Friday, April 25, 2014


Odds, Ends, And Autocrats

Ukraine's ultranationalist Right Sector group has poured scorn on allegations that the business card of one of its leaders Dmytro Yarosh (pictured) was found at the scene of a shoot-out near Slovyansk. It seems a large portion of the Internet community has also scoffed at the claim. (file photo)

Twitter Meme Mocks Russian Claims Over Slovyansk Shoot-Out

A calling card allegedly left at the scene of a shoot-out in Slovyansk on April 20 by the leader of a Ukrainian ultranationalist group has become an Internet sensation. RFE/RL correspondent Farangis Najibullah gives a rundown of some of the mocking tweets that accuse Dmytro Yarosh of having a hand in everything from the moon landing to this week's sinking of a South Korean ferry. More

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Power Vertical

How Russia Is Ruled

This year's Putin Show had global -- and ominous -- overtones.

Podcast: The Putin Show Goes Global

Vladimir Putin's annual call in show is always an event. But with the Ukraine crisis, this year's took on ominous and global overtones. More

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Caucasus Report

Regional Smoke Detector

Azerbaijani journalist and commentator Rauf Mirqadirov (file photo)

Azerbaijan Arrests Prominent Journalist For Espionage

Rauf Mirqadirov, a commentator for the independent Russian-language daily "Zerkalo," was taken into custody by security personnel at Baku's Heydar Aliyev Airport on April 19 after being deported from Turkey, where he had lived with his family for the past three years. More

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Abuses Uncovered

Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights Nils Muiznieks cited several cases where Azerbaijani journalists and bloggers critical of the authorities had been jailed, persecuted, or humiliated.

Council Of Europe Slams Baku On Rights

The Council of Europe's commissioner for human rights has harshly criticized Azerbaijani authorities over deteriorating human rights and basic freedoms in the country. More

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