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Pressure On Abkhaz Leader Intensifies

Abkhazia's Sergei Bagapsh is under fire again.Abkhazia's Sergei Bagapsh is under fire again.
Abkhazia's Sergei Bagapsh is under fire again.
Abkhazia's Sergei Bagapsh is under fire again.
For over a year, the Abkhaz opposition has repeatedly criticized de facto President Sergei Bagapsh for what it considers excessive and unwarranted concessions to Russia.

In particular Bagapsh's defeated rival in two successive presidential elections, Raul Khajimba, has sought to depict Bagapsh as selling out Abkhaz national interests. On the eve of the second anniversary (August 26) of Abkhazia's recognition by Russia as an independent state, the independent weekly "Nuzhnaya gazeta" has published in two consecutive issues materials intended to force Bagapsh to confront Moscow.

The first of those articles was published on August 17 under a pseudonym. It summarizes a draft agreement, purportedly drafted jointly by an Abkhaz-Russian commission, possibly with input from Georgia, that would permit Russian citizens to reclaim their abandoned homes in Abkhazia. The author argues that, if signed, the agreement would pave the way for the return to Abkhazia of thousands of Georgians who fled to the Russian Federation during the 1992-93 war and subsequently acquired Russian citizenship.

He suggests that Georgia may be pushing for the signing of the agreement, which would empower those Georgians to reclaim their homes, in return for signing a formal agreement with Abkhazia abjuring the use of force.  To date, Tbilisi has steadfastly refused to sign such agreements with Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

Then on August 24, according to Caucasus Press, "Nuzhnaya gazeta" published an appeal to Bagapsh by members of the Aruaa union of veterans of the 1992-93 war to secure the extradition from Moscow to Abkhazia to stand trial for war crimes of those Georgian politicians -- specifically National Guard commander Tengiz Kitovani -- responsible for the 1992 incursion by Georgian forces on to Abkhaz territory that precipitated the war.

It was Aruaa and Khajimba's Forum of National Unity of Abkhazia (FNEA) that in May 2009 launched the first salvo in the ongoing criticism of Bagapsh's imputed concessionary policy toward Russia.

Khajimba also played a key role in the campaign one year ago that forced the annulment of amendments to Abkhazia's law on citizenship that would have permitted some Georgians who have returned to Abkhazia's southernmost Gali district to acquire Abkhaz passports. Khajimba and other opposition politicians construed those amendments as a bid by Bagapsh to enlist the support of Georgian voters in his bid for reelection for a second term.

No Georgians Welcome

In an August 20 interview with the official Abkhaz news agency ApsnyPress, Prime Minister Sergei Shamba lambasted the August 17 "Nuzhnaya gazeta" article as slanderous and muddled. He said that he was not aware of the existence of the draft agreement prior to the publication of the "Nuzhnaya gazeta" article, but has since been assured by the presidential administration that Bagapsh has rejected it. Shamba added that although the draft was received from the Russian Foreign Ministry, it was not clear who was behind it.

Three days later, Shamba convened a press conference in Sukhumi at which he explained that the Abkhaz leadership was not averse to considering individual property claims by Russian citizens, and that the Abkhaz prosecutor's office and Supreme Court was already engaged in doing so. But he went on to recall that after the war, many Abkhaz whose homes had been destroyed during the fighting spontaneously took possession of houses or apartments vacated by Russians and Georgians who had fled.

Shamba further argued that the 1992-93 war was precipitated by the Georgian leadership, and the Georgians who fled Abkhazia as a result should "be integrated where they live now, in Georgia." He argued that allowing them to return en masse would create such tensions that a new war would be inevitable.

According to the 2003 census, the population of Abkhazia is 215,272 people. The largest ethnic group were the Abkhazians (94,606 people, 44 percent), followed by the Georgians (45,956 people, 21.3 percent) and Armenians (44,870, 20.8 percent). The return of 50,000-60,000 Georgians would make the Georgians the largest ethnic group, something the Abkhaz are determined to avoid at all costs.

Disputed Draft

The Russian daily "Kommersant" on August 25 quoted an unnamed Russian Foreign Ministry official as suggesting that both Shamba and the author of the first "Nuzhnaya gazeta" article might have implicitly exaggerated the number of Georgians now living in the Russian Federation as full-fledged Russian citizens who might take advantage of the hypothetical draft agreement to return to Abkhazia and lay claim to their abandoned property there.

