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Moldova's Cupcui Orphanage

Thirty-seven children live in the run-down state orphanage in the Moldovan village of Cupcui. But only one of them is actually an orphan. Many children in Moldovan state institutions have been placed there by their parents, motivated by grinding poverty, alcoholism, or other family problems and encouraged by a paternalistic state. A project spearheaded by UNICEF and the European Union to reunite children with their families, when possible, or place them in foster homes, hopes to change that.

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by: Petrica from: Romania
June 06, 2009 09:13
[First off, I'd like to challenge the author's definition of &quot;orphan&quot;. We all understand the <br />technical definnition of the term, but quite often the term is used in it's practical sense -- i.e., <br />children without a permanent family. Methinks the author has an agenda to try to blunt the FACT that <br />children without a permanent family are indeed, in the practical sense, &quot;orphans&quot;.]<br /><br />Furthermore, do they [unicef, government, et al] REALLY think that it is in the child's BEST <br />interests to ALWAYS be in the family that abandoned that child? Do they REALLY think that it is the <br />child's BEST interests to ALWAYS be &quot;re&quot; (a misnomer) - integrated in a hugely DISfunctional family? <br />Do they REALLY think that it is in the child's BEST interests to be in the TEMPORARY situation of <br />foster care rather than in a PERMANENT family (adoption) no matter in which country that family may <br />live? DO THEY REALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT THE STATEMENT, &quot;THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE CHILD&quot; REALLY MEANS?? <br />DO THEY REALLY CARE????!!!!????<br />