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Baku: Civilian Killed In Karabakh Strike

Azerbaijani officials said on April 28 that one civilian was killed and 8 were injured by an artillery strike from the breakaway region of Nagorno-Karabakh overnight. More

Azerbaijan -- Nagorno-Karabakh Map

Separatist Fighter Killed In Karabakh

De facto officials of the Armenian-backed breakaway Nagorno-Karabakh region said on April 27 that another soldier from separatist forces was killed overnight by Azerbaijani troops. More

Two Karabakh Separatists Killed

A spokesman for Armenian-backed Nagorno-Karabakh separatist forces says two separatist fighters were killed early on April 26 by gunfire that came from Azerbaijan's side of the "line of contact" separating the combatant sides. More

Russian Tanker Catches Fire In Caspian Sea

A fire broke out on a Russian oil tanker on the Caspian Sea, killing one crew member. More

Fighting Reported In Nagorno-Karabakh

Armenia and Azerbaijan traded more mortar fire and sniper shooting as tensions persisted around the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh. More

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Video The Daily Vertical: Baku And Yerevan Fight. Moscow Wins

The Daily Vertical is a video primer for Russia-watchers that appears Monday through Friday. More

Video Nagorno-Karabakh Witnesses Debut Of 'Kamikaze Drone'

For a glimpse into the future of drone warfare, look no further than the battlefields of the South Caucasus. More
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'Open Secret': Experts Cast Doubt On Yerevan's Claims Over Nagorno-Karabakh

Many details about the Armenia-backed separatist force in Azerbaijan's territory of Nagorno-Karabakh are murky. The extent of Yerevan's support for separatists who control the territory within Azerbaijan is also a contentious issue. But political, economic, and military ties suggest there is, at least, a relationship of "bilateral synergy."

Explainer: Why The Nagorno-Karabakh Crisis Matters

Reasons to hope that the Nagorno-Karabakh cease-fire announced on April 5 holds include pipelines and military alliances.

De Waal: Kremlin 'Not Primary Actor' Behind Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict

Noted Western expert on the Caucasus Thomas de Waal says tensions between Azerbaijan and Armenia over Nagorno-Karabakh make the dispute one of the most menacing unresolved conflicts from the Soviet collapse, but he rejects the idea that Moscow is behind recent fighting.

Panama Papers In Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan: Do As I Say, Not As I Do

A massive data leak suggests the presidents of Russia, Ukraine, and Azerbaijan are engaged in shadowy operations to hide wealth abroad, even as they openly condemn the removal of wealth from their countries.

Clooney: I Will Fight For Jailed Azerbaijani Journalist 'Until She's Free'

Amal Clooney says the case against Khadija Ismayilova was trumped up to silence the renowned investigative reporter.
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