That Russian official suggested that someone within the Abkhaz government simply had a vested interest in quashing any legal claims on property formerly owned by Russians that has since been lucratively privatized.

At his August 24 press conference, Shamba stressed that "we do not want issues concerning Georgian refugees to cast a shadow on our friendly relations with the Russian Federation."

Shamba divulged that the controversial draft document was sent by the Russian Foreign Ministry to its Abkhaz counterpart, which in turn passed it to the presidential administration. Assuming that Shamba's claim not to have been aware of the existence of that document before "Nuzhnaya gazeta" drew attention to it is true, it is logical to assume that a copy was surreptitiously leaked to "Nuzhnaya gazeta" by a senior official in either the Foreign Ministry or the presidential administration, presumably with the explicit intention of embarrassing the government.

"Kommersant" on August 25 quoted Izida Chania, the chief editor of "Nuzhnaya gazeta," as suggesting that Shamba disavowed any knowledge of the draft agreement on his own initiative, in order to avoid being compromised should Bagapsh subsequently agree to sign an amended version of it. She added that Shamba, who served as foreign minister during Bagapsh's first presidential term, enjoys the status of "a national leader" whom people trust.

Opposition Rallying

In the hypothetical event that Shamba did resign, he could become Khajimba's main challenger in the 2014 presidential ballot. For the moment, however, Khajimba is the most prominent political figure in the opposition camp.

He has already called on three occasions this year -- in February and twice in May -- for the opposition to close ranks and embark on preparations for the parliamentary elections due in March 2012.

Speaking on May 12 at a congress of the FNEA that elected him its chairman, Khajimba lambasted the government for its inability to consolidate society, pursue a rational cadre policy, or implement badly needed reforms, and for its dubious economic policies. He also demanded opposition access to the state-controlled media.

Just one week earlier, 24 opposition figures including Khadjimba had addressed an open letter to Bagapsh, Shamba, and parliament speaker Nugzar Shamba demanding that state TV and radio launch regular weekly discussion programs to which opposition politicians and independent journalists would be invited, and that the independent TV channel Abaza be enabled to expand its broadcast reach. Owned by Economic Development of Abkhazia Party Chairman Beslan Butba, who like Khajimba ran unsuccessfully against Bagapsh in the December 2009 presidential ballot, Abaza at present can be received only in Sukhumi.

Bagapsh responded at length to Khajimba's criticisms, first on May 25 and then in his annual address to parliament on July 7. In particular, he denied that Abkhazia was mortgaged to the hilt to Russia, stressing that the funds for the region's socioeconomic development Russia will make available between 2010-12 constitute unconditional aid, and not a loan that must be repaid. He further argued that the location of a Russian military base in Abkhazia was to the republic's benefit.

Those arguments have clearly failed to convince his opponents. Whether they will intensify their pressure on him and force a political showdown, or whether Moscow might hand over Kitovani in order to alleviate that pressure, is hard to predict at this juncture.

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by: Vakhtang from: Moscow
August 25, 2010 15:52
Once again I want to remind that apsya tribes(abkhazians) is murderes they mudered 15.000 peaceful georgian people and seized property of 200.000 georgians who'd run away from death.

Apsya only want to live in georgian,russian,greek houses, and to use georgian and other belongings
Apsya is a wild people they can only to
understand a language of violence.

Abkhazia is a place were is no low

Tbilisi a long ago must to declare bagapsh and shamba in criminal search as war criminals,but stupid saaka don't care about it,That very sad that in Georgia no good diplomats.
Absence of skilled diplomats always was a problem in Georgia
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by: Shenol from: Istanbul
August 26, 2010 10:22
Who started the war in 1992? Who invaded Abkhazia? I saw this a few days ago: Georgian Defense Ministry TV quotes Hitler

The Nazi Adolf Hitler is quoted at the end of this reservists’ recruitment spot: “We need to finally understand that regaining our territories is possible only through the power of arms”. The spot was broadcast by the Georgian Defence Ministry TV “Sakartvelo” in late July 2008.

This is the Georgians' languge. More war and blood.
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by: bitr
August 26, 2010 18:44
You use the 15.000 number a lot, but where do you come up with that?

by: Assir from: Апсны
August 25, 2010 20:47
to Vakhtang from Moscow
What a hatred шы in your sentences !
And you after these words consider yourself a civized person ?

by: Vakhtang from: Moscow
August 26, 2010 00:37
as we know apsya asserting that they can't to ljve together with georgians,because georgiens always humiliated them.

