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A portrait of Russian pilot Oleg Peshkov lies among flowers outside the Russian Defense Ministry building in Moscow last week.

Turkey To Send Pilot's Body To Russia

Ankara plans to turn over to Moscow the body of the pilot killed when Turkey shot down a Russian jet last week. More

Pro-Islamist demonstrators, holding a Syrian opposition flag and a defaced poster of Russian President Vladimir Putin, shout slogans during an anti-Russian protest in Istanbul, Turkey, on November 27.

Putin Orders Sanctions Against Turkey

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered economic sanctions against Turkey over the shooting down of a Russian military jet near the Syrian border on November 24. More

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also rejected allegations from Putin that Turkey was helping to fund Islamic State (IS) militants by buying oil from the extremist group.

Erdogan: Putin's Remarks 'Unacceptable'

Turkey's president has said Russian President Vladimir Putin's comments after he met in Moscow with French President Francois Hollande were "unacceptable." More

Kyiv: Russia Cuts Coal Deliveries

Ukraine's energy minister has told the parliament in Kyiv that Russia has begun to restrict coal supplies to Ukraine, days after the Kremlin threatened to punish Kyiv for a power blackout of Russian-annexed Crimea. More

Nord Stream Extension 'Not In EU Interests'

Ten European governments -- the easternmost members of the European Union -- have complained in a letter that Russia's plans to extend its natural-gas link to Germany run counter to EU interests and risk further destabilizing Ukraine. More

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Who Is Rocking The Boat In Karachayevo-Cherkessia And Why?

In some respects, the Karachayevo-Cherkessia Republic can claim to be the poster child for Russia's North Caucasus republics. But the stability it has enjoyed is now under threat. More

Audio Podcast: Out Of Isolation?

To what extent did the attacks in Paris last week change the dynamic between Russia and the West? More
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Pro-Russian Parties Seek To Derail Montenegro's NATO Bid

Montenegro's Western-leaning government hopes NATO will offer it membership in December. But pro-Russian parties are seeking to sabotage the prospect with street protests.

Dissidents No More: Three Russians Who Have Given Up Activism

Since President Vladimir Putin came to power, hundreds of activists have been forced from politics or pushed to the margins as the Kremlin has tightened its grip on Russia. RFE/RL spoke to three former activists who have chosen to fold up their banners.

Russia Turns Antisocial Toward Turkey

Vladimir Putin said there would be "serious consequences" after Turkish fighter jets shot down a Russian warplane on November 24.

Mirror Images: Are Putin And Erdogan Too Much Alike To Compromise?

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan often look like mirror images of strong, authoritarian nationalists. That could make it difficult for them to compromise over Turkey's downing of a Russian jet.

Video Crimeans Putting On Brave Faces, But Frustration Mounting Over Blackout

Crimea has been dealing with massive power shortages since unidentified saboteurs knocked down electricity pylons on the Ukrainian mainland last weekend. Residents of the region taken over by Russia last year are putting on brave faces, but frustration is mounting.
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Video Russians React To Downing Of Jet

Some Moscow residents voiced anger the day after Turkey shot down a Russian military jet, while others urged calm and caution. (RFE/RL's Current Time TV)

Video Yevgenia Debryanskaya: The Life Of A Former Activist

Since President Vladimir Putin came to power, hundreds of activists have been forced from politics or pushed to the margins as the Kremlin has tightened its grip on Russia. One of them is former activist Yevgenia Debryankaya. Yevgenia Debryanskaya was a determined gay rights activist.

Video Turkoman Commander Claims His Men Killed Russian Pilots

The deputy commander of a Turkoman rebel force in northern Syria has claimed that his men shot dead two Russian airmen as they bailed out of the SU-24 military jet shot down near the border with Turkey. The fighter, Alpaslan Celik, said the plane had been bombing the area. (Reuters)

Video Putin: Downing Of Russian Jet 'A Stab In The Back'

Russian President Vladimir Putin has denounced the downing of a Russian SU-24 military jet as a "stab in the back by terrorists' accomplices." Turkey has said it shot down the jet for violating its airspace. Putin was speaking during a visit to Jordan. (AP)

Video Video Purports To Show Dead Russian Pilot

A video obtained by Reuters from a Syrian rebel group calling itself the 10th Brigade purports to show one of the pilots from the Russian plane shot down near the Syrian-Turkish border. The man's uniform matches those seen on images of Russian airmen operating in Syria. (Reuters)

Video Russian Jet Shot Down Near Syria-Turkey Border

A Russian fighter jet was shot down near the border between Syria and Turkey. Video shows the jet plunging to the ground in flames, and two parachutes of crew members who bailed out. NATO-member Turkey says it shot down the plane for violating its airspace, Russia says it was in Syria.

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