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Lawyer Reveals Charges Against Jailed U.S. Journalist In Iran

A lawyer for The Washington Post’s Tehran bureau chief, Jason Rezaian, says the journalist is facing trial on charges of espionage and three other charges -- including “collaboration with hostile governments.” More

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in Tehran in early April

Khamenei: U.S. Created Iran Nukes 'Myth'

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei says the concept of Iranian nuclear weapons was a "myth" created by the United States to portray Iran as a threat, and that world powers are threatening Tehran "militarily." More

Visiting Afghan President Ashraf Ghani (left) and Iranian President Hassan Rohani at a welcoming ceremony in Tehran on April 19

Ghani, Rohani Pledge To Fight 'Macabre' IS Threat

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani arrived in Tehran on April 19 on a two-day state visit, his first official trip to the neighboring country since taking office in September. More

Iran Military Sites 'Not Open To Inspections'

A senior commander in Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) says the country's military sites would not be open to foreign inspection under any nuclear agreement with world powers. More

Yemen Rejects Iranian Peace Plan

A Yemeni government spokesman dismissed the Iranian initiative as "only a political maneuver." More

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Iran Teaching Head Sent To Jail

The secretary-general of Iran’s Teachers' Organization was arrested on April 20 and transferred to Tehran’s Evin prison to serve a five-year sentence, Iran’s semi-official ILNA news agency reported. More

Animal-Rights Activists In Shiraz Protest Apparent Stray-Dog Killings

A rare protest in Fars was staged after a disturbing video emerged on social media showing four men giving stray dogs what appeared to be lethal injections. More
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Iran's Army Of Deterrence

Iran's army of deterrence was on parade during National Army Day. While armed robots and quirky tanks made the headlines, many of the country's innovative military advances and tactics are formidable.

Rogue Iranian Lawmakers Issue Nuclear Deal 'Fact Sheet'

A group of rogue lawmakers in Iran has issued their own "recommended fact sheet" on the framework nuclear agreement between Tehran and world powers.

Alleged Assault On Iranian Teens Stokes Anti-Arab Sentiment

The suspected sexual assault of two Iranian pilgrims at a Saudi airport has prompted strong reactions in Iran -- and brought to the surface some deep-seated prejudices about Arabs.

Russia Flexes Missile Diplomacy With Iran

Russia’s potential delivery of antiaircraft S-300 missile systems to Iran has long been shrouded in controversy and contradictions. But with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decree allowing shipments of these high-precision systems to Tehran, will Moscow finally make good on these shipments?

Will A Nuclear Deal Bring The U.S. And Iran Together?

A nuclear deal would remove some long-standing barriers between Iran and the United States, but don't expect the walls to come tumbling down.

Washington, Tehran Spin Framework Deal Different Ways

Faced with the difficult task of selling their framework nuclear deal to naysayers at home, Tehran and Washington have come away from the negotiating table with different interpretations of what was agreed.

Nuclear Deal Sparks Mixed Reactions In Iran

A tentative nuclear deal between Iran and world powers has prompted mixed reactions in Tehran.

For Iran, Was It Worth The Wait?

Iranian officials must now be wondering why they waited so long to agree to international terms to open up their nuclear program -- terms they essentially could have had years ago. Economic sanctions cost the country billions and it's not clear what, if anything, was gained.

Framework Agreement Leaves Loose Ends

Iran and world powers may have reached a framework nuclear deal, but numerous loose ends must be addressed before a final agreement can be signed.

Explainer: Five Key Points Of Iran Nuclear Commitments

Iran and six world powers say they've reached an agreement on "key parameters" of a nuclear agreement that must be finalized by June 30. Here are five things to know about the announced commitments.
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