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U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry during nuclear talks in Vienna with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.

Kerry Says 'Big Gaps' In Iran Nuclear Talks

Negotiators from Tehran and six world powers are facing difficult challenges to break their deadlock in nuclear negotiations on November 23, a day before their self-imposed deadline to reach a permanent accord on Iran’s nuclear program. More

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry talks on the phone  in Vienna on November 21 during negotiations aimed at settling a dispute over Iran's nuclear program.

Kerry Says 'Big Gaps' In Iran Nuke Talks

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry says there are still serious gaps in talks over Iran's nuclear program despite signs of some progress two days before the self-imposed deadline to reach a deal in Vienna. More

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif (left) shakes hands with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry (right) as EU envoy Catherine Ashton looks on at nuclear talks on November 20.

Kerry, Zarif, Ashton Meet In Vienna

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry traveled to Vienna to meet with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif on November 20 as a next-week deadline for an agreement in negotiations over Iran's nuclear program rapidly approached. More

Iran’s “Blogfather” Hossein Derakhshan Released from Prison

Iranian blogger Hossein Derakhshan, nicknamed Iran's "Blogfather” over his efforts to popularize blogging in Iran, has been released after spending six years in prison. More

Kerry Says World Powers 'United' In Search For Iran Nuclear Deal

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry says world powers are "united" in their search for a deal on Iran's nuclear program as the deadline for an agreement rapidly approaches. More

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Iran 'Blogfather' Thanks 'His Holiness Ayatollah Khamenei' Following Prison Release

Hossein Derakhshan, dubbed Iran's "blogfather" for his role popularizing the medium, wrote on Google+ about his release and said that he had been pardoned by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. More

Iranian Activists, Intellectuals Express Support For Nuclear Deal

Many Iranians are watching the new round of nuclear talks in Vienna between major world powers and Iran with great interest, hoping for a deal that would lead to the lifting of economic sanctions imposed on their country and an improvement in their daily lives. More
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Obama Faces Tough Crowd At Home On Iran Nuclear Deal

As a deadline approaches for world powers to strike a deal with Iran over its nuclear program, U.S. President Barack Obama faces a challenge getting it through -- or past -- a wary Congress.

Two Futures: With An Iran Nuclear Deal, And Without

The world could look very different depending on the success or failure of the Iran nuclear talks.

Iranians Mourn Fallen Pop Star With Puzzling Public Outpouring

Iranians have taken to the streets to grieve the death of pop singer Morteza Pashaei in the country’s largest mass gatherings since the controversial 2009 presidential election. Many wonder exactly what’s driving this mass mourning.

Video Interview: Iran's 'Rosewater' Journalist Maziar Bahari Is 'Not Expecting A Revolution'

Iranian-born journalist Maziar Bahari, whose detention and torture by Iranian authorities are given cinematic treatment in “Rosewater,” a new film by U.S. political satirist and “The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart, tells RFE/RL that he wants officials in Tehran to watch the film and rethink their actions.

Who's In, Who's Out: Republicans Take Over Top U.S. Foreign-Policy Committees

Republicans won big in U.S. Congressional elections on November 4, a surge whose impact could ripple beyond the borders of the United States.

Iranian Lawmakers Look To Protect Vigilantes Of Islamic Justice

As Iran's parliament debates a bill that would give protection to citizens who take it upon themselves to defend Islamic values, critics warn that they risk fueling tension and normalizing violence against women.

Iran's Isfahan Outraged Over Acid Attacks

A spate of vicious acid attacks on women has sown fear in the Iranian city of Isfahan.

Desired Traits Of A Nameless Soldier Of The Hidden Imam

Are you virtuous, pious, and committed to learning the language of the enemy? You just might have what it takes to be an Iranian intelligence officer.

Falling Oil Prices Spell Trouble For Some, But Could Also Boost Global Growth

The price of oil has fallen some 20 percent since June, spelling big trouble for oil exporting countries like Russia and Iran. What's behind the drop?

Six Iranian Filmmakers Launch Campaign Urging Deal Over Nuclear Crisis

A group of six internationally-known Iranian filmmakers have started an Internet campaign urging Tehran and world powers to reach a deal to end the crisis over Tehran's nuclear program.
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