Thursday, June 30, 2016

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U.S. Vice President Joe Biden slammed recent anti-Muslim and pro-Russia stands taken by GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Biden Slams Trump's Anti-Muslim Stands, Embrace Of Putin

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden warned that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's anti-Muslim policies could backfire and hurt the United States. More

UN Condemns Orlando Massacre, Despite Resistance From Russia, Muslim Nations

The UN Security Council overcame resistance from Russia, African, and Muslim states on June 13 and condemned the mass shooting at a Florida gay nightclub. More

The government in Tashkent uses one of the world’s largest state-sponsored systems of forced labor to harvest Uzbek cotton.

Forced Cotton-Picking Earns Uzbekistan Shameful Spot In ‘Slavery Index’

A new report on global slavery ranks Uzbekistan and Pakistan among the five worst offenders in terms of the number of people forced into modern slavery. More

WATCH: Hazaras Hold Mass Protest In Kabul Over Electricity Project

Video Hazara Rally In Kabul Against Power Project

Tens of thousands of minority Shi’ite Hazara have marched in the Afghan capital to protest the path of a multimillion-dollar power-line project. More

Turkmenistan Starts Indoor Games Countdown With 500-Day Horse Race

Turkmenistan has begun a long countdown to the fifth Asian Indoor and Martian Arts Games to be hosted by Ashgabat with the launching of a 500-day nationwide horse race. More

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Neutral Turkmenistan Chooses A Side In Afghan Conflict

Turkmenistan's official policy of "positive neutrality" appears to have been slightly punctured, and the source of this perforation is Afghanistan. More

Video 'We Were Only On Gruel': Interview Sheds Light On Conditions Endured By Missing RFE/RL Turkmen Journalist

Alternative Turkmenistan News has interviewed a man who claimed he shared a jail cell with Saparmamed Nepeskuliev, a contributor to RFE/RL's Turkmen Service and other independent outlets, who has been held at an undisclosed location for almost a year on charges that are widely believed to have been fabricated. More
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