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Ukraine's Acting Foreign Minister Says Evidence Proves Russian Role In Unrest

Ukraine Foreign Minister Says Evidence Proves Russian Role In Unrest

April 14, 2014
Acting Ukrainian Foreign Minister Andriy Deshchytsya says evidence proves Russia's involvement in the destabilization of eastern Ukraine. In an interview to RFE/RL on April 14, he said the militant takeover of several eastern Ukrainian cities simultaneously was identical to the actions of pro-Russia More
April 2014

Video Bosnian National Library, Rebuilt After War, Is Ready To Reopen

The 19th-century National Library of Bosnia-Herzegovina was destroyed by shelling and fire in 1992 during the siege of Sarajevo. Now, after a long and costly reconstruction project, the building has been restored to its former grandeur and is ready to open to the public. (RFE/RL's Balkan Service)

Video Prague Global Forum Provides Anticorruption Platform

Interview with Norman Eisen, the U.S. Ambassador To The Czech Republic, Thomas Mann of the Brookings Institution and Norman Ornstein of the American Enterprise Institute.

Video 'We Want Ukraine's East To Be Heard' -- Pro-Russia Activists In Donetsk

RFE/RL spoke to some of the pro-Russian activists rallying outside the occupied regional administration building in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk on April 8. (RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service)

Video Russian Senators' 'Solidarity' Ends At European Borders

Members of Russia's upper house issued a "declaration of solidarity" with Federation Council Chairwoman Valentina Matviyenko, who is on U.S. and EU sanctions lists over the annexation of Ukrainian Crimea. RFE/RL's Russian Service asked senators what the statement meant to them.

Video Pro-Russian Protesters Seize Luhansk SBU Headquarters

Pro-Russia demonstrators seized the regional headquarters of the SBU state security service on April 6 in the eastern Ukrainian city of Luhansk.

Video Election Analysis: Afghan Vote Sends Message To The Taliban

As polls closed in Afghanistan's presidential election, RFE/RL correspondent Frud Bezhan reports from Kabul that the relatively peaceful process has sent a powerful message to the Taliban about Afghans' desire for democracy.

Video Vox Pop: Afghan Voters Share Hopes For Peace And Stability

As Afghans cast their ballots for a new president on April 5, many voters expressed optimism that the election can bring positive changes.

Video Afghans Vote In Mazar-e Sharif

Afghan voters lined up outside polling stations in the northern city of Mazar-e Sharif as voting opened in the country's presidential election. Local officials said that the early turnout was higher than expected. (RFE/RL's Radio Free Afghanistan)

Video April 4

Rallies and boycotts in Ukraine, a violent protest in Kyrgyzstan, a mass grave in Pakistan, plus other reports from Pakistan and Tajikistan.

Video Vox Pop: Western Ukraine Residents Boycott Russian Goods

RFE/RL spoke to shoppers in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv who are boycotting Russian products amid tensions over Moscow's annexation of the Crimean Peninsula.

Video Vox Pop: EU Or Russia? Transdniestrians Discuss Region's Future

RFE/RL's Moldova Service asked residents of Tiraspol, the capital of Moldova's breakaway pro-Russian Transdniester region, to comment on Chisinau's course to join the European Union and share their views on the region's prospects for the next five years. (RFE/RL's Moldova Service)

Video Vox Pop: Gagauz Minority On Moldova's EU Course

Members of Moldova's Gagauz ethnic minority shared their views with RFE/RL on Chisinau's push to join the European Union.

Video Flash Analysis: Afghanistan's Presidential Election

As Afghanistan prepares to vote for a new president on April 5, RFE/RL's regional director for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Akbar Ayazi, discusses the front-running candidates, the shaky security situation, and the measures put in place to help ensure a free and fair vote.

Video Ukrainian National Guard Recruits Demonstrate Their New Combat Skills

Ukraine's newly formed National Guard has been hard at work learning to defend the country amid fears of Russian incursions into Ukraine's eastern regions. At a base near Kyiv, the volunteers showed off their new skills to acting Ukrainian President Oleksandr Turchynov. (RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service)

Video Afghan Women Hope For Change As Election Nears

As Afghans prepare to vote in the country's presidential election on April 5, some female voters feel that the stakes are especially high for them. They are hoping that the election results will bring stability and prosperity, and preserve the rights that Afghan women have gained.

