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Live Blog: Ukraine Election Run-Up

Ukrainian citizen Pavlo Hryb in a Russian court on March 22 where he was sentenced to six years in a Russian prison on terrorism charges, which he denies.

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-- U.S. President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have spoken by phone on issues including NATO funding, and Ukraine, officials from the White House and German government say.

-- In a letter on behalf of the G7, France has warned top Ukrainian cop Arsen Avakov that "extreme political movements" are trying "to usurp the role of the National Police."

-- A Russian court has sentenced 20-year-old Ukrainian citizen Pavlo Hryb to six years in prison on a charge of "promoting terrorism," which he denies. Hryb reacted to the verdict by saying he is going on hunger strike.

*Time stamps on the blog refer to local time in Ukraine

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