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Ukrainian President Yanukovych Dances With Wreaths

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and visiting Russian President Dmitry Medvedev paid their respects today at Kyiv's Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

It was a blustery day. The two men laid large wreaths -- very large wreaths -- at the memorial. And then the wind really kicked up.

And the inevitable happened.

What's amazing about the video above is the timing. The impeccable timing. Just as Yanukovych bows his head... Well, you've really got to see it for yourself.

-- Grant Podelco
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by: Marko from: USA
May 17, 2010 21:58
Hilarious! The look on Medvedev's face is as funny as what happened to poor Yanukovich-- i.e. "is this wreath over here going to attack me now?" ... as both sets of security guards come running! Not as good as Saakashvili eating his tie or Bush I puking on the Japanese Prime Minister at a state dinner but up there...

by: Anonymous
May 18, 2010 04:28
Thank-you RFE for showing your real face.

The mention "The impeccable timing" is amazingly disrespectful to the millions of people wo died fighting an invading ennemy. Maybe Yanukovitch is not on the "our guy" page of your agenda, maybe you are paid to discredit some governments. Maybe. But this ranting on such an occasion goes too far.

by: Anonymous
May 18, 2010 15:39
Unknown Soldier did not take a wreath from the hands of criminal. Symbolizes.

by: Yulia from: Bulgaria
May 18, 2010 20:44
That really does not sound fair...No comment would be much more journalism-like.

by: Ivan from: Sofia
May 27, 2010 03:04
Another example of journalistic unprofessionalism. Perhaps had a wreath fallen on Obama's head, the incident would have been hushed, but since it's Yanukovich, then let's all laugh about it. Not susprisingly, the Americans showed themselves as tactless as usual. Or maybe, according to the Yankee book of ethics, Obama's bowing down to Muslim leaders deserves more respect than catching a wreath blown by the wind. This goes to show the moral progressivism in America and the sleazy journalism a capitalist society produces. Paparazzi.
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by: eli
May 27, 2010 09:56
Hell hath no fury like a commie scorned.

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