Tuesday, September 01, 2015

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Russia's Beslan Marks 11th Anniversary Of School-Hostage Tragedy

The town of Beslan in Russia’s North Ossetia has begun three days of mourning to mark the 11th anniversary of a school hostage-taking that left 334 people dead, including 186 children. More

Daghestani Capital’s Ex-Mayor Jailed For Life

A former mayor of Daghestan’s capital, Makhachkala, has been sentenced to life in prison. More

Russia Puts Chechen Rights Group On 'Foreign-Agent' List

Russian officials have added the Human Rights Defense Center based in Chechnya to the country's list of "foreign agents." More

Deputy Imam Slain In North Caucasus

A deputy imam of a village in Russia's Stavropol Krai region in the North Caucasus has been slain. More

Boston Bomber Seeks New Trial

The Boston Marathon bomber is seeking a new trial, telling a federal court that "unrelenting" bad publicity made it impossible for him to get a fair trial in Boston. More

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Ingushetian Chief Fires Adviser Over Quarrel Between Rival Clerics

For the second time in three months, Republic of Ingushetia head Yunus-Bek Yevkurov has intervened to defuse tensions between supporters of the republic's mufti, Issa-hadzhi Khamkhoyev, and of popular preacher Khamzat Chumakov. More

North Caucasus Men In Syria Face Different Fates On Return

Russian media published two very different reports this week about Russian citizens who returned home allegedly after fighting alongside the Islamic State (IS) group in Syria -- one was jailed for 14 years, the other walked away free. More
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'The Worst Is Not Knowing': In Chechnya, An Endless, Agonizing Wait For The Missing

Hundreds of families in Chechnya have yet to bury relatives who disappeared in the two wars that devastated the region in Russia’s North Caucasus more than a decade ago. Ahead of the International Day of the Disappeared, marked on August 30, RFE/RL spoke to one couple still waiting for their son to be returned to them -- dead or alive.

Video Nemtsov Probe Stymied By 'Stonewall'

The investigation into the killing of Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov has become a skirmish in a broader battle for power and influence between federal law-enforcement authorities and Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov.

'IS Babies' -- The Chilling New Trend Among Islamic State Militants

The sharing of baby and toddler photos has become a disturbing new phenomenon among Islamic State recruits who've come from the Russian Federation and Central Asia.
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