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Parliamentary Elections In Brief

Elections In Brief

* In the bicameral Chechen parliament elected in November 2005, Unified Russia held 33 mandates, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (KPRF) -- six, and the Union of Rightist Forces (SPS) -- three. There were 14 independent deputies. That parliament voted on June 27 to dissolve itself in line with amendments to the constitution and election law adopted in a referendum in December 2007.

* The new parliament will have 41 deputies, one-third fewer than the previous parliament. All will be elected under the party-list system, and for a period of five years, not four as was previously the case.

* A total of 347 candidates have been registered to participate, representing seven of the 12 political parties with regional organizations in Chechnya: Unified Russia; A Just Russia; the KPRF; the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia; Patriots of Russia; the Party of Peace and Unity; and the People's Union.

* The Greens were denied registration on the grounds that more than 2,500 of the 13,000 signatures they submitted in their support were found to be counterfeit, reported on September 5. The maximum permitted percentage of invalid signatures is 10 percent of the total submitted.