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Prague Hosting Eastern Partnership Gathering

The Czech capital, Prague, is hosting a two-day gathering of the European Union's Eastern Partnership program to boost ties, despite the crisis in program member Ukraine. More

Moldovan Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs and European Integration Natalia Gherman

Interview: Moldova Awaits Russian Response On Transdniester

Moldova's government says it is still waiting for a "very clear" Russian reaction to a recent appeal by lawmakers in the breakaway region of Transdniester for recognition. More

U.S. Senator John McCain described the West's response to Russian actions in Ukraine as "almost laughable."

McCain Urges Moldova's Euro Integration

U.S. Senator John McCain has reiterated his support for the continued integration of Moldova and Ukraine into European structures during a visit on April 17 to the Moldovan capital, Chisinau. More

Transdniester Urges Moscow Recognition

Lawmakers in Moldova's breakaway region of Transdniester have urged Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russia's parliament, and the UN and the OSCE to recognize the region's independence. More

Moldovan Deputy Prime Minister Eugen Carpov in his office in Chisinau.

Moldova Warns Against Transdniester ‘Tensions’

Moldova’s Deputy Prime Minister Eugen Carpov has denounced a "propaganda" campaign aimed at creating "tensions" in the breakaway region of Transdniester. More

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Tiny Moldova Faces Its East-West Moment Of Truth

Moldova's European-integration policies are beginning to show results. But the closer the tiny country gets to the European Union, the harder pro-Russian forces try to pull it back into Moscow's orbit.

Moldovan Foreign Minister Says Ukraine Crisis Has Led To Reevaluation Of CIS

In a wide-ranging interview, Moldovan Foreign Minister Natalia Gherman discusses the Ukraine crisis, Moldova's EU integration, and the role of Russian-language media.

Amid Russia-Ukraine Crisis, Moldova's Fault Lines Quaver

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin says Moldova's breakaway Transdniester region is under "economic blockade" and has summoned a Russian government meeting to discuss how to provide aid to the region's 200,000 Russian-speakers.

Analysis: Pressure Mounts On Moldova As It Nears Long-Sought EU Accords

Moldova expects to sign key association and trade agreements with the European Union later this year. But as the achievements draw closer, Russia has been stepping up pressure on the fragile pro-Western government in a bid to block European integration.

Gagauzia Votes On Europe

Voters in the Moldovan region of Gagauzia have gone to the polls to express what many predict will be strong support for joining a Russia-led customs union instead of continuing relatively rapid progress in EU integration.

For Ukraine's Neighbors, Euromaidan Is A Revolution For All

In the weeks since Ukraine launched massive pro-democracy protests in central Kyiv, hundreds of people have come from Belarus, Moldova, Russia, and other neighboring states to join in the demonstrations. Some have arrived to show their support for Ukraine; others, to get a taste of revolution that's eluded them in their own countries.

Moldova's Government Walks Fine Line As Neighboring Ukraine Struggles

Moldova's pro-European government has not made a statement since protests erupted in neighboring Ukraine over Kyiv's decision to put its EU-integration agenda on hold. Chisinau wants Ukraine to move toward the EU in step with Moldova, but also depends on Kyiv for support over it protracted conflict with breakaway Transdniester.

From Yurts To Kimchi, Protecting The World's 'Intangible' Cultures

On December 2-7, members of the United Nations' cultural agency UNESCO are meeting in the Azerbaijani capital Baku to consider which traditions, rituals, and crafts to add this year to its list of endangered Intangible Cultural Heritage. This year's applicants include everything from Mongolian yurt-making to Turkish coffee to polo played in Azerbaijan.

Moldova, Georgia Brace For Russian Retaliation After EU Pact

Georgia and Moldova have taken a symbolic step toward the European Union by initialing association agreements with the 28-nation bloc at a summit in Lithuania. But both countries, while hailing the move as historical, expect retaliation from Russia.

Explainer: What Exactly Is An EU Association Agreement?

Ukraine may or may not sign one. Georgia and Moldova are due to initial theirs. But what exactly are these Association Agreements with the European Union that are causing such a ruckus in the run-up to the EU's Eastern Partnership summit in Vilnius?
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