Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Caucasus Report

Regional Smoke Detector

Magomed Khazbiyev

Ingush Oppositionist, Family Under Renewed Pressure

The Republic of Ingushetia authorities have launched what appears to be a clumsy attempt to compromise oppositionist Magomed Khazbiyev and members of his family in a bid to curtail his political activities. More

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Ukraine Unspun

New Competing Claims On Downing Of MH17

The Russian Investigative Committee says it has a "sincere" witness who claims a Ukrainian jet took down Malaysian Airlines flight MH17. But other emerging evidence further supports the widely accepted theory that the plane was shot down by a Buk missile fired from separatist-held territory. More

Persian Letters

Notes Of An Iran Watcher

Iranian acid attack victim, Davood Roshanayi, talks to reporters

Iranian Punishment For Acid Attacker Delayed

In a very rare ruling, a man who threw acid on another man in Tehran about a decade ago has been sentenced to be blinded based on the Islamic eye-for-an-eye retribution law. More

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