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Civilians In Separatist-Held Areas ‘Under Fire Daily’

Civilians In Separatist-Held Areas ‘Under Fire Daily’

January 30, 2015
In recent days, Russian-backed separatists have been advancing in eastern Ukraine. As fighting with Ukrainian forces intensifies, indiscriminate shelling has caused dozens of civilian casualties, as well as damaging homes and other property. More
January 2015

Video Ukrainian Veteran Recalls Liberation Of Auschwitz

Mykola Karpenko was just 17 when he was drafted into the Soviet Army from his village in Ukraine. His unit was among those that freed the prisoners of the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland on January 27, 1945. (RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service)

Video Saved By A Mistake In The Paperwork - An Auschwitz Survivor's Story

Dagmar Lieblova was 14 when she arrived at Auschwitz in December 1943, along with her entire Czech Jewish family. All of them were to die there, but she was able to leave after several months due to a bureaucratic mix-up which saved her life.

Video 'They Told Us To Wage Jihad Against Kabul'

Afghan authorities have recently captured a number of young men who were apparently planning to carry out suicide bombings. The National Directorate of Security (NDS), the country's spy agency, presented several thwarted bombers to the media in Kabul.

Video Kazakh Winter - One Family's Struggle

Winter in Kazakhstan can be harsh – especially without heating. Sholpan Saymova’s family home was declared to be in an "emergency condition” in 2010 – but the repairs led to a nightmare that left them at turns freezing cold, hospitalized, and battling local bureaucracy.

Video New Cases Of Mystery Symptoms, And No Relocation Help, For Kazakh Villagers

Twelve children in the western Kazakh village of Berezovka suddenly collapsed or fell ill on January 21. They are only the latest of some 100 cases of the mysterious illness in recent months.

Video Iran's Old Ties To Afghanistan Pave The Way For New Influence

With the end of NATO's combat mission in Afghanistan, Iran has been tightening its grip on the western part of the country. Nowhere is the Islamic republic’s influence more visible than in the city of Herat, which has deep historical ties to Iran.

Video Vox Pops: Germans Against 'Islamization' -- And Against Xenophobia

Some 25,000 people marched in Dresden on January 12 to protest against what they called the “Islamization” of Germany. Now a weekly event, the protest gained additional participants in the wake of last week's terror attacks in Paris.

Video Dresden Divisions Deepen Amid Record Numbers At ‘Anti-Islamization’ Rally (RFE/RL)

Bitter divisions are deepening in the German city of Dresden following another night of mass demonstrations. German police say 25,000 people took to the streets to protest against what they call the “Islamization” of Germany – the highest number yet.

Video A Long Showdown In The Ruins Of The Donetsk Airport

In the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk, the international airport is on the front lines of the separatist conflict. Government troops and pro-Russian separatists have each taken up positions in the destroyed airport buildings and are fighting for control of the strategic site.

Video A Family Copes With Tragedy In Wartorn Donetsk

In December, a family in eastern Ukraine was torn apart by conflict. Baby Nika and her brother Vitya lost their mother and their home in a shell attack. The children's aunt is now taking care of them and her own young children as they struggle to put their lives back together.

Video A Nighttime Supply Run To Donetsk Airport, Under Fire

For months, the airport in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine, has been the scene of heavy fighting between Ukrainian troops and separatist rebels. RFE/RL Ukrainian Service correspondents joined a late-night supply run bringing gasoline and other essentials to the fighters at the airport.

Video Tangling With IS Recruiters In Russia

The cautionary tale of one young ethnic Uzbek migrant worker from Kyrgyzstan.

Video From A Monastery To A Paramilitary Unit In Ukraine

Ivan, a novice monk, was inspired by the experiences of wounded fighters to leave the safety of his monastery and join a volunteer paramilitary battalion in Ukraine's Donetsk region. Now training with his unit for potential combat, Ivan believes the church stands behind his decision.

Video Ukraine's Year Of Turmoil Through The Lens Of Levko Stek

It was the most tumultuous year in Ukraine's history since World War II, and Levko Stek of RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service followed it with his camera every step of the way. From the squares of Kyiv, to the seizing of Crimea, and the war that followed in Donbas, Stek was everywhere.



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