So what about russians,armenians,greeks?

It's no secret that a lot of houses of this nationalitys occupied by abkhazes.
Only recently 400 greeks sent a letter to bagapsh ask him to clear out their400 houses from apsya.
No answer
I know that more then1000 greek houses occupied by apsya.
So what?

abkhazian independence is to live in occupied houses and nothibg more.

Long live Russia for recognition apsya marauders and murderes,
In Response

by: Boris from: London
August 26, 2010 06:36
Apsua/Abkhaz are just the victims of KGB brainwashing for senturies. They are as Georgian as Imeretians and mengrelians. Look at their Famili names: Chania, Chedia, Kishmaria etc. this is all Mengrelian/Georgian names. If an evil empire will be finaly defeted for good, more than half of these Abkhaz will claim they are Georgians, and they will be right.

This war is between an evil Russian empire, and independent Georgia along the rest of the civilized world. There is no Abkhaz issue here.

Gerogia -Abkhazia war was totaaly fabricated by KGB. Evryone needs to understand this. They first stirred up trouble in Tbilisi, that escalated into full sacale civil war. Then sent us an old crook Shevardnadze, accompanied with Soviet nomenclatura/spies. They joined the criminals who came to power (with KGB help) in Tbilisi, and then they easily pushed this colorfull crew into Abkhazia. Of course, they were working hard from the Abkhazian side too, also in the north caucasus, because KGB realised only local Abkhaz forces wouldn't be enough to resist the Georgians.
KGB organized north caucasus volontiers (Shamil Basayev, Gelayiev, Umarov etc.), but they received a Chechnyan war becasue of just that.

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by: Shenol from: Istanbul
August 26, 2010 10:26
Abkhazians are victims of Georgia, victims of Stalin (Georgian), Beria, Gamsakhurdia, Shevardnadze and now Saakashvili.

''There is no Abkhaz issue here'' your words reminded me Gamsakhurdia. He said there is no Abkhaz nation. Georgia for the Georgians.

No difference. Perhaps you should read this

Documents from the KGB archive in Sukhum. Abkhazia in the Stalin years
In Response

by: Vakhtang from: Moscow
August 26, 2010 10:57
To Boris from London.

You are absolutely right Boris,KGB played a big part in all this events.

But it's not take off responsibility from abkhazes.

The most of the crime were commited by them and now they hiden behind back of Russia.

Actually Russia protected murderes,looters,marauders from fair punishment.
In Response

by: Assir from: Sukhum
August 26, 2010 11:48
To Boris
You were told thousands of times the history of Abkhaz and they are not to be considered as Megrelians or Imeretians of Georgia , but as I see in vain ?you are repeating the same/ Unfortunately ? all you are writing seems to be against KGB and the Abkhazians had nothing in common with this organisation and were fighting for their own rights since they are known to this world/
The war launched by Shevardnadze junta and himself especially and you have to know perfectly by now , that the world community did thier best by recognition of Georgia in the borders of the GSSR and supported Georgia in many aspects buying Georgian disloyaltyto Russia and for breaking Russia geopolitical interests at the Caucasus and you, Boris < forget< that once upon a time < the Georgians introduced Russia to the Caucasus, as they were not capable to defend themselves for centuries.
Now after doing so many ugly things in Abkhazia they seek for assistance all over the world crying out about the occupation of the territories which historically never belonged to them and just in the Soviet times they blame so much Abkhazia forcely was attached by the monster of all times Stalin? to Georgia/
Nowadays this histeria announced by the information sources and biased and one- sided I have to call as ridiculous and unacceptable //
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by: Maaja from: Estonia
August 26, 2010 13:09
And this is from BBC:

>> But ironically Stalin's love of Abkhazia helped destroy its riches.

In 1931 he changed Abkhazia's status.

At the stroke of a pen, as only autocrats can, he incorporated Abkhazia into his native Georgia.

The two had been linked throughout their history. Now tens of thousands of Georgians were resettled in Abkhazia, Abkhaz schools were closed, the Abkhaz language and alphabet suppressed.
In Response

by: Boris from: London
August 26, 2010 13:18

whatever i was told thousand times, doesn't change what I know. You are just one more brainwashed person by imperial propaganda. Abkhazia has always been part of Georgia. Remember King David the builder? he was officially called the king of Abkhaz and Georgian. His closest associates were Abkhaz. They together fought against various invaders, and succeeded.

