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Legendary Soviet Actor Donatas Banionis Dies At 90

Iconic Soviet-era actor Donatas Banionis has died in Vilnius at the age of 90. More

U.S. President Barack Obama (left) and Estonian Prime Minister Taavi Roivas speak to U.S. and Estonian troops at Tallinn Airport on September 3.

Obama: NATO Should Boost Ukraine Army

U.S. President Barack Obama has urged NATO to make "concrete commitments" to help Ukraine modernize and strengthen its security forces in the face of Russian "aggression." More

Mogherini Praises Moldova's 'West' Path

Italian Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini, who will be the next EU foreign affairs chief, has praised Moldova for choosing "the path of going toward the West." More

Prime Minister Iurie Leanca called the inauguration “an historic event” and an important step for his country’s energy independence.

Moldova: Romanian Gas Is 'Independence'

Moldovan Prime Minister Iurie Leanca has marked the anniversary of his country’s 1991 declaration of independence from the Soviet Union by inaugurating a new natural-gas pipeline link with Romania. More

Moldova Inaugurates Gas Pipeline From Romania

Moldova is celebrating the completion of a natural-gas pipeline from Romania that will reduce its reliance on Russia for energy supplies. More

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Moldovan Newspaper Threatened Over Orthodox Metropolitan's Vacation Pics

After a Chisinau newspaper published beach vacation photos of the head of the country's Orthodox Church, it received a threatening phone call from a man claiming to be the husband of a bikini-clad woman who posted the images on social media.

Photogallery After An Era Of New Horizons, EU Turns Its Gaze Inward

The incoming European Commission has indicated that further enlargement will no longer be a priority for the 28-member bloc. What does that mean for EU hopefuls to the east and south?

Photogallery World War I Anniversary: Five Historians, Two Questions

One hundred years after the beginning of World War I, historians are still wondering how it started. Meanwhile many of the rest of us wonder if the global situation today is as perilous as it was on the eve of that cataclysm.

Moscow To Kyiv, Tbilisi, And Chisinau: EU Deals Will Cost You

Russia vowed there would be "grave consequences" after Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova signed partnership agreements with the European Union on June 27. We look at the measures Moscow has already imposed just over a week later.

Russian Gas: How Much Is That?

A study of data on Russian gas sales shows wide variance in prices between countries.

Explainer: What EU Accords Mean For Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova

The European Union will sign key political and trade agreements with Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova on June 27. What do the accords mean for these countries and how might Russia react?

Moldova Woos Transdniester With Visa-Free Travel To Europe

One month ago, the European Union began allowing Moldovan citizens to enter Europe's Schengen zone without visas. That opportunity, it seems, has not gone unnoticed in the country's breakaway Transdniester region.

Tiny Moldova Faces Its East-West Moment Of Truth

Moldova's European-integration policies are beginning to show results. But the closer the tiny country gets to the European Union, the harder pro-Russian forces try to pull it back into Moscow's orbit.

Moldovan Foreign Minister Says Ukraine Crisis Has Led To Reevaluation Of CIS

In a wide-ranging interview, Moldovan Foreign Minister Natalia Gherman discusses the Ukraine crisis, Moldova's EU integration, and the role of Russian-language media.
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