Video Kyiv Riot Police Disarm Right Sector Members

Ukrainian riot police have disarmed members of the ultranationalist Right Sector group, who were staying in Kyiv's Dnipro Hotel. Ukraine's interior minister ordered the action after an alleged shooting by a Right Sector member left three injured. (RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service)

Video Veteran Crimean Tatar Leader: 'We Don't Believe Russian Promises'

Veteran Crimean Tatar leader Mustafa Dzhemilev said Crimean Tatars had little reason to trust Moscow after being forced out of their native land by tsarist and then Soviet authorities.

Video Inside A Tuberculosis Hospital In Turkmenistan

Video shot inside a hospital for tuberculosis patients in Tagtabazar, in Turkmenistan's southeastern Mary Province, shows poor conditions, including Soviet-era iron beds and an outdoor hose that substitutes for indoor plumbing. (Video by RFE/RL's Turkmen Service)

March 2014

Video Ukraine's Right Sector Seeks Volunteers

Ukraine's ultranationalist Right Sector movement has set up a recruitment center in the capital, Kyiv. (RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service)

Video Border-Town Activists Ready To Defend Ukraine

Dozens of people staged a rally on March 30 in the Ukrainian city of Sumy, near the country's eastern border, amid fears of further Russian incursions into Ukraine. Activists said they were ready to defend Ukraine against Russia. (RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service)

Video March 25

Tight security in Kabul following a suicide attack, Kyrgyz women's rights activists march for peace, and a protest in Pakistan against the abduction of civilians, plus stories from Russia, Armenia, and Georgia.

Video Crimean Tatar Woman Fears War

Khatidzhe, an elderly Crimean Tatar woman, recalls World War II and the deportation of Crimean Tatars from their native land, and shares her fears of a new war in the wake of Russia's annexation of the Ukrainian region.

Video Afghan Village Chief Describes Problems On The Turkmenistan Border

Ghulam Rasool is a local leader in an Afghan village just across the border from Turkmenistan. He says the southward migration of the river that divides the two countries, the Amu-Darya, is destroying villages on the Afghan side of the border.

Video Afghan Villager Says He Was Tortured By Turkmen Authorities

Abdul Ghaffar is a resident of an Afghan village on the border with Turkmenistan. He was arrested and jailed in Turkmenistan for trespassing on land he claims should belong to Afghanistan, not Turkmenistan.

Video Afghan Villager Discusses Alleged Abuse By Turkmen Authorities

Abdul Ghaffar is a resident of an Afghan village on the border with Turkmenistan. He was arrested and jailed in Turkmenistan for trespassing on land he claims should belong to Afghanistan, not Turkmenistan.

Video Radio Azadi Nominates Ihsanullah Bayat As The Norouz "Person of the Year"

The "Person of the Year" award is selected and presented by Radio Azadi annually on the occasion of Norouz, the Persian New Year, and recognizes exceptional individual contributions to peace, democracy and culture in Afghanistan.

Video Kharkiv Reservists Mobilized Amid Tensions With Russia

Ukrainian authorities have mobilized reservists amid tensions with Russia following the annexation of Crimea.

Video Ukrainian National Guard Recruits Undergo Training

About 500 newly-recruited Ukrainian National Guard troops conducted training exercises near Kyiv on March 17. They were taught to fire Kalashnikov rifles and rocket-propelled grenades along with the basics of unarmed combat. (RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service)

Video 'I Expect An Excellent Life' -- Crimeans On Joining Russia

Simferopol residents share their views with RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service on the prospect of Crimea seceding from Ukraine and joining the Russian Federation.

Video The Lighter Side -- March 8-14

An emergency gorilla delivery, the birth of endangered Sumatran tigers, and a multimillion dollar "chicken cup" are the stories in this week's Lighter Side, which compiles some of the more quirky stories from around the world.

Video Merkel Warns Russia Of 'Massive' Damage Over Crimea

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned Russia it risks "massive" political and economic damage over its actions in Crimea. Addressing German lawmakers March 13 in Berlin, Merkel said the EU's relationship with Russia would change if Moscow continued its course of the past weeks.

