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Rohani Quotes

Quotes from Hassan Rohani's time as Iran's nuclear negotiator:

"Iran offered a proposal on this issue in the month of March and the three European states promised to propose a comprehensive plan in June. Iran has told the three European states that their plan must include an article that allows for Iran to produce nuclear fuel domestically." (Sharq Online; June 2005)

"Iran is opposed to any sort of weapons of mass destruction, and in addition to that, possession of any kind of these weapons is against the religious and ethical principles that we follow." (Sharq Online, June 2005.)

"I don't predict that a war would be waged if Iran [resumes] enrichment, but if we try to solve the problem undiplomatically, we will face problems." (Iranian Students News Agency; March 2005)

"We have been able to frustrate the Americans during nuclear negotiations." (Iranian Students News Agency; March 2005)

"The Islamic Republic of Iran respects the NPT [Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty]. The Islamic republic has definitely no plans to withdraw from the NPT. The Islamic Republic of Iran respects the Safeguard Agreement and is ready to cooperate with the agency [International Atomic Energy Agency] within the framework of the Safeguard Agreement. The Islamic Republic of Iran will continue with the implementation of the Additional Protocol." (Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran Radio; June 2004)