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Saakashvili, Nuland Discuss Ukraine Crisis

A U.S. State Department official says former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili met with Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland in Washington this week to discuss the Ukraine crisis. More

Gazprom 'Ready' To Divide Ukraine Gas Bills; EU Plans Talks

Russian gas giant Gazprom says it is willing to discuss alterations to the current gas agreement with Kyiv but also warns time is running out for Ukraine to order further shipments. More

OSCE Decries Kyiv' Treatment Of Russian Journos

The OSCE representative on freedom of the media says recent measures limiting Russian journalists from fulfilling their professional activities in Ukraine are “excessive.” More

NATO Chief Tells Russia To Get Arms Out Of Ukraine

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg says Russia should withdraw some 1,000 items of military equipment that it has in eastern Ukraine. More

EU, U.S. Call On Russia To Release Ukrainian Pilot Savchenko

The European Union and the United States have issued fresh calls on Russia to release hunger-striking Ukrainian pilot Nadia Savchenko. More

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Video The Daily Vertical: Baltic Jitters

The Daily Vertical is a video primer for Russia-watchers that will appear Monday through Friday. Viewers can submit suggested topics to address on Twitter @PowerVertical or on the Power Vertical Facebook page. More
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'Better The Brits Than NATO:' Security Analyst Plays Down U.K. Troops In Ukraine

UK Prime Minister David Cameron announced on February 24 that Britain would send military personnel to Ukraine soon to help train its army. RFE/RL's Rikard Jozwiak spoke to Judy Dempsey, senior associate at Carnegie Europe and editor-in-chief of the blog Strategic Europe about the significance of the move.

As Minsk II Flounders, Europe Scrambles For A Backup Plan

As hopes for implementation of the Minsk II agreement on stabilizing eastern Ukraine fade, the European Union is wrestling with the question, "What next?"

In Ukraine's West, Patriotism Is One Thing. Fighting's Quite Another

Ukraine's western regions were a driving force behind last year's Maidan protests. Since the start of the war, however, they've been criticized for a growing reluctance to send their men to the front. Many fighting-age men say that loyalty to their country does not translate to loyalty to their government.

Fake Photos? Ukrainian Deputy Rejects U.S. Senator's Claims Of Misinformation

A U.S. senator has accused a Ukrainian parliamentary delegation of providing his staff with misleading photos of Russian tanks allegedly entering Ukraine. But the deputy said to have provided the photos denies the account.

Video 'Ashamed' Russian Students Ask Ukraine To 'Forgive Us'

A group of Russian students has rejected the Kremlin’s narrative of the Ukraine conflict, releasing a video in which they ask Ukrainians for forgiveness.

Letters From Donbas, Part 3: 'Dirt, Tears, and Blood'

Thousands have fled eastern Ukraine since the conflict erupted in April. Some have since returned. Other people chose to stay and tough it out. From teachers to pensioners to families with children, residents of rebel-held towns are struggling to get on with their lives amid the chaos and uncertainty.

Photogallery Second Chance For Pets Abandoned In Ukrainian War Zones

In the eastern Donbas region, volunteers delivering food and supplies to Ukrainian soldiers aren't leaving empty-handed. They're carrying out animals abandoned by their owners and left to fend for themselves in the war zone.

Volunteer Now! Russia Makes It Easy To Fight In Ukraine

Officially, Russia has no soldiers in Ukraine. But it does have volunteers -- hundreds of men and women eager to take up arms in defense of "Novorossia." And the Kremlin's got no problem with that.

Video Pro-Kremlin Youths Answer Ukraine Students

Ukrainian university students last week appealed on YouTube for Russian students to question Kremlin propaganda. Now they've received a response -- a video lecture about their country from a youth group in Russia.

Explainer: As Ukraine Conflict Intensifies, So Does Debate On Providing Lethal Military Aid

The perception in the West that the five-month-old Minsk cease-fire agreement has failed to contain the Ukraine crisis and that Moscow has increased its military aid to separatists in eastern Ukraine has intensified the debate in Washington about providing lethal military aid to Kyiv.
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