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Blogger Premenstrual Syndrome says Iran’s Green movement, which is opposed to President Mahmud Ahmadinejad, distinguishes itself from other revolutionary movements by rejecting violence.

It is necessary to emphasize the point that the actual outcome of the movement up till now and onwards is rejection of violence and developing people’s hatred of violence. It doesn’t matter who does it or how it is done. In my opinion, rejection of violence is not only the only motive of this movement, but also its only weapon. Therefore, creating a general belief about it among people could be more important than any other political achievement.

My final point is about the request for fundamental change from political movements. This demand has led many to sacrifice their lives along with others so that they might move toward the goal of social development and make themselves a bridge toward fulfilling this goal. Should our priority be to live and not fight, then we will not consciously think about sacrificing ourselves and others.

The will to live and let live, even for one’s enemies, is what may distinguish today’s movements from the past revolutionary ones that saw victory in the destruction of the enemy.
Blogger Az Zendegi (From Life) writes about concerns over the spread of swine flu in Iran:

These days everyone is talking about this new flu. Fortunately, wherever you go you hear warnings about it.

I told an acquaintance of mine that we actually may be among the first ones to carry the symptoms of the flu, whether we like it or not, as we are often in a crowded, closed classroom. Then I added it is essential to start using the recommended masks with the approach of the winter season as a precautionary measure. This may encourage those who feel embarrassed to take this precaution as well.

He said he would never do it, and that he didn't think I would ever be prepared to enter class wearing a mask. I didn't buy that at first, and said incidentally that if I were convinced that it's the right thing to do I would.

We ought to act as models for others. Now I know how much I stand for what I said. What do those of you who know me think, will I be able to pull this off or is it so unlike me?!

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