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Kyrgyz, Uzbeks Die In Moscow Fire

Eight Kyrgyz citizens, including one child, were killed when a fire swept through a textile workshop in northeastern Moscow over the weekend. More

The Transparency International report points out that no country came close to achieving a perfect score, and lists a string of corruption scandals that occurred in Denmark -- considered the world’s least corrupt country -- and other Scandinavian countries that are known for low rates of corruption.

Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan Fingered By Corruption Watchdog

An international monitoring group says people around the world demonstrated to governments in 2015 that they must become more transparent and tackle the large-scale corruption that continues to plague so many countries and hinder their development. More

Police officers detain a protester in Moscow last year. According to Freedom House, 2015 saw Russia and other authoritarian regimes "crack down harder on dissent."

Report: Biggest Slide In Freedom In A Decade

The worst year in global freedom in a decade saw Russia and China cracking down more due to "fear of social unrest" and particularly bad rankings for Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, and Belarus, the rights monitor Freedom House reports. More

Uzbek Foreign Minister, U.S. Officials Hold Talks In Washington

An Uzbek delegation led by the authoritarian Central Asia nation's foreign minister met with senior U.S. officials in Washington on January 19 for consultations on a range of issues, including human rights and security More

Imprisoned Uzbek opposition leader Akram Yuldashev as shown on Uzbek state TV in 2005, the last time he was seen by the public

Leading Figure From Uzbek Uprising Reported Dead

The leader of a group that sparked an uprising a decade ago in Uzbekistan that ended in massacre and colored Tashkent's relations with the West died some five years ago, sources have told RFE/RL. More

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Audio Nepotism And Dynasty In Central Asian Politics

It seems a pattern of governance has emerged, or rather reappeared, in Central Asia: the dynasty. More

Bad Time In Central Asia

The writing has been on the wall for Central Asia for months now -- an economic crisis was coming to Central Asia and there was no way of avoiding it. To discuss this new reality of Central Asia, today and for the foreseeable future, RFE/RL's Turkmen Service assembled a panel discussion. More
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Video Uzbek President Calls Homosexuality 'Vulgar' Western Habit

Uzbek President Islam Karimov has lashed out at homosexuality, calling it a "vulgar" manifestation of Western culture, in a new attack against gays in the former Soviet Union.

Video Video Of Police Beating Transvestite Draws Applause In Uzbekistan

A graphic video showing police beating up a transvestite has gone viral in Uzbekistan. But instead of sparking outrage, the clip is drawing praise from many people on social media in the former Soviet republic.

From Raising Carp To 'Islamist Extremist' In Uzbekistan

A feud over a successful fish-farming business may be behind a jailing on extremism charges in Uzbekistan.

Uzbek Activists Upset By Plan To Demolish Andijon's Ancient Minaret

Authorities in the Uzbek city of Andijon are set to demolish an ancient minaret and replace it with a fountain, a move that activists and preservationists call a crime against the country's heritage.
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