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EU Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger

EU Envoys To Discuss Tougher Russia Sanctions

European Union ambassadors on July 24 are due to discuss widening sanctions on Russia after the downing of a Malaysian airliner in eastern Ukraine, allegedly by Moscow-backed rebels. More

U.S. Senator Carl Levin (Michigan-Democrat) says the Donetsk People's republic were "likely the ones who attacked a civilian airliner."

U.S.: Name Separatists Terrorist Group

Less than a week after a Malaysian airliner was shot down over Ukraine, a group of U.S. senators has urged the president to consider designating Ukraine's separatists a "foreign terrorist organization." More

Rebel commander Aleksandr Khodakovsky of the so-called Vostok Battalion speaks during a previous interview in Donetsk on July 8.

Ukraine Separatist Admits Having Buk Missiles

In an exclusive interview with Reuters news agency, pro-Russian separatist commander Aleksandr Khodakovsky has admitted the separatists had the type of antiaircraft missiles Washington says were used to shoot down a Malaysian airliner over eastern Ukraine. More

Shakhtar Donetsk Soccer Club Moves Home Games To Lviv

Ukraine's Shakhtar Donetsk football team has announced it is moving its home games to Lviv due to the military conflict in its native Donetsk region. More

Putin Legalizes Gambling In Crimea

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law that allows gambling zones to be established in the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea, which was annexed by Russia in March. More

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British Aviation Expert Says Russian MH17 Claims Highly Unlikely

An aviation expert and former air crash investigator says Russian claims about the Malaysian Airlines downing are difficult to believe. More

Images And Memories: Tell Us Your Ukraine Story

Our correspondent will be traveling through Ukraine to talk to people about their treasured family photographs and the stories behind them. Do you have photos you'd like to share? Let us know! More
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War Crime Question Hovers Over Malaysian Airliner Tragedy

Countries seeking to prosecute those responsible for downing a Malaysian airliner over eastern Ukraine last week face a complex legal question: Is the tragedy a war crime?

Nervous And Thirsty, Donetsk Braces For A Showdown

As separatist fighters dig in against a possible Ukrainian government offensive on the city of Donetsk, residents now face the possibility of being without water. Fighting around the city has damaged the city's water-supply system, and Donetsk could be dry in a matter of days.

What The Russian Papers Are Saying About Flight MH17

Scrambling to explain the downing of the MH17 Boeing 777, Russia's print media is giving credence to Kremlin-friendly theories that to many outside the country would seem far-fetched.

Flight MH17 Fact Sheet: Evidence Increasingly Points To Moscow

Evidence increasingly appears to show that a Malaysia Airlines passenger plane was brought down by pro-Russian separatists -- and that Moscow is hindering the investigation.

Border With Russia Helps Luhansk Republic Hang On

The Ukrainian government has intensified efforts to reestablish its authority in Luhansk Oblast. But the breakaway region's control of a section of the border with Russia is proving a difficult lifeline to sever.

Interview: What Will MH17 Investigators Be Looking For At Crash Site?

A team of international investigators has traveled to rebel-held eastern Ukraine to collect evidence from the crash site of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17. Joseph Burnside, the editor of "Aviation Safety" magazine, spoke to RFE/RL about what investigators may expect to find once they reach the site.

Interview: RT Is About 'Pointing Fingers' Says Ex-Correspondent Who Resigned

Sara Firth, a London-based correspondent with RT (previously known as Russia Today), has resigned in protest at the channel's coverage of the shooting down of the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17. Firth told RFE/RL's Golnaz Esfandiari that the Russian state run news channel is all about "pointing fingers" and "deflecting attention from Russia."

Charting Separatists' Use Of Increasingly Sophisticated Weaponry In Ukraine

As fighting in Ukraine has intensified, pro-Russia separatists are using increasingly sophisticated weaponry on the battlefield.

Video The Malaysia Airliner Downing Through The Eyes Of Russian State Television

The vast majority of Russians continue to get their news about the world from Russian state television. What did they see about the July 17 incident involving a Malaysia Airlines passenger jet that went down in eastern Ukraine?

Kyiv Releases Audio Evidence That Donetsk Militants Got Antiaircraft Weapons From Russia

Ukraine's Security Service has released more audio of purported conversations among militants in eastern Ukraine that Kyiv believes proves they received powerful Buk-M antiaircraft weapons and the crews to man them from Russia on July 14.
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