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Kyiv Frees Two Russian Embassy Guards

Moscow says two guards at Russia's embassy in Kyiv, who were detained by Ukrainian authorities on weapons charges, have been released and returned to Russia. More

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso (file photo)

EU Ready To Impose 'Strong' Russia Sanctions

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso says the EU is ready to take "very strong and clear measures" against Russia over the Ukraine crisis. More

Ukrainian servicemen ride in an armored vehicle near Debaltseve, in the Donetsk region, on August 29.

EU To Debate Tougher Russian Sanctions

EU leaders will meet in Brussels to discuss firmer action against Russia over the Ukraine crisis. More

Dutch Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans said that "if Russia does not change its stance, then we can't do anything but sharpen ours." (file photo)

EU Foreign Ministers Want Tougher Russia Sanctions

Several European Union foreign ministers have accused Russia of invading eastern Ukraine, saying Moscow should be punished with harsh additional economic sanctions. More

Russia Demands Ukraine Release Embassy Employees Held On Weapons Charges

Russia says employees of its embassy in Ukrainian capital are being held by Kyiv authorities on weapons charges and is demanding their immediate release. More

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Chechens Now Fighting On Both Sides In Ukraine

A former Chechen rebel commander has appealed to the West to provide "comprehensive military assistance" to the Ukrainian people, whom he describes as victims of Russian imperial aggression, just as the Chechens were 20 years ago. More

Audio Podcast: What Does Putin Want?

Does Vladimir Putin have a master plan in Ukraine? Or is he winging it? And is the elite behind him? Listen to the latest Power Vertical Podcast. More
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Video For Displaced Ukrainians, A Troubled Return To School

As children across the world prepare to head back to school, those displaced by the fighting in eastern Ukraine are bracing for their first day of school -- far away from home.

There's A Word For What's Going On In Ukraine... But What Is It?

It's been called everything from an "invasion" and an "incursion" to a "cross-border crisis" and "escalated aggression." We look at the difficulty of describing what, exactly, is taking place in Ukraine -- and what's stopping officials from using the word "war."

In Russia, Ukraine Conflict Hits Home With Secret Funerals, Missing Men

Amid scenes of Russian paratroopers being paraded by the Ukrainian military, secret Russian funerals, and mothers asking where their sons are, fighting in eastern Ukraine appears now to be tangibly touching Russians.

Video Russian Soldiers Are In Ukraine

It's a claim authorities in Kyiv have made for months, but in recent days the evidence has become undeniable. Russian soldiers are now being captured -- and perhaps dying -- in Ukraine.

Donetsk POW March: When Is A Parade A War Crime?

The parading of Ukrainian prisoners of war through the streets by pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine disgusted many. But does it constitute a violation of international law?

Moscow Skyscraper Stunt Sparks Memes, Suspicion, And Confusion

Ever since a prankster adorned a skyscraper in downtown Moscow in Ukraine's national colors, blue and yellow have been popping up all over the Russian Internet -- raised suspicions over all things yellow and blue in the capital.

Interview: Economist Says Food Ban 'Certainly Against Russian Economic Interests'

Sergei Guriyev, former dean of the prestigious New Economics School in Moscow who left Russia in 2013 amid a crackdown on critics of the Kremlin, discusses Russia's ban on Western food imports and the dangers protectionist policies pose for the country's economic growth.

Five Reasons Why This Weekend Might Be The Start Of The Endgame In Ukraine

Germany's Angela Merkel heads to Kyiv on August 23. And even while doubts remain about the Kremlin's willingness to make a deal, there's reason to hope a resolution to the Ukraine conflict may finally be at hand.

Explainer: Moscow's Food War With West Could Hurt Russia Most

Moscow's ban on food imports isn't just punishing the West for sanctions, it is also punishing Russian consumers with higher prices. We look at how the bans hurt Russians most.

Video U.S. Army Vet Killed Fighting Pro-Russian Separatists In Ukraine

Mark Paslawsky, a U.S. citizen from New Jersey, has been killed while fighting alongside Ukrainian forces battling pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine.
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