Thursday, August 25, 2016

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Photogallery Ukraine Defies Its Critics

When the Euro 2012 soccer championship began three weeks ago, the world expected the worst from co-host Ukraine. But as Kyiv prepares to hold the Italy-Spain final, the country has emerged with a nearly spotless record.

Ukrainian Soccer Great 'Sheva' Hangs It Up

It's fitting that 35-year-old Andriy Shevchenko should bow out as his country revels in the limelight as co-host of the Euro 2012 championships. "Sheva," after all, put his country on the football map -- its first superstar kitted out in the blue and gold of an independent Ukraine.

Euro 2012 Scalping Continues In Ukraine, Despite Warnings From Authorities

In Ukraine, authorities are warning soccer fans about the dangers of buying Euro 2012 tickets on the street from scalpers. But some people are still turning to scalpers -- and finding good deals at the same time.

Psychic Ferret, Pig Outlast Elephant

In the frantic race to be the top animal predicting results of the European soccer championship taking place in Poland and Ukraine, it appears one has clearly fallen off the pace.

Black Soccer Fans Address Euro 2012 Racism Claims

Nonwhite soccer fans are traveling to the European soccer championship in Ukraine and Poland despite a wave of allegations about racism in the stands. RFE/RL spoke to black fans and students about their personal experiences in host city Kyiv.

Soccer Site Regrets 'No Stones Thrown' At Croatian Gay-Rights Activists

A Croatian soccer fan site has expressed regret that a heavy police presence deterred thugs from throwing stones and otherwise harassing participants in a gay-pride march, fueling notions that wide swaths of the Balkans are intolerant of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community.

Kharkiv Gears Up For Euro 2012's First Match In Ukraine

The biggest soccer festival of the year -- the Euro 2012 championship -- is getting under way in Poland and Ukraine. As RFE/RL reports from Kharkiv, the northeastern Ukrainian city is putting the final, frantic touches on its preparations for the tournament's first match in Ukraine on June 9.

The Euro 2012 Soccer Championship In Numbers

The European soccer championships in Poland and Ukraine kick off in Warsaw on June 8. RFE/RL takes a look at how Eastern Europe’s biggest sporting event in decades adds up.

Video Animals Vie To Be Euro 2012's Top Psychic

It's shaping up to be Eastern Europe's biggest contest this summer. No, not the Euro 2012 championship, but the contest between rival "psychic" animals touted as having the ability to predict soccer results.

Yulia Tymoshenko: Political Football

Outrage over Tymoshenko's jailing last autumn and what is seen as her continuing harsh treatment has already cost Ukraine plenty, particularly in its relations with Europe.

Ukraine: Friendlier Than You Think!

To counter bad publicity, hundreds of Ukrainians have flooded online to offer free lodging to Euro 2012 guests looking for an alternative to pricey hotels or a chance to mingle with the locals.

Euro 2012 Racism Claims Irk Ukraine

Ukraine has accused the British media of waging a campaign to discredit the country ahead of the European soccer championship that it is co-hosting next month with Poland.

Ukraine Eyes $1.5Bln Euro 2012 Profit

Ukrainian officials say their country could make up to $1.5 billion in profit during the Euro 2012 football championship, which runs from June 8 to July 1.

Video Femen's Topless Protesters Get Their Hands On Euro 2012 Trophy...Again

Brash protesters from the famously bare-breasted Ukrainian feminist group Femen staged another assault on the Euro 2012 soccer championships that Ukraine is co-hosting along with Poland.

EU Calls For Euro 2012 Boycott Leave Poland In The Lurch

Warsaw's feel-good effort to jointly host the Euro 2012 soccer championships with its eastern neighbor has left it in a difficult position, as European officials announce plans to boycott matches on Ukrainian soil to protest the treatment of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko.

Ukraine's Culling Of Stray Animals Continues To Draw Protests

Despite media coverage and protests at home and abroad, and even an official moratorium by a ministry, animal-rights activists in Ukraine say that a systematic culling of stray animals continues ahead of the Euro 2012 soccer championships this summer.


Video 'Beer, Architecture, And Beautiful Women'

As the Euro 2012 soccer championship enters its second week, foreign fans are getting acquainted with the attractions of Ukraine outside the stadium. RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service asked foreign visitors what they appreciate about Kyiv.

Video Kyiv Gets Last-Minute Facelift Before Euro 2012

With the Euro 2012 football championship set to kick off in Poland and Ukraine, the city of Kyiv is undergoing last-minute changes, with workers repairing the streets as well as new English-language announcements and signs installed in the subway.

Video What Foreign Fans Think About Ukraine

In Lviv, one of the host cities for the Euro 2012 soccer championship, foreign fans discuss their impressions of the city, Ukraine in general, and what they expect from the tournament.

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