Video Russia Holds Military Exercises Near Ukrainian Border

Russian troops conducted overnight training in Rostov Oblast near the Ukrainian border as tensions grew ahead of a planned referendum in Crimea that could lead to the Ukrainian region's annexation by Russia.

Video Obama Says Russia Faces Costs Over Ukraine Intervention

U.S. President Barack Obama met with new Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk at the White House on March 12 to underline their joint opposition to a planned referendum in Crimea.

Video March 11

Thousands gather as Afghanistan's vice president is laid to rest, Ukrainian protesters demand sanctions against Russia, a Belarusian political activist is released from prison, plus stories from Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, and Tajikistan.

Video Bosnian Protests Dwindle, But Economic Troubles Run Deep

While the widespread protests in Bosnia-Herzegovina over economic woes that demonstrators blame on government corruption and inefficiency have abated, the underlying causes have not. Mirna Sadikovic of RFE/RL's Balkan Service reports on the Bosnians who are struggling just to buy food.

Video Tetyana Chornovol Speaks To Lady Liberty From The Maidan

Tetyana Chornovol, one of ousted Ukrainian Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych’s most outspoken critics, gained international notoriety in December 2013 when she was savagely beaten by unknown assailants just hours after she published an article alleging high-level government corruption.

Video Pakistan Struggles To Find Missing Children (English narration)

Thousands of children are abducted in Pakistan every year, kidnapped for ransom or sold into sexual trafficking or begging gangs. Some never make it home. VOA's Sharon Behn reports on how Pakistan is struggling to cope.

Video Chicago Ukrainian Community Prays For Peace In Ukraine

As tensions rise between Russia and Ukraine in the wake of a military incursion on the Crimean Peninsula, Ukrainian Americans are closely watching developments.

Video Crimean Tatar Leader Announces Referendum Boycott

Refat Chubarov, the leader of Crimea's Tatar minority, has denounced a vote by the territory's pro-Russian lawmakers to join Russia and called for a boycott of a referendum planned for March 16 in which Crimean residents will be asked whether they want to join Russia.

Video Vox Pop: Georgians Share Their Views On Russian Intervention In Crimea

Georgian citizens spoke to RFE/RL's Belarus Service on March 5 in Tbilisi, sharing their views about Russia's military intervention in the Ukrainian region of Crimea.

Video Putin Unfazed As Ukraine Crisis Continues

Russian President Vladimir Putin's intervention in Ukraine may have raised the consternation of the West, but at home he remains popular and his economy is, so far, intact.

Video Ukrainian Children Send Toy Soldiers To Putin

Activists from Ukraine's Euromaidan Civic Sector and several children have prepared packages with toy soldiers and guns to send to Russian President Vladimir Putin amid Russia's intervention in the Ukrainian region of Crimea. The children told RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service in Kyiv they wanted Putin to

Video Interview: Revelations In The Yanukovych Papers

Journalist Natalie Sedletska is part of a team investigating documents left behind by ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych at his residence outside Kyiv.

Video Thousands Protest In Sumy Against Russian Intervention

An estimated 10,000 people attended a rally in the northeastern Ukrainian city of Sumy on March 2 to protest Russia's intervention in Crimea. Demonstrators held up banners saying, "We are not Russia," "Putin, hands off Ukraine," "Russia, stop Putin," and sang the Ukrainian national anthem.

Video Homemade Museum Preserves Spirit Of Turkmen Folk Music

To preserve the songs of Turkmen traditional musicians, a retired civil engineer in Ashgabat has started a "Museum of Bagshys" in his own home. (Video by Soltan Achilova, RFE/RL's Turkmen Service)

February 2014

Video Kyiv Crowds React To Announcement Of Cabinet

Ukrainian leaders, speaking to large crowds on Kyiv's Independence Square, named their nominees for an interim cabinet on the evening of February 26. The announcements prompted reactions ranging from cheers to cries of "Shame" and "Go shoot yourself." (RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service)

Video Uluu Pamir -- The Plight Of A Kyrgyz Tribe

The documentary film "Uluu Pamir" recounts the long journey of the Pamiri Kyrgyz. It takes a close look at their current situation in the village they call "Uluu Pamir" (Great Pamir) in the Van region of eastern Turkey.

