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UN Rapporteur Urges Ukraine To Strengthen Minority Protections

The United Nations’ special rapporteur on minority issues is calling on Ukraine’s new authorities to take action to strengthen minority protections and work toward a peace resolution of the country’s crisis. More

Germany Rejects Petition To Remove Tanks From Soviet War Monument

The German government has rejected a petition to remove two tanks from a Soviet World War II memorial in central Berlin in protest at Russia's actions in Ukraine. More

Transdniester Urges Moscow To Recognize It

Lawmakers in Moldova's breakaway region of Transdniester have urged Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russia's parliament, and the UN and the OSCE to recognize the region's independence. More

Moldovan Deputy Prime Minister Eugen Carpov in his office in Chisinau.

Moldova Warns Against Transdniester ‘Tensions’

Moldova’s Deputy Prime Minister Eugen Carpov has denounced a "propaganda" campaign aimed at creating "tensions" in the breakaway region of Transdniester. More

NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen described the new deployments as being about "defense, deterrence, and de-escalation," and said they were "entirely in line" with NATO's international commitments governing the activities of military forces.

NATO Strengthens Presence On Eastern Border

NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen says the alliance is strengthening its military presence on its eastern borders in response to the crisis in Ukraine. More

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Iranian Students Crash Nuclear Party

A hard-line Iranian politician visited a Tehran university this week to celebrate the wonders of nuclear power. But pro-opposition students crashed the party. More

Czech Hotel Owner Stages One-Man Protest Against Russia

A hotel owner in the Czech city of Ostrava is refusing to take guests with Russian citizenship. It might prove costly. And it might even be illegal. But Tomas Krcmar is undaunted. More
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Nervous Kyiv Authorities Post Civil Defense Notices -- And Then Take Them Down

Alarming notices appeared across Kyiv this week advising residents on what to do in case war breaks out – including responding to sirens and using bomb shelters. But almost as soon as they’d appeared, the bulletins were taken down.

Horlivka Dispatch: Uneasy Calm Following Takeover

Horlivka, a sleepy industrial town in eastern Ukraine, is one of the latest cities to be gripped by separatist unrest in the country's Russian-leaning east.

German Tabloid Campaigns For Removal Of Russian Tank Memorial

Germany's largest-circulation tabloid wants two Soviet tanks removed from a Berlin war memorial in protest of what it calls Russia's "hegemonic military policies" in Ukraine.

In Eastern Ukraine, The Hunt For A Smoking Gun -- And A Real Russian Holding It

As separatist takeovers heat up in eastern Ukraine, Kyiv is struggling to prove it's Moscow stirring the pot.

Fear, Anger In Kyiv Over Inaction In Eastern Ukraine

It's no secret many on the Maidan are underwhelmed by Kyiv's new authorities -- and dismayed by the slow response to the crisis in eastern Ukraine. And this week, they took to the streets to vent their anger.

U.S. Takes Off The Gloves In Rhetorical Rumble With Russia

Its "reset" policy with Moscow effectively buried, the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama has ramped up the rhetoric as it battles with the Kremlin for control of the narrative in the Ukraine crisis.

Video Ukraine's Flashpoint Cities

Tensions are running high in eastern Ukraine as a deadline set by Kyiv for pro-Russian gunmen to vacate government buildings passed early on April 14. Here's a look at the situation on the ground in flashpoint cities.

Russian TV Weatherman Blends Weather With Politics

A prominent weatherman for a major Russian television channel has added some spice to his forecasts with allusions to the crisis in Ukraine.

Interview: Ex-President Kuchma Says Only West Can Resolve Ukraine Crisis

Former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma believes that Western mediation is the only way out of Ukraine's current crisis. In an exclusive interview, Kuchma discusses Crimea's annexation, the chaos in eastern Ukraine, and discord between Kyiv and Moscow.

Down And Out On The Maidan

Ever wonder why hundreds of people are still camped on Kyiv's Maidan? Here’s the tale of one of them. Maks Bydnyk of Maidan’s self-defense brigades can’t go home for fear of his life.
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