Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Nadia Zaslavska now lives in Kyiv and says she will never go back to Donetsk, which was her home for more than three decades.

'I Will Never Return To Donetsk' -- Conflict Reduces One Woman's Life To Rubble

Nadia Zaslavska lost everything she had in eastern Ukraine, including the "dream house" house she built and decorated herself. She looks back at the war that devastated her life. More

Kazakh Culture and Sports Minister Arystanbek Mukhamediuly (file photo)

Kazakh Minister's Remarks Spark Anger In Kyrgyzstan

Kazakhstan's culture minister has sparked resentment with remarks about neighboring Kyrgyzstan and its turbulent recent history. More

Khadija Ismayilova: "I am not a toy to be exchanged for diplomatic gain by Baku or Washington."

Embattled Baku Weighs Benefits, Risks Of Setting Ismayilova Free

If you believe in good omens, a rare season of amnesty augurs well for RFE/RL investigative journalist Khadija Ismayilova's appeal this week for prison release. But it's far from certain that President Ilham Aliyev will be swayed by either condemnation or largesse in her particular case. More

Zhanat Esentaev could face up to seven years in jail if he is charged. (file photo)

Kazakh Clampdown On Land Protests Leaves 'People's Bard' Behind Bars

One of the most outspoken opponents of Kazakh plans to dispense with huge swaths of land is a folksy singer who's not afraid to pick a fight with the government. More

More than 5,000 air, sea and ground troops take part in a multinational NATO maritime exercise in the Baltic Sea to demonstrate the resolve of allied and partner forces to defend the Baltic region near Ustka, Poland, in June 2015.

Warning Of War, Ex-Deputy Commander Says NATO Must Counter 'Russian Adventurism' In Baltics

A former NATO deputy supreme commander is warning that the alliance could find itself in a full-fledged armed conflict with Russia within a year if it does not strongly step up its presence in the Baltic states. More

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Russian Says He Didn't Even Attend Protest He's Charged Over

Russian prosecutors seem confident about their case against Sergei Akhmetov. But Akhmetov and his backers say there's just one problem -- the man in the images is not him.

Russian Prosecutors Find Novel Justification For FSB Building's 'Cultural Value' 

Russian political-protest artist Pyotr Pavlensky is on trial in Moscow for setting alight the door to the headquarters of the Federal Security Service in November 2015. Prosecutors have found a bizarre pretext for charging him with "damaging a cultural monument."

In Unusual Move, Tajik Interior Ministry Seeks Victims Of Possible Police Abuse

Tajikistan's Interior Ministry is asking a group of young partygoers briefly detained and possibly roughed up by police last week to come forward with any complaint about alleged mistreatment.

As More Doping Allegations Emerge, Russian Sport Braces For Potential Consequences

Russian sport has taken some big hits, and they have kept coming ahead of a key decision that will determine whether its track-and-field athletes will be allowed to compete in the Olympic Games this summer in Rio.

New Weaponry, More Spending, Tough Rhetoric Stoke Fears Of New U.S.-Russia Arms Race

Twenty-five years after the end of the Cold War and with Russia and Western powers squaring up over issues like Ukraine and Syria, there are fears that Moscow and Washington are on the cusp of a new arms race -- nuclear, conventional, or both.

Video ‘Family Values' Congress Brings Pro-Moscow Message To Georgia

The World Congress of Families, a conservative U.S. organization that has been denounced as an antigay "hate group," is holding its annual meeting in Tbilisi, Georgia. The group has close ties with Kremlin insiders, with whom it shares an aggressive antiliberal agenda.

Video Azerbaijani Activists Say They Were Tortured To Confess To Trumped-Up Drug Charges

Two youth activists in Azerbaijan have accused police in the capital of beating them in an unsuccessful attempt to force them to confess to vandalizing a monument, and then charging the pair with bogus drug offenses when they didn't break.

Former Petersburg Entrepreneur Recalls A 'Driven' Putin With His Hand Out

It cost St. Petersburg businessman Maksim Freidzon a $10,000 "tax" to register his first business in the city in the early 1990s. He says the bureaucrat who named that fee was Vladimir Putin.

Video Cheap Shot: Handgun Drawn After Losing Wrestler Launches Melee

Participants and spectators at junior wrestling championships in a western Russian province got a scare when a defeated wrestler went ballistic, setting off a melee that prompted at least one man to brandish a handgun before calm could be restored.

Video Politics Creep Into Eurovision Despite Efforts To Keep It Camp

You can dress in drag, dance with wolves, and warble about nearly anything in the Eurovision Song Contest, the continent's annual kitsch-fest. Just keep politics out of it. At least that's what organizers claim.
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