Friday, May 22, 2015

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Russia: EU Missed Chance To Narrow Split

Russia says the two-day EU Eastern Partnership summit in Riga has lost "another opportunity to make a step toward bridging a widening gap on the continent." More

Video Disagreements Shadow EU Summit

Participants at the EU's Eastern Partnership summit have agreed on a final document affirming the bloc's relations with six neighboring countries in spite of sharp differences on key issues. More

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Armenian President Serzh Sarkisian meet in Riga on 21 May.

EU Partnership Summit Gathers

The European Union on May 21 reassured its six Eastern European partners that the 28-nation bloc "is as committed as ever" to building closer reations with them. More

EU Leaders Gather For Riga Summit

European Union leaders are gathering in the Latvian capital, Riga, on May 21 for a summit with their counterparts from six eastern countries. More

Russian Tensions Over EU Summit

European Union leaders are set to meet with their counterparts from six eastern countries in Riga on May 21 and 22, amid concern that the meeting could further inflame tensions with Russia. More

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Fashion Statement: Lukashenka's Top Cop Wears NKVD Garb At Parade

The Belarusian interior minister surprised many when he recently appeared decked out in the uniform of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin's secret police, or NKVD. What's he trying to tell us? More

Audio Podcast: The Lukashenka Shuffle

Alyaksandr Lukashenka's little dance between Russia and the West has suddenly become more consequential. More
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News Analysis: EU Eastern Partnership Summit Exposes Fault Line Between Members

The EU Eastern Partnership summit in Riga has revealed a new split in Europe that divides the European Union's six "eastern partners" themselves.

For Victory Day, Post-Soviets Show Their Colors -- Just Not Orange And Black

Red, purple, pink, blue-and-gold. Many people in post-Soviet countries are choosing any color, it seems, for their Victory Day symbols -- just not the orange-and-black of Russia's St. George ribbon.

Ukraine Crisis Opens Up Wiggle Room For Lukashenka

The Belarusian president first criticized those in Moscow who view his country as "a northwestern province" of Russia, then did an about-face by flatly declaring that "we have been and always will be with Russia." The war in Ukraine has put a sharp new spin on the dizzying relations between Minsk and Moscow.

'Social Parasite' Fights Back In Belarus

A new law fining unemployed people has sparked dismay in Belarus. Critics say the legislation, designed to combat "social parasitism," violates the constitution and will hit people already made vulnerable by the economic crisis.
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