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Russia Mulls Fast-Track Citizenship, Sparking Brain-Drain Concerns Elsewhere

Russia is mulling amending its citizenship law to give fast-track citizenship to Russian speakers from abroad. But as RFE/RL reports, the legislation appears mostly intended to lure in highly qualified professionals and businesspeople. More

On the Internet in Kabul.

RSF Names 'Enemies Of Internet'

The Reporters Without Borders report was issued on March 12 to coincide with World Day Against Cyber-Censorship and seeks to draw attention to "government units and agencies that implement online censorship and surveillance." More

Taliban Kills 3 Turkmen Border Guards

Taliban militants in Afghanistan have reportedly killed at least three Turkmen border guards in the northwestern province of Baghdis. More

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A Return To The Hermit Kingdom Of Turkmenistan

It's been difficult to know exactly what is happening inside Turkmenistan for some two decades now. More

Sanctions On Russia Open Southern Corridor

Amid crisis in Ukraine, there is already talk in Europe and further afield that as the door to Russian resources closes a bit, the Southern Corridor should finally be opened and realize its potential. More
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Video Real State Of Turkmen Medical Care A Far Cry From Official Images

Since coming to power in 2006, Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov has invested tens of millions of dollars to modernize his country's health-care sector, building gleaming new medical facilities filled with state of-the-art technology. For many ordinary Turkmen, however, the reality is far less shiny.

Afghans Criticize Government’s Handling Of International Norouz Event

The Afghan government has angered many Afghans by ditching a plan to hold an international Norouz festival in a multimillion-dollar castle specifically built for the event.

Interview: 'The Tenge Follows The Ruble'

The devaluation of Kazakhstan's tenge comes close on the heels of the devaluation of another major regional currency, the ruble. Is there a connection? RFE/RL correspondent Charles Recknagel speaks with Alex Nice, a Central Asia expert at the London-based Economist Intelligence Unit.

Tracking Central Asians' Trails To Jihad In Syria

Syria has become a magnet for foreign jihadists seeking to wage holy war. RFE/RL correspondents Ron Synovitz and Elenora Beishenbek take a closer look at how an increasing number of Central Asians are being radicalized and recruited to fight there.

Video Turkmenistan's State Of Perpetual Mobilization

There are not many states in the world where the population is constantly mobilized for mass celebrations. But Turkmenistan is one.

Hunger, Longing, Celebration: New Book Explores Soviet Relationship With Food

Do different countries have different relationships with food? Definitely, says Moscow-born writer Anya von Bremzen, who says hunger, ration cards, and Brezhnev-era mayonnaise all helped shape the Soviet palate.

Photogallery Children Back At Work In Turkmenistan's Cotton Fields

For a few years it looked like Turkmenistan was sticking by its laws forbidding the use of children in the cotton harvest. But this year they're back.
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