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Ukraine Arrests Over Maidan Deaths

Ukrainian authorities have arrested four former officers of the "Berkut" riot police for their alleged role in the violent dispersal of pro-European protesters in Kyiv in early 2014. More

Ukraine, Moldova Committed To EU

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has said in the aftermath of Britain's vote to leave the European Union that he "expects the sanctions against Russia as a country-aggressor" to be extended. More

WATCH: Leaders from NATO's 28 member nations will be gathering in the Polish capital for a key meeting on July 8-9. The Warsaw summit will focus on strengthening the alliance's forces in Eastern Europe to deter an increasingly aggressive Russia. NATO leaders are expected to endorse a plan to deploy four battalions to Poland and the Baltic states. In the lead-up to the meeting, the region hosted one of NATO's largest military exercises since the end of the Cold War. (RFE/RL, Reuters, NATO video)

Video Former U.S. Defense Officials Warn Of Russian Response To NATO Summit

A former top U.S. Defense Department official has warned that the buildup of NATO troops in Eastern Europe, and Russia's own troop movements along its western borders, are deepening the risk of an accidental outbreak of war. More

Ukraine Cuts Key Interest Rate Again

Ukrainian monetary-policy makers have cut borrowing costs for a third month, citing a slowdown in inflation and a rebound of the national currency, and promised more easing to come in order to boost lending. More

KGB Investigates 138 Suspected Belarusian Mercenaries

The chairman of Belarus's KGB says investigations have been launched into the activities of 138 Belarusian citizens who are thought to have been combatants in Ukraine's eastern regions of Luhansk and Donetsk. More

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Eastern Angst: Brexit Vote Sends Jitters Through Countries On EU's Fringe

As Europe grapples with Britain's decision to leave the EU, the bloc's eastern partners are weighing the implications of a Brexit for their own countries.

Confessions Of A Ukrainian 'Political Prisoner'

Following his recent release in a prisoner swap, Hennadiy Afanasyev, a photographer from Crimea convicted in Russia of plotting terrorist attacks on the Moscow-occupied peninsula, tells why he decided to recant his testimony implicating fellow Ukrainians.

Kremlin Propaganda In Czech Republic Plays Long Game To Sow Distrust In EU

Sowing distrust and disbelief in Europe and its institutions is the main aim of Russian propaganda in the Czech Republic, according to a new study. And unlike the attention-grabbing tactics used during the Soviet era, Moscow is playing a sophisticated long game.

Flood Of Weapons Makes Eastern Ukraine Ripe For Arms Trade

The arrest in Ukraine of an alleged French nationalist with a cache of weapons has raised fears the conflict-wracked east of the country has become an arms bazaar for would-be terrorists abroad.

Video Ukraine's Savchenko: Without Peace, The War 'Will Last Forever'

Ukrainian airwoman and lawmaker Nadia Savchenko, released from Russian captivity last month, discusses negotiating with Russia-backed separatists, the need for new blood in parliament, and political "senility" in the Kremlin.

Nationalists Promise 'Bloody Mess' As Kyiv's LGBTs Prepare To March

For the fourth straight year, members of Kyiv's LGBT community plan to hold a March of Equality. And for the fourth straight year, counterdemonstrators are threatening to stop them by any means, including violence.

Chafing At Sanctions, Moscow Pokes And Pries At EU Unity

Russia is trying to move closer to several EU states in an effort to break the bloc's unity over sanctions. That is not likely to prevent the EU from renewing sanctions expiring in July, but Russia is playing a longer game.

Video In Crimean Port, A Hospital Reportedly Takes A 'Potemkin' Approach To Impress

The Potemkin village, that tried and true manifestation of Russian bureaucratic ingenuity whose place in popular lore has been cemented for centuries, has been given a modern update -- the annexed peninsula of Crimea now reportedly has its own "Potemkin hospital."

Savchenko Released, But Fate Of Other Ukrainians Imprisoned In Russia Unclear

With Russia's release of Ukrainian military pilot Nadia Savchenko, who returned to a hero's welcome in Kyiv, attention now shifts to the fate of other Ukrainians jailed in Russia on charges their supporters say are dubious.

'I Will Never Return To Donetsk' -- Conflict Reduces One Woman's Life To Rubble

Nadia Zaslavska lost everything she had in eastern Ukraine, including the "dream house" she built and decorated herself. She looks back at the war that devastated her life.
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