pass Russian language, history, and civics tests. And now the Russian Orthodox Church wants to teach them how to behave.

In Kyrgyzstan, A New Interest In Russified Names

Tens of thousands of Kyrgyz are changing their names to sound more Russian in the belief it will make their lives easier.
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