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Yosinkhon Eshonov's son, Yoqub, went to Syria in May, leaving behind his wife and two children.

Tajikistan's Jihadist Village On The Defensive

A small village in northern Tajikistan has come under scrutiny after it was revealed that it was home to a number of suspected jihadists. More

"The human being, the member of society, is drowned forever in the tyrant," wrote Fyodor Dostoyevsky abour serfdom. (painting: Georgy Savitsky's "Workforce Driven to a Factory in the Urals")

Russian Court Chief Raises Eyebrows With Praise For Serfdom

The head of Russia's Constitutional Court has penned an article calling serfdom "the staple" that held the Russian nation together, and that its abolition unleashed revolutionary forces that rocked the country in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. More

The OSCE says it has no record of having any link with Einars Graudins (second from right).

Murders and Gang Rapes: Moscow Spins OSCE Probe Into Ukraine 'Mass Graves'

Russian media are quoting an "OSCE expert" as claiming hundreds of bodies have been exhumed from mass graves in eastern Ukraine and are accusing Ukrainian troops of brutalizing the local population. The "expert," however, has never worked for the OSCE. More

Azerbaijani investigative journalist Khadija Ismayilova (left) outside the Prosecutor General's Office in Baku in February with her lawyer Elton Guliyev. Ismayilova fears she will soon be detained as part of a crackdown on civil society in Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijani Journalist Fears Arrest As Part Of Continuing Crackdown

Leading Azerbaijani investigative journalist Khadija Ismayilova has been told she faces arrest when she returns to her country. Ismayilova has spoken out about the months-long crackdown on independent journalists and human rights activists in the oil-rich country. More

Russian students participating in the FLEX program have shared their experiences with new friends in the U.S., like at this Russian Festival in Kalamazoo, Michigan, in 2013.

Russians Voice Ire As Moscow Halts U.S. Student Exchange

Russians who participated in a respected U.S.-funded student exchange have reacted with outrage and disappointment at Russia's decision to cancel its participation in the program amid battered bilateral ties. More

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Six Iranian Filmmakers Launch Campaign Urging Deal Over Nuclear Crisis

A group of six internationally-known Iranian filmmakers have started an Internet campaign urging Tehran and world powers to reach a deal to end the crisis over Tehran's nuclear program.

Explainer: Key Points In U.S.-Afghan Bilateral Security Agreement

The new U.S.-Afghan Bilateral Security Agreement sets forth the conditions under which some American soldiers will remain in Afghanistan beyond the end of this year. Here are five things to know about its contents.

Reputed Russian Mobster Boasts Of Putin Wristwatch Honor

An alleged leader of one of Russia's most notorious crime groups claims Russian President Vladimir Putin honored him with a prestigious timepiece, while the Kremlin denies the assertion.

Anar Mammadli, A Tireless Rights Advocate

Jailed Azerbaijani human rights defender Anar Mammadli, the recipient of the 2014 Vaclav Havel Human Rights Prize, has tirelessly denounced the deepening crackdown on human rights in Azerbaijan.

Empty Pipeline Shows Difficulty Of Breaking Moldova's Gazprom Addiction

Last month, Moldova inaugurated a new natural-gas pipeline from Romania. But it isn't transporting any gas, and no one knows when the flow of the country's first-ever non-Russian gas might start.

The Eminently Quotable Karzai

A collection of notable quotes made over the years by outgoing Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

At Russian Business Daily 'Vedomosti,' Gloom Over New Media Legislation

The Russian State Duma has approved legislation restricting foreign ownership of media outlets. RFE/RL visited the newsroom of the Western-owned daily newspaper "Vedomosti" to gauge journalists' reactions.

Video Georgian Defends Locals' Motives For Joining Syria Fight

A resident of Georgia's restive Pankisi Gorge has told RFE/RL's Georgian Service that he knows one of his countrymen accused this week by the United States of aiding extremist groups like Islamic State (IS) in Syria and defended natives of his poverty-stricken area who go there "to help the poor Syrian people."

Militants In Afghanistan, Pakistan Claiming Allegiance To IS

Is the Islamic State extremist group expanding to Afghanistan and Pakistan? The possibility is growing as some militants in the region are pledging allegiance to the organization's leadership.

Russian Action Film Vows 'The Truth' About Ukraine War

A new Russian film is pledging to tell "The Truth" about the war between federal forces and separatists in eastern Ukraine, a project Ukrainian media has already dismissed as "propaganda."
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