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Ayatollah Ali Khamenei -- above criticism no longer.
Blogger Jomhour (Republic) reacts to the recent public criticism of Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei by math student Mahmud Vahidnia, who reportedly challenged the leader to his face by saying that all bloggers should launch a movement and constructively criticize Khamenei:

The criticism of Ayatollah Khamenei by a student at a recent meeting with the supreme leader has turned into a heated media debate. There have been contradictory speculations in this regard as well.

Some consider this a brave act of displaying the point of view of a segment of the society, while some others believe this to be a preplanned stratagem to reduce the rage and pressure exerted by people due to the postelection behavior of Khamenei.

Besides what may look more like the actual reason behind this act, we ought not to overlook the fact that the lack of criticism of the leader's actions in the media – or the nonpublishing of criticism in the media -- and the elimination of critics has led Khamenei and his followers to consider him to be above any mistakes or blunders.

In fact, it is quite unlikely the Iranian leader and his followers are unaware of the strategies that are contradictory to the constitution and based upon political interests rather than the national interest.

The time for sanctity toward political leaders has passed and we should move toward criticism and frankness in order to avoid the blunders of the past. This goes for all the political leaders, even the critics of the current government.

As one of the first steps, I ask bloggers who are abroad, as well as those who are inside the country and working under the cover of a pseudonym, to join the movement of critics of the Iranian leader.

It is, meanwhile, a necessity to abide by the principles of morality. Points ought to be elaborated by strong proofs so that the criticism may produce positive outcomes. The criticism ought to be exemplified and meaningful.

Considering this, a topic may be selected and a mere few lines may be written about it. In this manner, the exact critical points may be elaborated against the Iranian leader. Please do send your articles' link in order for me to accumulate them in the single designated weblog. I shall soon publish the first article.
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei
Blogger Daftarcheye yadasht-e man (My Notebook) reacts to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's comments last week in which he described questioning Iran's June 12 presidential vote as the "greatest crime."

The statements made by Iran's supreme leader showed that he is not able to realize the simplest of realities for Iranian society. He considered the protest of the Iranian nation to the coup d'etat of the 22nd of Khordad [the June 12 presidential vote] as the greatest crime, asking the Green movement's leaders to remain silent in response to the law-breaking of the government resulting from the coup and torture and repression of the protesters.

He is not aware that he himself is the one accused for his treason in people's votes in the post-election case. The leader of the Islamic republic; who thinks that he may put forward the illegal government of [President Mahmud] Ahmadinejad as legitimate by threatening the nation and repeating his previous contradictory statements, is unable to comprehend the point that his support of the government resulting from a coup d'etat has discredited him along with the whole system in the eyes of the Iranian nation.

The members of Green movement have demonstrated in the last couple of months that they shall not give in to the threats of those who carried out the coup and shall continue their movement until the downfall of the illegitimate government of Ahmadinejad.

The leader of the Islamic republic, by taking part in the coup d'etat of the 22nd of Khordad and supporting it afterwards has committed the greatest crime and shall soon be dragged to the court of justice by the Iranian nation.

The Iranian Green movement shall show to all that the arrogant statements of the leader have only resulted in his becoming discredited against the nation and increasing the determination of the Iranians to continue their fight for the freedom of Iran.

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