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Local election commission members carry a ballot box at a polling station in Luhansk on October 30.

EU 'Presses' Putin On Ukraine Rebel Vote

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko's office says the leaders of Ukraine, Germany, and France have urged Russian President Vladimir Putin not to recognize elections being held on November 2 by pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine. More

A man walks past a board showing currency exchange rates in Moscow on October 29.

Russia Sharply Raises Interest Rate

The Russian central bank has said it will raise interest rates from 8 percent to 9.5 percent as Western sanctions and falling oil prices have sent the Russian ruble plummeting. More

WATCH: Russia and Ukraine have signed a deal securing gas supplies through the winter. The agreement was signed in Brussels and was brokered by the European Union. It came after months of negotiations, amid tension over Russia's annexation of Crimea and support for armed separatists in eastern Ukraine. (Reuters)

Video Ukraine, Russia Sign Landmark Gas Deal

Moscow and Kyiv have signed a landmark agreement that will guarantee Russian gas deliveries to Ukraine throughout the winter despite tense relations over the fighting in eastern Ukraine. More

Ukrainian military pilot Nadiya Savchenko is seen on a screen during a video link at a hearing into her appeal at the Voronezh regional court in July.

U.S. Urges Russia To Free Savchenko

Washington has called on Russia to immediately release Nadiya Savchenko, the Ukrainian pilot who was captured in eastern Ukraine and later handed over to Russia, where she is charged with killing two Russian journalists. More

Profits Crash Dramatically For Russia's Rosneft After Sanctions

Russian state-controlled energy giant Rosneft says its profits during the third quarter of 2014 crashed dramatically after Western sanctions were imposed over Russia’s role in the Ukraine crisis. More

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Ukraine Unspun: Chechnya War Pic Passed Off As Ukraine Atrocity By Hackers, Russian TV

At least one of the "horrifying images of events in Donbas" that Russian media aired on the eve of the Ukrainian vote to highlight suffering in that conflict-torn country predates the Ukraine conflict by nearly two decades, and was actually a mass grave of Russian civilians. More

Roundtable: This Weekend's Ukrainian Elections

RFE/RL invited close observers of Ukraine to join us for a live discussion of how this weekend's national vote might affect the many security, economic, and political challenges facing Ukraine. More
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In Many Countries, Distance From Ebola Brings A Sense Of Safety

In many parts of Eurasia, people think they are far enough away from Africa to be safe from Ebola. Is that a false sense of security?

Ten Takeaways From Ukraine's Vote

Ukrainian voters have given the government of President Petro Poroshenko a clear mandate for a pro-European future. But there are still issues of concern following the October 26 vote. Here are 10 takeaways.

Taking Measure Of The Ukrainian Mind-Set

How have Ukrainian attitudes toward the EU, Russia, and NATO changed? Is it possible to conduct opinion polls in the Donbas? And why is support for the Ukrainian Communist Party in decline?

Ukraine’s Euromaidan Drives Up Price Of...Illegal Vote Buying

Some Ukrainians are still prepared to sell their votes -- even in the wake of the Euromaidan uprising against corruption and sleaze. But the price tag has spiked significantly amid a state crackdown on the practice.

Ukraine's Heating Crisis Triggers Fire Sale Of Rare Plants At Kyiv Botanical Garden

The central botanical garden in Ukraine's capital is selling off scores of exotic plants on the cheap after it closed various greenhouses amid looming central-heating woes and the Russia-Ukraine gas crisis.

End Of The Orange-Blue Divide: Ukraine Vote May Produce New Political Landscape

As Ukrainians go to the polls on October 26, a new, pro-European consensus seems to be forming, as even ethnic-Russian Ukrainians look skeptically at Vladimir Putin's Russia.

Video 'He Was Just A Boy' -- Russian Mother Grieves For Son Killed In Ukraine

Eighteen-year-old Yevgeny Pushkaryov was buried last week near St. Petersburg after being killed in eastern Ukraine. His mother says Russian television reports prompted the teenager to secretly join the separatist movement.

Elections In Ukraine: A Challenging, But Important, Vote

Imagine trying to hold the election amid threats from within and without, a teetering economy, an atmosphere of tense uncertainty, and under the watchful eye of the world.

From The Streets To The Rada: Euromaidan Activists Enter Politics

For eight months the activists of Ukraine's Euromaidan have been frustrated with the slow pace of reform. Now they're taking matters into their own hands.

The Slow, Dangerous Work Of Recovering Ukraine's War Dead

A single volunteer organization has taken on the challenge of retrieving the bodies of slain fighters from the battlefields of eastern Ukraine. We look at the grim work of the Black Tulip organization.
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