Vanishing History, Pakistan

When schoolteacher Osman Ulasyar took steps to protect an ancient Buddhist site in Pakistan's northwestern Swat Valley in 2008, he was lucky to escape the brutal retribution of the Tehrik-e Taliban (Pakistani Taliban). The extremist group, in control of much of the region at the time, considered the site to be filled with "symbols of infidels." The militants have since been routed from the area, but Ulasyar's struggle to safeguard local history from thieves and developers continues.


Executive Producer, Script Writer - Daud Khattak

Producer - Ali Mahmood

Producer, Script Writer, Editor, Narrator - Andrew Wills

Script Editors - Ray Furlong, Jean Garner

Camera - Zaland Yousfzai, Niaz Ahmad Khan, MASH Productions, Jaroslav Ptacnik

Digital Animation - Juan Carlos Herrera Martinez, Denis Artamonov, Jakub Sirotek

Colorist - Pavel Marko, UPP

Music - Hudebni Banka

Consultant Archaeologist - Dr. Luca Maria Olivieri

Special Thanks - Dr. Abdul Samad, Amos Chappel, Pamir Sahill, Khalid Khan Kheshgi.

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