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Russia Summons Moldovan Envoy Over Treatment Of Journalists

​Russia has summoned the Moldovan envoy in Moscow after criticizing Chisinau's treatment of Russian journalists in Moldova. More

Moldovan police clash with demonstrators during a protest against the government outside the parliament building in Chisinau on October 4.

Chisinau Mayor Urges Peace In Protests

The mayor of the Moldovan capital, Chisinau, has urged antigovernment protesters to refrain from violence a day after they clashed with police during their four-week-long demonstration. More

Protesters gathered in the capital's main square on October 4 for the fourth consecutive Sunday.

Antigovernment Protest Held In Moldova

At least 10,000 people have protested against Moldova's government in the capital, Chisinau. More

WATCH: Moldovan Capital Sees More Mass Protests

Video Moldova Hold Mass Antigovernment Demo

Reports say at least 15,000 people are protesting against Moldova's government in the capital, Chisinau. More

Dorin Dragutanu, the outgoing governor of the Moldovan National Bank. (file photo)

Moldovan National Bank Chief Resigns

​The governor of the Moldovan National Bank, Dorin Dragutanu, has announced his resignation after being criticized for failing to prevent the massive siphoning of money from local banks last year. More

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Video U.S. Envoy Tells Russia's Neighbors: Having Putin As Your Only Friend Not A Good Idea

U.S. Ambassador to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Daniel Baer says former Soviet republics should enhance their relations with the European Union and the United States and avoid dependence on Russia.

Video Meet The Activists Who Have Tapped Into Moldova's Frustration

The Dignity and Truth civic movement has mobilized tens of thousands of Moldovans to demand serious action against the corruption that is crippling their country. The movement is a joint project of 14 politically independent civic activists who collectively represent it.

Audio Slide Show Moldovans 'Have Had Enough'

Dozens of tents have been set up in the center of the Moldovan capital following a street protest that drew tens of thousands as public frustration over rampant corruption has reached the boiling point. But the question of what comes next remains unanswered.

The Crimes Of Russian Soldiers Abroad

As the trial of a Russian private accused of slaughtering an entire Armenian family in January gets under way in Gyumri on August 12, RFE/RL takes a look at some of the worst crimes Russian soldiers have been accused of committing abroad, off the battlefield.

With Russia Boxed In, Frozen Transdniester Conflict Could Heat Up

Ukraine's decision to halt military cooperation with Russia may unintentionally rouse the long-sleeping conflict in breakaway Transdniester.

News Analysis: EU Eastern Partnership Summit Exposes Fault Line Between Members

The EU Eastern Partnership summit in Riga has revealed a new split in Europe that divides the European Union's six "eastern partners" themselves.

For Victory Day, Post-Soviets Show Their Colors -- Just Not Orange And Black

Red, purple, pink, blue-and-gold. Many people in post-Soviet countries are choosing any color, it seems, for their Victory Day symbols -- just not the orange-and-black of Russia's St. George ribbon.

Moldova's Mysterious Magnate

Who exactly is Ilan Shor, the 28-year-old millionaire who may be behind Moldova's "heist of the century"?

Secret Audit Report Links Missing $1 Billion To Moldovan Businessman

Moldova's parliament speaker has released a confidential consultant report into the disappearance of nearly $1 billion from three Moldovan banks in November 2014. The report traces an elaborate plan to stealthily take control of the three banks by purchasing dozens of small, seemingly unconnected stakes -- culminating in an orgy of lending over three days.

Moldova's Missing Millions: Massive Bank Scandal Roils Chisinau

One-fifth of Moldova's GDP vanished in a matter of days late last year in one of the biggest banking scandals per capita in history. The central bank is now on the hook for around $1 billion, threatening to drag down both the economy and pro-Western attitudes.
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