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Moldovans welcome the U.S. troops at the Sculeni border crossing. A pro-Russian opposition party had called for demonstrators to block the route, but fewer than a dozen turned up.

U.S. Troops In Moldova For Joint Exercises

U.S. and Moldovan military forces have begun joint military exercises that are scheduled to last for more than two weeks. More

U.S. Troops Arriving In Moldova For Training Exercises

Moldova’s government says about 200 U.S. soldiers will arrive in Moldova on May 2 for military exercises scheduled to last for more than two weeks. More

Turkish police use a tear-inducing agent against demonstrators during a protest over the arrest of two reporters in Ankara late last year. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was singled out in the Freedom House report for his crackdown on journalists.

World Press Freedom At Lowest In More Than A Decade, Watchdog Says

A U.S.-based rights watchdog says press freedom in the world declined in 2015 to its lowest level in 12 years, under increased pressure from a combination of political, criminal, and terrorist elements. More

The government building in Chisinau was encircled by a heavy police presence that the Interior Ministry said would be sufficient to ensure public order during the protest, which was organized by the pro-European Dignity and Truth party.

Thousands Stage Antigovernment Protest In Moldova

Thousands of protesters have demonstrated on the streets of Moldova's capital, demanding that the government resign and calling for early elections. More

Ion Sturza, Moldova's prime minister briefly during 1999, had offshore business dealings with other executives.

Moldovan Ex-PM: Offshore Deals Legal

Former Moldovan Prime Minister Ion Sturza has denied any wrongdoing connected with his shares in two offshore companies in the British Virgin Islands. More

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Video Kaplan: Moldova Must Tidy Up At Home Before Looking West

Robert Kaplan, a best-selling author and journalist who first traveled in communist Romania in the 1970s, revisits the region in his new book, In Europe's Shadow. RFE/RL spoke to him about his latest work.

Video Moldovan Protester Forges Ahead Although Success Could Mean End Of Protests

Controversial Moldovan activist Oleg Brega has become a local celebrity by making guerrilla videos exposing the lavish wealth of political and religious leaders in Europe's poorest country. The ability to protest, he says, "is all we have."

Too Good To Be True: Eastern Europe's Deceptively Stable Little Currency

A breakaway splinter of land laden with post-Soviet disaffection and aging heavy industry wedged among dysfunctional economies hardly sounds like a winning formula for exchange-rate tranquility.

Moldovan Protest Leaders Share Common Goal, Different Beliefs

With pro-Russia and pro-EU parties uniting to take down the government, some see only one winner -- Moscow.

Explainer: What Can Moldova's Crisis Teach The EU?

Moldova was once a star pupil in a program to bring neighboring countries closer to the European Union. Now a political crisis could put Moldova back in Moscow's orbit.
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