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"All of us Iranian students, wherever may we belong to, shall take part in turning Iran, captive of the coup d'etat government, Green."
Blogger Alefba (Alphabet) says the opposition to Mahmud Ahmadinejad, especially students, should use the official occasion of November 4, which marks the anniversary of the occupation of the U.S. Embassy following the 1979 revolution, to demonstrate against the Iranian president:

Not only Tehran but all of Iran shall be green on Aban 13 (November 4). We have an occasion similar to Quds (Jerusalem) Day. I do remember how difficult Quds Day was for the government and its workers.

I know that Ayatollah Khamenei and Mahmud Ahmadinejad, along with their allies, spent the night in great stress and anxiety. Similarly, the following nights would be as difficult for them, the remaining days to Aban 13, more difficult as the student bodies have directly decided to protest against the injustice of the government at the university campuses.

This year, on Aban 13, the Iranian students shall fasten the color green in the universities of this country, wiping away the darkness of the past. They shall prove that a student is the most valuable asset of a country. This segment of society shall prove its strength, such that no dictator may dare to stand against them.

Great days are ahead of us...several similar to Quds Day and Aban 13 though they are limited in number...these days are to be put into their best use.... The student campaigns in their universities should reach the climax as the big day is approaching. We ought to realize the time and invite more and more people for this massive protest gathering.

This is not a normal protest, but it may determine our destiny, so all the country's universities ought to participate. All the universities across the country ought to be Green on this day. Time has come for all the cities of Iran to turn Green; mere sightings in the major cities are more than enough. Time has come for the slogan of "Death to the Dictator" to be heard from all across Iran.

We the provincial students would not let our fellow students in Tehran down. We shall put on green as well and shout slogans of freedom. We shall take responsibility in this event as well. All of us Iranian students, wherever may we belong to, shall take part in turning Iran, captive of the coup d'etat government, Green.

We shall assist in the freedom of our country from dictatorship by the use of intellect and hope. We shall rebuild Iran, build a Green calendar. Long live Iranians!
Under pressure to conform.
Blogger Majarahaye Holu khanum (The Adventures of Peach Lady ) writes about the difficulties of being a woman in Iran and the social pressure that women face to get married and have kids:

Until you turn 18, you are at ease, but afterwards the murmurings begin: didn't you get into any university? What's your major? What profession do you want to go for? Does it pay well? And the interminable questions continue.

When you get into university and pursue your studies, they don't bug you at first, but the questions arise again: Don't you want to get yourself a husband? No?! What else would you do then? Do you even have any suitors?! Who are they?!

It's the same in the end, no matter how much you study, you have got to go to your husband's house and do the housework and take care of the kids. So hurry up before the good suitors escape.

After you have gotten married, once again you are not bothered at first, but later on, it's the same story all over again: Don't you want to have children?! Not yet, why not?! You'll get old and it'll pass your age. Are you and your husband all right; are you trying but not getting any results?!! Do you want me to refer you to a good doctor?!!

They would keep going on and on. They would drop some pieces of bread on your head, while cleaning the table after some dinner party, as if it will somehow help you get pregnant (I have personally experienced that, all of a sudden I felt the dinning cloth being cleared over my head. I got up and gave an angry look to my aunt when I heard them all saying, "God shall soon bless you with a child," and my aunt took the dinning cloth away).

After becoming a mother, you are once again left alone for some time, but as the child grows older and older, some family members who have got nothing better to do start on again: This kid needs siblings, he can't grow up alone....

The good part is, they become helpless at this point, as nobody gives birth to more than one child these days. When they find out that their own child doesn't have any more kids than a boy or a girl, they become helpless and can't taunt you anymore, while you may freely stare into their eyes and taunt them instead if you feel like it.

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