Thursday, September 03, 2015

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Russia Seeks UN Measure On Chemical Weapons In Iraq

Russia is seeking to extend a United Nations measure on chemical weapons in Syria to cover suspected incidents of chemical weapons use in Iraq by the Islamic State group, Russia's UN ambassador said on September 2. More

Turkish Workers Kidnapped In Iraq

Turkey says 18 Turkish construction workers have been kidnapped in northeastern Baghdad. More

12 Iraqis Killed In IS Attacks In Anbar

Twelve Iraqi soldiers and allied Sunni militiamen have been killed in a series of Islamic State suicide attacks in Anbar Province. More

IS Militants Detain Protesters In Iraq

The mayor of a remote Sunni town in western Iraq that is under the control of Islamic State (IS) militants says about 200 residents who were part of a rare protest against the militant group have been detained at an unknown location. More

Australia Wants More EU Nations On Air Strikes

Australia is urging more European countries to take part in air strikes against the Islamic State (IS) group in Syria and Iraq in an effort to help end the refugee crisis in Europe. More

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Crushing Enterprise & Raising Taxes Is Business As Usual For IS

Apart from forcing many business owners to shut up shop, Islamic State has also prevented those who refuse to join it from finding jobs, and has imposed heavy taxes on civilians. More
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Video Germany Leads Way In Welcoming Refugees

Thousands of refugees arriving by train to their dream destination -- Germany –- are receiving an outpouring of support from German officials and citizens.

New Walls Rise After Iron Curtain’s Fall

The idea of erecting barriers to keep undesirables at bay did not crumble with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Iron Curtain.

Migrants Undeterred In March To EU

An RFE/RL correspondent recently rode on a Belgrade bus packed with Afghans and other refugees heading to the EU. What she saw on the trip shocked her.
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