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Iranian Blogger Asks Obama 'What If Tables WereTurned?'

Blogger "Harfehesaaby" (Logical Words) asks U.S. President Barack Obama how he would have reacted if there had been fraud in the U.S. presidential vote:

President Obama,

First allow me to congratulate you on winning the Nobel Peace prize. I hope that your future record will also make you and the Norwegian decision-makers proud.

Let me say a few words about the vote that brought you to power. I'm sure you remember the enthusiasm with which Americans voted for you and the excitement that your slogan of "change" created among voters who were upset with the policies of former President Bush. You know very well that the majority of the people in the world shared the feelings of the American people and pushed for your election even though they couldn't vote for you.

If you were to multiply all the excitement and enthusiasm that your election generated, you'd have a picture of what happened during the Iranian presidential vote. And if you multiplied Americans' dissatisfaction with Bush, you'd understand the degree of Iranians' dissatisfaction with Mahmud Ahmadinejad and his allies. The repressed people of Iran were determined to put an end to superstition, warmongering, and fecklessness by casting their ballots and trying to change it through a democratic vote. The 85 percent turnout is good evidence of the degree to which Iranians thirst for change.

But President Obama, a coup took place in Iran, the votes of the people were stolen, and a fake president was introduced to the world. The lie was so big that Iran's streets became the scene of demonstrations by millions of Iranians who wanted their stolen vote back.

But the coup leaders shot at the people following orders by Iran's supreme leader. Many were arrested, some were forced into making false confessions, a number of detainees were raped and tortured. Still, people stood firm to get back their votes and to call for justice.

Now I have one question for you, Mr. President: If the fraud and the above-mentioned events had happened in your country -- if they had announced John Mc Cain as the winner of the presidential vote, if they had have killed, jailed, and raped people -- how would you have expected the world to react?

With regards and respect,

An Iranian blogger

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