Thursday, April 02, 2015

Caucasus Report

Regional Smoke Detector

Ingush leader Yunus-Bek YevkurovYevkurov has proposed that all government officials, himself included, should agree to a 10 percent reduction in salary.

Young Ingush Official Dismissed Following Polygraph Test

In early March, the Republic of Ingushetia leadership proposed that candidates for government posts should voluntarily undergo a lie-detector test as a means of reducing the official corruption for which the region has become a byword. That initiative has already backfired, however. More

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Ukraine Unspun

New Competing Claims On Downing Of MH17

The Russian Investigative Committee says it has a "sincere" witness who claims a Ukrainian jet took down Malaysian Airlines flight MH17. But other emerging evidence further supports the widely accepted theory that the plane was shot down by a Buk missile fired from separatist-held territory. More


Odds, Ends, And Autocrats

Iranian journalists try to escape the rain during Iranian nuclear talks in Lausanne.

Iran Talks: The Things Bored Journalists Tweet

As they await the results of closed-door nuclear negotiations between Iran and world powers in the Swiss city of Lausanne, journalists are tweeting the time away.​ More

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Abuses Uncovered

Russian Activist's Property Seized

Russian police have evicted a regional leader of the independent electoral-rights group Golos (Voice) from her apartment and impounded other property in a tax-evasion case she says is politically motivated. More

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Qishloq Ovozi

Blogging Central Asia

Uzbek singer Lola Yoldosheva wearing the red dress that Uzbeknavo said "conflicts with the national mentality."

Central Asia's Controversial Fashion Statements

In March, the subject of dress came up in three Central Asian countries, in one case because the clothing was “foreign” Islamic, in another too risque/Western, and in a third as a suggestion to honor the past. More

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