Tuesday, May 31, 2016

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Saudi Arabia Demands Iran 'Stop Intervening' In Iraq

Saudi Arabia accused Iran of sewing "sedition" in Iraq and demanded that Tehran "stop intervening" in its neighbor's affairs. More

Saudi Arabia Slams Iran's Role In Iraq As 'Unacceptable'

Saudi Arabia has accused archrival Iran of meddling in Iraq, saying the presence of Iranian military units there is "unacceptable." More

Bahrain Upholds Sentences For 5 Convicted Of Spying For Iran

A Bahraini appeals court has upheld life prison sentences against five Shi'ite men convicted of spying for Iran. More

Tehran Orders Foreign Social Media To Move Data Of Iranian Users Into Iran

Tehran has given foreign social media messaging applications one year to move the data they hold about Iranian users onto servers inside Iran. More

Iran says that at least 460 Iranians were killed in a stampede at the hajj in Mecca last year. (file photo)

Saudis Reject Iran's Hajj Demands

Saudi Arabia has denounced Iran's demands concerning the annual hajj pilgrimage to Mecca as "unacceptable" after Tehran accused Riyadh of “blocking the path to Allah.” More

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Will The Battle For Fallujah Heal Or Exacerbate Iraq's Sectarianism?

The battle for Fallujah has begun. Late on May 23, Iraqi troops, comprising a combination of the government's Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) and a combustible mix of Shi'ite militias, backed by U.S. air strikes, attacked the city, seeking to wrest it from the control of the extremist group Islamic State. More

Iranian Political Activist Tabarzadi Arrested

Iran has reportedly rearrested political activist and journalist Heshmatollah Tabarzadi, who was released last year after spending more than five years in jail for his outspoken criticism of the Iranian establishment. More
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From Blog To Telegram, Iranian Citizen Journalist Keeps Challenging Regime

An Iranian emigre toils over serious questions of nuclear safety all day, but his nights are filled with humor -- often at the expense of Iran's leadership.

Could Runoffs Tilt Iran's Balance Of Power?

Two months after elections that brought Iran's moderates back in from the cold, runoff votes to fill nearly one-quarter of the parliament could still pack some surprises.

U.S. Arrest Awakens Ghosts Of Turkey's Iran-Gold Scandal

A Turkish political scandal centered on funneling gold to sanctions-hit Iran three years ago could get a new life as U.S. authorities prosecute a key suspect.

Iranian Hard-Liners Link Afghan Girl’s Killing To Telegram Messaging App

After a horrifying crime sent shock waves through Iranian society, hard-line conservatives found the perfect scapegoat to blame the killing on -- technology.

Life In Limbo For Afghan Migrants In Turkey

Blocked from Europe, and unwilling to return home, Afghan migrants in Turkey say life is passing them by.

Video Killing Of Afghan Girl Prompts Outrage In Iran

The horrific killing of a 6-year-old Afghan migrant girl outside Tehran has sparked unprecedented condemnation in Iran.
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