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U.S. Vice President Joe Biden (file photo)

Biden In Ukrainian Capital

U.S. officials were quoted as saying privately ahead of the visit that the nonlethal aid Vice President Joe Biden would announce in Kyiv included Humvees from excess supplies in the Pentagon's inventory, as well as the delivery of previously promised radars that can detect the location of enemy mortars. More

Russia Says Against EU "Attempts" To Make Serbia Join Sanctions

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Aleksandr Lukashevich says Moscow is against what he called "attempts by the European Union" to make Serbia join sanctions against Russia. More

OSCE Chairman, Nazarbaev Discuss Ukraine, Swiss-Kazakh Ties

The current head of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe has discussed a range of issues including the conflict in Ukraine with Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbaev. More

A pro-Russian militant during fighting in August in the eastern Ukrainian town of Ilovaisk.

Nearly 1,000 Killed Since Ukraine Truce

​The United Nations says fighting in eastern Ukraine has killed an average of 13 people a day since a cease-fire between government forces and pro-Russian rebels was signed on September 5. More

Deputy National Security Advisor Tony Blinken has said Washington should reexamine its policy of not providing lethal aid to Ukraine.

Blinken Wants Rethink On Ukraine Aid

A senior aide to U.S. President Barack Obama has said that the United States should reconsider its policy of not providing lethal aid to Ukraine, which is grappling with pro-Russian separatists in the east of the country. More

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Concerns Raised Over Crimean Tatars Fighting With IS

Ruslan Saitvaliyev, the leader of the recently revived Crimean Muftiate of Taurida, has said that as many as 500 militants from Crimea are fighting with the Islamic State (IS) group. More

'Sit At Home And Embroider' -- Ukrainian Rebel Sparks Debate On Women's Rights

A Ukrainian rebel commander's threats to arrest women for frequenting bars elicited groans from many -- but in online forums, some separatist supporters are defending his overtly sexist approach to law and order. More
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Video Faces Of The Maidan: Where Are They Now?

One year after the beginning of the Maidan protest movement that changed the course of Ukraine's history, RFE/RL went back to talk to some of the memorable people who were heavily involved in those tumultuous events.

Video Russian Oysters? Foie Gras? Not A Problem, Say Farmers In Sanctions-Hit Russia

Initiatives are cropping up across Russia to replace Western food products banned by Moscow. But consumers are already feeling the sting of sanctions.

In Ukraine, Grief, Pride, And Anger As Families Remember Euromaidan Dead

As Ukraine prepares to mark one year since the Euromaidan revolt broke out in Kyiv, the anniversary is stirring up painful memories for families of those killed during the protests.

Video Interview: Ukrainian 'Cyborg' Describes Nine Days Defending Donetsk Airport

RFE/RL's Ukraine Service caught up with Serhiy Halyan, one of the Ukrainian troops -- admiringly dubbed "cyborgs" for their staunch defense of the international airport on the war-torn outskirts of Donetsk -- who survived a surreal nine days at the airport and whose father is a Russian army colonel.

Under Fire In Ukraine, OSCE Questions Its Worth

Since March, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe has maintained a special monitoring mission in Ukraine. In July, it added a second mission along the Russian side of the border. But with Ukrainian anger rising over the OSCE's role, the Vienna-based agency appears to be doing some soul-searching.

How The 'Rosetta' Comet Discovery Narrowly Avoided The Soviet Dustbin

The speeding comet that a European spacecraft has landed on was discovered by a Soviet astronomer who nearly tossed a key photograph of the celestial body in the waste basket.

Video Full Transcript: Interview With New EU Enlargement Chief Hahn

In an exclusive interview with RFE/RL, the EU's new neighborhood and enlargement negotiation commissioner, Johannes Hahn, speaks about his view on the latest developments in Ukraine, the future of the Eastern Partnership and his approach to Belarus and Azerbaijan. In his first extended appearance for international media he also set out his strategy for Western Balkan countries such as Serbia, Bosnia, and Macedonia.

News Analysis: What's Behind The Resurgence Of Fighting In Eastern Ukraine?

With new convoys of heavy military equipment arriving in separatist-held eastern Ukraine from Russia and a significant uptick in fighting, the Minsk conflict-resolution process in Ukraine seems stymied. Has the conflict entered a new, more dangerous phase?

Russian Gangs Of New York

"Things have gotten more boring," says Alexandre Grant, the man who has chronicled the rise and fall of Russian-speaking gangsters in New York City for more than two decades.

Ukraine Holds Politically Charged 'Dictation' Contest

Ukraine has held its national dictation contest, with millions of people across the country testing their knowledge of the Ukrainian language. This year, the event turned into a show of support for Ukrainian unity.
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