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Aivaras Abromavicius

Ukraine's Ex-Economy Minister Sharing Evidence With Anticorruption Investigators

Former Ukrainian Economy Minister Aivaras Abromavicius says he is providing anticorruption investigators evidence of influence peddling involving key government officials and state companies. More

Former Ukrainian pilot Nadia Savchenko is questioned in a court in the Russian city of Donetsk on February 3.

Lawyer Says Deal Struck For Savchenko's Return To Ukraine

The lead defense lawyer for Ukrainian pilot and Verkhovna Rada deputy Nadia Savchenko says Russia and Ukraine have agreed to the conditions of her return to Ukraine. More

EU Warns Kyiv That Russia Sanctions Could Hinge On Reforms

Denmark's foreign minister has said that if Ukraine does not implement modernization reforms it risks undermining European Union support for maintaining sanctions against Russia. More

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk (file photo)

Ukrainian Prime Minister Threatens To Quit

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has threatened to quit along with his entire cabinet, the latest move in a growing political crisis in the former Soviet state. More

IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde says she is concerned about corruption alleged by a Ukrainian economy minister who resigned.

IMF Chief 'Concerned' About Corruption Charges In Ukraine

International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde said she is concerned about the sudden resignation this week of Ukraine's reformist economy minister, citing government corruption. More

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Chechens Who Fought In Ukraine Demand That Putin Restrain Kadyrov

Chechen volunteers who fought in Ukraine on the side of that country's government have warned Russian President Vladimir Putin that he risks ending up at the International Criminal Court in The Hague and laid out five steps he needs to take to avoid that fate. More

Audio The Briefing: The Ukraine Deadlock

Petro Porishenko heads to Berlin as the Western powers push for a settlement to the conflict in Donbas. More
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Thirty Years After Chernobyl, Ukraine Doubles Down On Nuclear Power

Ukraine is pushing ahead with plans to modernize its aging, Soviet-designed nuclear power plants as part of a grander vision to merge with EU energy markets and further cut ties with Russia.

Video Ukraine's Decommunization Gets Boost As 175 Towns, Villages Renamed

The so-called decommunization of Ukraine edged forward on February 4 as parliament approved the scrapping of 175 names of towns, villages, and districts across the country and replaced them with non-Soviet alternatives.

Video MEPs Condemn Russia's 'Unprecedented' Abuses Against Crimean Tatars

The European Parliament has passed a resolution slamming the "unprecedented levels of human rights abuses" being perpetrated against Crimean Tatars by Russian authorities in the Moscow-annexed Ukrainian region. Since the beginning of the year, Crimean Tatars have endured a wave of searches, interrogations, confiscations, and other harassment.

Kyiv Criticizes French TV Documentary On Maidan Protests

The Ukrainian Embassy in Paris has expressed disappointment at a French television channel's decision to collaborate on, and air, a documentary that Kyiv argues grossly distorts events of the country’s 2013-14 upheaval that ousted President Viktor Yanukovych.

Separatist Leader Admits To Razing Ukrainian Village, Hails 'Good' Soviet Ideology

A separatist leader in eastern Ukraine has admitted to burning down a village at the height of fighting more than a year ago, while praising a proposal for restoring the place.

Seeking Asylum In Ukraine, Russian Dissidents Get Cold Shoulder

More than 200 Russian dissidents have fled to Ukraine over the past two years, but only a handful have been granted political asylum. Some fear they could be sent back and are warning that Ukraine is not a safe place for embattled Russian opposition activists.

Tatar Leader Vows Crimea Blockade Will Continue

Crimean Tartars have led a months-long blockade of Crimea to push for its return to Ukrainian rule. Despite growing hardships, one leading activist is adamant the action must continue.

Former Commander Of Pro-Russian Separatists Says He Executed People Based On Stalin-Era Laws

For most of his 42-minute appearance on a radio talk show, former Russia-backed separatist commander Igor Girkin sounded like nothing more than a fanatic discussing a dream now widely dismissed as fantasy. It wasn't until the last minute that the interview with him went from surreal to chilling.

Winter On Fire Blazes Oscar Trail With Gripping Account Of Ukraine's Maidan Moment

The Oscar-nominated documentary film Winter On Fire serves as a timely and often poignant reminder of the passion that led many Ukrainians to take a leap of faith on the streets of Kyiv two years ago.

Video Many Puzzled By Obama's Reference To Ukraine As Russian 'Client State'

Ukrainians were left scratching their heads after U.S. President Barack Obama referred to their country in a major speech as a "client state" of Russia.
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