Video Ukrainians Honor Victims Of Clashes In Kyiv

Hundreds of people in the Ukrainian capital laid flowers, lit candles, and left crosses at makeshift memorials on February 25 to pay their respects to those killed in clashes with government forces.

Video Calm Vigilance On Kyiv's Independence Square

It was a relatively calm morning on Kyiv's Independence Square after the violence and rapid political events of the previous days. On February 22, citizens maintained their patrols and candles were lit to honor the dead killed in clashes with security forces. (RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service)

Video Dead Protesters Honored In Kyiv's Independence Square

In the center of Kyiv, ceremonies were held to say farewell to those killed during intense clashes between security forces and antigovernment protesters. Coffins of the dead were carried through the crowds on Independence Square.

Video Sniper Takes Aim At Protesters In Kyiv

Security Forces opened fire with live ammunition on antigovernment protesters in Kyiv. A sniper with the Ukrainian government forces was seen taking aim on February 20 before pulling back.

Video Chechen Survivor Remembers Stalin's Deportation

Seventy years ago, Mukhazhar Dzhabrailova and her family were deported from their village under the orders of Soviet leader Josef Stalin. She was the only member of her family to survive. (Video by RFE/RL's North Caucasus Service)

Video Violent, Dramatic Clash In Ukraine's Capital

In Ukraine, antigovernment protesters engaged in a violent, pitched battle with security forces as they drove them back from Kyiv's Shovkovychna Street in a hail of stones. (WARNING: graphic violence) (RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service)

Video Afghan Presidential Debate - Day 2

Candidates running in Afghanistan's presidential election on April 5 laid out their viewpoints in televised debates sponsored jointly by Afghan National Radio and TV and RFE/RL's Radio Free Afghanistan (Radio Azadi). In the second round, three candidates -- former Finance Minister Ashraf Ghani, form

Video Life At Ukraine's Euromaidan

In the center of Ukraine's capital, Kyiv, a complex community has been created to support ongoing antigovernment protests. Demonstrators have built kitchens, organized self-defense groups, set up a first-aid station, started their own library, and have been entertained by folk and pop musicians. (Vi

Video Tajik Man Speaks After Antigay Attack

A Tajik man who was attacked after speaking out about life as a homosexual in his country returned to speak with RFE/RL's Tajik Service about the assault.

Video By The Numbers: Journalists Targeted In Ukraine

According to a new report by a Kyiv-based nongovernmental press freedom organization, 136 journalists have been beaten, injured, detained, or had their equipment damaged since the start of antigovernment protests in November 2013.

Video Olympic Torchbearer Defends Sochi Costs

In a wide-ranging interview with RFE/RL's Moscow Bureau Chief Leonid Velekhov, veteran Russian figure skater and politician Irina Rodnina, who won three Olympic gold medals, defended the costs of the 2014 winter games before she traveled to Sochi to participate in the opening ceremony.

Video Innovations - February 6

A prosthetic hand sends sensory information to its wearer's brain, engineers turn pollution into plastic, and objects levitate with the help of sound waves.

Video Gay-Rights Activists Call For Action From Olympics Sponsors

Activists rallied in New York on February 5 to call on sponsors of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi to speak out against Russian antigay legislation. The event was organized by gay-rights group All Out and took place simultaneously in some 20 cities around the world.

Video RFE/RL Ukrainian Journalist Demonstrates Homemade Body Armor

To counter the unexpectedly ferocious response by government forces against journalists, RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service video journalist Yevhen Solonyna created a metal jacket for added protection during coverage of violent antigovernment protests in Kyiv.

Video OSCE Diplomat Sees 'Opportunity For Peace' In Nagorno-Karabakh

U.S. diplomat James Warlick, a co-chair of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Minsk Group, has said that there is a "window of opportunity" for a resolution between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region.

Video Pashtun Climber Scales New Heights For Women

Twenty-seven-year-old Nazia Parveen is a pioneering Pakistani rock-climber who says the sport has given her the confidence to stand up to critics of her nontraditional pursuit. (Produced by Zaland Yousafzai of RFE/RL's Radio Mashaal and Margot Buff)

Video Locals Recount Finding 'Abducted' Ukrainian Activist

RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service traveled to the village of Vyshenky in Kyiv Oblast to speak with local residents who found Dmytro Bulatov -- one of the leaders of Automaidan, the automotive flank of Ukraine's Euromaidan protests -- who said he was abducted, beaten, and then abandoned by his captors.

