Sunday, August 02, 2015

Power Vertical

How Russia Is Ruled

You say federalization, I say decentralization.

Audio Podcast: War By Other Means

The epicenter of the Ukraine conflict has shifted from the battlefield to political maneuvers over the future of Donbas. So who has the advantage? More

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Ukraine Unspun

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Qishloq Ovozi

Blogging Central Asia

Russian-built tanks roll under Tajik flags during Peace Mission 2012 joint counterterrorism military exercises of the troops from the six countries in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Khujand in June 2012.

Tajikistan: The Far Outpost Of Great Powers

The risk to Tajikistan of Afghan spillover is probably not great, but it is real. Fortunately, China, Russia, and the United States take this threat to Tajikistan very seriously, and their combined efforts arguably make Tajikistan the Central Asian state least likely to experience serious difficulties emanating from Afghanistan. More

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