The Abkhazian war was a complex KGB operation from start to the end. Actualy, it was prepared for decades, and was kept for the bad times to be used when they needed it.
By means of these frozen conflicts they preserved the boundaries of Soviet Union and kept the region out of NATO and western institutions.

However, their chances of ultimate success have decresed significantly, as Abkhazia has been officially declared an occupied territory.

Unfortunately, many wars are fought with tottaly fabricated motivation, and by brainwashed people. Just like half a million Georgians dying in WW2. Most of them also thought they were fighting their war, which of course was rediculous.

In Response

by: Ashana from: Abkhasia
August 26, 2010 17:10
To Boris All is said without supporting Georgia as you do you do not appreciate and repeat your words.
In Response

by: Assir from: Sukhum
August 26, 2010 20:09
irst of all it is high time for you to learndiscussing. things and not to insult theo other person even if your opinion never coinsides with his.
But as you preferred to use such things , I can tell you that you are brainwashed by Georgian special service propaganda and you are participating in these discussions not from the clean intention. If you are not Georgian, so you could be more objective but it seems you are getting square with Abkhazians or comparng them to KGB, I wil not be much astonished to laern that you are from this organisation yourself/.
In Response

by: Boris from: London
August 27, 2010 10:15

I do not understand what you mean "getting squere with Abkhazians", "comparing Abkhazians with KGB" could you please clarify...

Secondly, i don't mean to offend you, when I'm saying you are a victim of KGB propaganda, brainwashed to believe that Georgians are your enemy.

In the soviet days we were all brainwashed to believe that we were building bright socialist future, and there was only one "piatiletka" left to reach this heaven...

Also many Georgians were brainwashed during world war second, that they were fighting for their motherland.

Our shared enemy is an imperial Russia, who has brought much more suffering to the caucasus region than any other invaders. No one else has ever had stripped of statehood Georgia except for Russians. Even Shah Abas did not eliminate the Georgia, as a country.
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by: DavR_S. from: USA
September 21, 2010 18:03
there is a masthead sort of for getting feeds from almost all the balkan area reports. I am lost with the Georgia feed. I consider it vital to U.S. victory in Afghanistan against the tactically resolute mountain peoples. Searching for Peace with arguably Reagans admonishment and adage of the the great "if not now when." It could be an assistant force in the evolution from chaos of the periphery into Iraq. How to 'boot up' the Georgia newsletter?, contact the website technician m a n a g e r? David R.Shwin
In Response

by: DavR._S. from: USA
September 21, 2010 18:10
I am having problems finding the internet spool through the website, the links thing, to access the Georgia newsletter RSS or not. I consider the Georgia future extremely important for the U.S. success in the war to battle what Reagan once called "the Great" if not now when. I think Georgia as a peripheral state to all the chaos that is happening around has the opportunity to provide assistant direction to Iraq after the full pull-out of U.S.A. troops departs. It could just revert to the Kurds and chemical warfare. This would be an even greater concern to Georgians than limited scud dirty bomb or small nuke exchange from Tajikstan Israel or etc. How to I connect with this specific email newsletter? Contact the UN Ambassador?, contact the website administer? Clear suggestions? I am not really focussing there on my greater knowledge of the post-battle front contortions but it is something I value. Culturally as a person of the planet.

by: Vakhtang from: Moscow
August 26, 2010 06:19
In this way in abkhazia they formed a gang of abkhazes who pursue the policy of hate,violation of internationaly recognized lows.

All abkhazes today out of civilized standarts.

So dear friends,if someone will ask you:"What is abkhazia today?"

You can answer withaut doubt:

"abkhazia is a bandit territory where abkhazes-murderes living in occupied georgian,russian,armenian,greek houses"

by: david from: Tbilisi
August 26, 2010 09:03
Unfortunately, Saakov is not willing to have peace in region he is paving the way for Abkhazian Rusification so that similar situation will appear as between Chechnya and other rusifcated Caucasian countries and Russia, future conflict will not be between Georgian and Abkhazia but will be between Apsya and Russians( all Caucasian countries have conflict with Russia). I feel sorry for abkhaz people and Georgians that they are both are victims of Russian invasion. In 10-20 years there will be only name Abkhazia left and Russian domination of Abkhazia will be as strong as that Abkhazia will be 100% depended on Russia and Kremlin. The population of Abkhazia will be 40% Armenians 50 % Russians 5 % Georgians and 3% Apsya (Abkhazian people) this is the independence that Abkhaz people fought for so hard. It is already clear to everyone that they will get demographic catastrophe very soon when every kid in in new “Russian Abkhazia” will be called Vania, Tania, Albert and Dalita….
In Response