Video Tajik Gay: 'I Don't Want To Be Killed'

After years of hiding his true sexual identity, a Tajik homosexual has shared his story with RFE/RL's Tajik Service.

January 2014

Video Former Croatian President Speaks To RFE/RL's Balkan Service On Its 20th Anniversary

Former Croatian President Stjepan Mesić congratulates RFE/RL's Balkan Service on its 20th anniversary, noting the bravery of the journalists who founded the service during the height of the Bosnian War.

Video Russian By Birth, Muslim By Choice

For Muslim converts, like Sabira and Bogdan in the Russian region of Tatarstan, Islam offers not only a new faith, but also a new way of life.

Video Sochi 2014: Dirty Games

Locals and environmentalists say the intense building effort ahead of the Sochi Olympics has generated mountains of garbage and streams of toxic waste, damaged the ecosystem, and destroyed wildlife sanctuaries.

Video The Lighter Side - January 24

Russian acrobats win the Golden Clown award, a probe sends a message from deep space, and Mexican priests bless family pets in this look at the week's light news from around the world.

Video Nihoyan's Father, Fellow Villagers Remember Slain Ukrainian Protester

In the village of Bereznuvativka in Ukraine's eastern Dnipropetrovsk region, Harik Nihoyan, the father of Serhiy Nihoyan -- one of the first victims of violent clashes between demonstrators and police in Kyiv -- told RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service that his son participated in the antigovernment protests

Video Body Of Killed Ukrainian Protester Leaves Makeshift Hospital

Demonstrators sang the Ukrainian national anthem as the body of a protester killed amid violent clashes with police January 22 was brought out of a makeshift hospital in Kyiv and loaded into an ambulance. (Video by RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service)

Video Police Retreat After Attempt To Dismantle Protest Camp In Kyiv

Hundreds of riot police attempted to break through barricades built by antigovernment protesters on Hrushevsky Street in central Kyiv. Police later retreated as the demonstrators regrouped and rebuilt parts of the barricades. (Reuters video)

Video In Afghan Drug Trade, Addicts Are Forgotten Casualties

Afghanistan's opium industry not only fuels massive exports -- it also supplies a growing number of addicts within its own borders.

Video Ukrainian RFE/RL Journalists Describe Beatings

RFE/RL Ukrainian Service journalists Dmytro Barkar and Igor Iskhakov were beaten and detained by police while covering clashes in Kyiv on January 20. After their release, they described those events.

Video Lenin's Legacy?

With January 21 marking 90 years since the death of Vladimir Lenin, RFE/RL asked young people from various former Soviet republics what the Bolshevik leader means to them.

Video Ukrainians Voice Concern At 'Scary' New Laws

A day after Ukraine's parliament passed legislation that limits freedom of speech, cracks down on street protesters, and punishes opposition lawmakers, residents of Kyiv expressed grave concerns over the new laws. (RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service)

Video First Female Police Chief Takes Charge In Kabul District

Afghanistan's Interior Ministry has named Colonel Jamila Bayaz as a district police chief in Kabul, making her the first woman to hold that role in the country. RFE/RL's Radio Free Afghanistan spent some time with Bayaz on the job in Kabul's District 1.

Video Families Find Second Home On Kyiv's Independence Square

Entire families have made tents their home in Kyiv's Independence Square as pro-EU demonstrations continue in the Ukrainian capital. RFE/RL met with members of two such families.

Video The Lighter Side

Ice sculptures shine in China, Christians swim for a blessing in Istanbul, and a baby panda makes its debut in this roundup of lighter stories from around the world.

Video As Activists Block NATO Supplies, Pakistani Truckers Feel The Pinch

Activists have prevented Afghan-bound NATO supplies from crossing through northwest Pakistan for over a month in an effort to pressure the U.S. to stop drone strikes. Local transport is nearly at a standstill. (Produced by Daud Khattak, RFE/RL's Radio Mashaal)



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