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Daddy, Buy Me A Bellucci

Lola (right) with French actor Alain Delon and Bellucci
Lola (right) with French actor Alain Delon and Bellucci
Uzbek President Islam Karimov's daughters are known for living the high life. But even for them, this is pretty impressive.

Lola Karimova-Tillaeva, who is Uzbekistan's ambassador to UNESCO, reportedly spent 190,000 euros ($283,000) to have Italian actress Monica Bellucci attend a gala event promoting Uzbekistan at Paris's Museum of Modern Art in April.

The nearly $300,000 bought Uzbekistan four hours of Bellucci's time.

Lola still pales in comparison to her older sister Gulnara, Uzbekistan's ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva, who this year made it onto "Foreign Policy's" list of the World's Worst Daughters.

-- Luke Allnutt
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by: Bob from: Manchester
November 20, 2009 01:07
She could spend some money for development of rural areas of Uzbekistan...

by: Senjo
November 22, 2009 05:24
Have these people no shame? And who is Monica Bellucci?

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