Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Mikhal Karnevich

RFE/RL Reporter Fined In Belarus

An RFE/RL correspondent has been fined after a court ruled that he had violated legislation on public gatherings in Belarus. More


Student Sofia Marchenko hands out baked cookies for Euromaidan protesters in Kyiv last winter.

Video Faces Of The Maidan: Where Are They Now?

One year after the beginning of the Maidan protest movement that changed the course of Ukraine's history, RFE/RL went back to talk to some of the memorable people who were heavily involved in those tumultuous events. More

Russian Federation

Critics fear editor in chief Aleksei Venediktov's (left) Ekho Moskvy will back down in its criticism of Russian President Vladimir Putin's government.

Outcry At Ekho Moskvy Social-Media Plan

Russia's Ekho Moskvy radio station has told RFE/RL it is drafting rules for its employees’ behavior on social media after its state-controlled owner pressured the broadcaster over a journalist's message on Twitter. More


"Rosewater" film director Jon Stewart, Iranian subject Maziar Bahari, and Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal (left to right) pose at the Toronto film festival on September 8.

Video Interview: Iran's 'Rosewater' Journalist Maziar Bahari Is 'Not Expecting A Revolution'

Iranian-born journalist Maziar Bahari, whose detention and torture by Iranian authorities are given cinematic treatment in “Rosewater,” a new film by U.S. political satirist and “The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart, tells RFE/RL that he wants officials in Tehran to watch the film and rethink their actions. More

An undated photo of Hossein Derakhshan in Tehran

Iran 'Blogfather' Thanks 'His Holiness Ayatollah Khamenei' Following Prison Release

Hossein Derakhshan, dubbed Iran's "blogfather" for his role popularizing the medium, wrote on Google+ about his release and said that he had been pardoned by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. More

Activists Slam Rohani For Claiming No Journalists Jailed

A group of Iranian journalists has openly criticized President Hassan Rohani for claiming that reporters are not being jailed in the Islamic republic. More


The killers of Serbian journalist Slavko Curuvija, who was slain in 1999, have never been brought to justice.

Journalist Group Says Reporters' Killers Almost Never Face Justice

Murdering journalists is one way to keep the public in the dark about criminal activities. It is also virtually risk-free, since worldwide 90 percent of the killers never face justice. More

In Memoriam

Afghanistan -- Radio Free Afghanistan Pashto editor Ahmad Zubair Zhman.

RFE/RL Mourns Afghan Colleague Zubair Zhman

RFE/RL remembers the talent, dedication, and compassion of its Afghan colleague Zubair Zhman. More


Khadija Ismayilova, in the studio at RFE/RL's bureau in Baku.

Azerbaijan Bars Journalist from Testifying on Corruption

U.S. Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD) urged Azerbaijan to respect the work of independent journalists in remarks made on Capitol Hill yesterday, after journalist Khadija Ismayilova was barred from traveling to Washington to testify at a CSCE hearing on combating corruption. More

Fault Lines

"Fault Lines" combines first-hand and first-person reports to uncover the challenges and constraints that journalists in RFE/RL's reporting region face every day--and how and why they persevere.

Azerbaijan -- Journalist Khadija Ismayilova summoned to the Prosecutor General's office, February 19, 2014.

‘Every Civil Society Leader In Azerbaijan Is In Trouble’

Currently under a travel ban, investigative journalist Khadija Ismayilova speaks about Azerbaijan’s attack on civil society, and the lack of a credible international response. More


Tajik NGOs Fear Limits On Foreign Grants Could Force Closures

Nongovernmental organizations in Tajikistan are concerned over new legislation that restricts their access to foreign grants. More

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