Monday, October 20, 2014

A meme making the rounds of social media has dubbed the Ukrainian soldiers defending Donetsk airport "cyborgs."

Insult Evolves Into Homage As Donetsk Airport Defenders Dubbed 'Cyborgs'

It started as something of an insult but turned into a badge of pride. Meet Ukraine's "cyborgs." More

A gay-rights activist is beaten by a nationalist in Gorky Park in Moscow during a rally in May 2013.

Number Of Russian Asylum Seekers To U.S. Spikes In Wake Of 'Antigay' Law

Increasing numbers of Russians are seeking asylum in the United States, according to U.S. government data, a trend widely seen as linked to rising antigay sentiment in Russia. More

A store worker in Lviv marks products to indicate their Russian provenance.

Conflict With Russia Reaches Ukrainian Stores

Under new local legislation passed by Kyiv authorities, stores in the Ukrainian capital must now separately label Russian-imported goods. A similar initiative is already in place in three other Ukrainian cities, where special brigades have been deployed to check compliance. More

PHOTO GALLERY: Sergei Prokofiev's Opera 'War And Peace' At 70

Seventy Years On, War Over Prokofiev's 'War And Peace' Still Rages

October 16 marks the 70th anniversary of the premiere of one of the Soviet Union's most controversial operas -- "War and Peace," Sergei Prokofiev's musical interpretation of the novel by Lev Tolstoy. More

An oil worker at a refinery in Najaf, south of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad

Falling Oil Prices Spell Trouble For Some, But Could Also Boost Global Growth

The price of oil has fallen some 20 percent since June, spelling big trouble for oil exporting countries like Russia and Iran. What's behind the drop? More

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Five Important Things That Memorial's Done (And Is Still Doing) For Russia

Russian prosecutors are seeking to close down Memorial, the country's oldest and most venerated human rights group. What does Russia stand to lose if Memorial is shuttered?

Video Iraqi Kurds Urge Turkey To Let Volunteers Through To Defend Kobani

Speaking in Prague, the foreign minister of Iraq's Kurdish regional government is calling on Turkey to open its border to volunteers seeking to reinforce the Syrian Kurdish city of Kobani.

Defense Minister: Kyiv's Least Secure Job

For the third time in six months a Ukrainian defense minister has been forced out. Why is Kyiv repeatedly replacing its top military official in the midst of a war?

On The Front Lines In Donetsk, Life Is Both Normal -- And Far From It

The death toll continues to mount in Ukraine's eastern city of Donetsk, where at least two civilians were killed by weekend artillery fire between government forces and pro-Russia militia fighters. But in many ways, life in the Donbas city remains surprisingly normal, with well-stocked supermarkets and freshly planted flowers. RFE/RL's Russian Service speaks to one Donetsk resident about daily life in the city.

The Mysterious Professor Haag: Russian Media's Favored 'Expert' Has Dubious Credentials

A man identified as German Professor Lorenz Haag has been widely quoted in Russian media as praising the Kremlin and defending Russia's actions in Ukraine. The "professor's" credentials, however, are a matter of serious doubt.

Bosnians Voting For New Government, But Change Unlikely

Despite a turbulent year that saw violent protests and disastrous floods, Bosnia's elections are not expected to bring any sweeping changes to one of Europe's poorest countries.

Explainer: What Makes Islamic State So Formidable?

Islamic State owes its battlefield success to suicide bombers, extreme brutality, and a continuing flow of new recruits.

Video In Western Ukraine, Attitudes Cooling Toward IDPs

People displaced by the fighting in eastern Ukraine are facing increasing difficulty finding accommodation in other regions, signaling a shift in attitudes toward internally displaced persons (IDPs).

Iraq's Sole Yazidi Lawmaker Says 25,000 Girls Abducted By IS To Be Raped, Sold

The winner of the 2014 Anna Politkovskaya Award says Islamic State militants are raping and selling Yazidi women and that the human rights situation in Iraq is deteriorating.

Turkey's Dilemma Against IS In Syria

With Islamic State (IS) militants threatening to overrun the Syrian city of Kobani, Turkey faces a dilemma over whether to intervene.
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