by: Rasto from: London
August 26, 2010 12:17
I think you are right. The problem is that I do not think that Georgian government really have done very much for reconciliation with Abkhazians. On one side Saakashvili was sending messages to the western world how much he wants to start negotaitions with Abkhazians and Georgian radios were broadcasting songs such Gamarjoba Abkhazeto sheni, on the other side when Shamba visited Tbilisi Saakashvili went to visit Senaki army base. I think that there was not enough maturity and reall effort there to do something.
In Response

by: Ashana from: Abkhazia
August 26, 2010 19:59
Saakashvili is not mature and unfortunately according to his steps taken will never be.
The mistake is not just the trip to Senaki military airport, you forgot about so called youth camp in Gunmukhury which the UN Security Counsil recommended tp remove it as it was located too close to the zone of security.
In July 2006 , he deployed his military unit with heavy artillery in the Upper Kodor Valley. The Abkhaz govermnent stopped the negotions then/ So when someone would like to praise Saakashvili and present him as a peace-loving person, especially after the Tskhinval attack, one has to smile sadly .
In Response

by: Assir from: Sukhum
August 26, 2010 12:54
To David
Why do you embarrass people and give them such a wrong opinion?
Of course your goals are understandable, especially now at the time when Abkhazia is lost forever for Tbilisi, you call it Russian, because to realise that it is Abkhazian menas something beyond the mind ?
I can then response to you using your way and calling you American and that almost all the streets soon will be named after Bush, Obama, or Khillary. Better name after Odri Khepburn ..

In Response

by: Vakhtang from: Moscow
August 26, 2010 16:01
To apsya from Sukhumi.

You know that su-khum is turkish two words that's mean sand and water.
When turks were in their fortress sukhum-kale,apsya lived far away in the mauntains,and when russians occupied this fortress apsya started little by little move to the sea.

From "great"apsya history.
In Response

by: Maaja from: Estonia
August 26, 2010 13:02
If Georgia recognize the Abkhazia and when Abkhazia became UN member Russian influence will be less. For now there is only door for Abkhazia, it's Russia.

Georgia's and the western countries' wrong policy pushing Abkhazia Russia's arms. If they don't want it they should work with Abkhazia. They should open another door for Abkhazia.

Abkhazians don't want to be part of Georgia. They are already suffered many times because of Georgia's nationalistic policy.

I don't understand why the western countries support Stalin's borders.
In Response

by: HS from: Seattle, USA
August 27, 2010 17:58
Before the recent war, Georgia offered Abkhazia almost full local autonomy, and even that the Vice President would be Abkhaz. How much more of a window could they have offered? Instead of working to compromise and make peace, the Abkhaz stuck to a no-compromise hardline position.
In Response

by: Dato from: Tbilisi
September 01, 2010 21:59
"Abkhazians don't want to be part of Georgia." How about the 250,000 people, majority of them Georgians, they expelled from Abkhazia? Is it normal that less then 30% of population decides the fate of the entire autonomous republic? If the Abkhaz were, to put it mildly, the only aboriginal people living in the region, how come that MANY Georgian historical and cultural monuments dated even before 10th century exist on its territory? And where was the capital of the Abkhazian kingdom in the early medieval centuries? In Kutaisi, which is right in the middle of Georgia. You should history books, damn it. Referencing BBC, as somebody has done it here, is hilarious when we talk about science and scholarship. It's a media source, not a historic department of an Ivy League university, fellas.
That's why the Abkhaz are so insanely afraid of the peaceful return of IDPS - they know that they will lose in the normal, civilized political life. The independent state of Abkhazia is a bloody joke, I am sorry.
In Response

by: Boris from: London
August 26, 2010 13:25

how exactly is Saakashvili paving the way for Abkhazian Russification? And why do you think he doesn't want peace in the region?

by: Vakhtang from: Moscow
August 26, 2010 15:32
To all people who complicate their vision on abkhazia.

Everything is simple here and we can see it from this article.
shamba and bagapsh are liars,because they said that apsya occupied georgian,russian,armenian and greek houses because georgians destroyed abkhazian one.
Meanwhile the most apsya( 95%) who occupied georgian and other houses came from mountainos and distant villages and they builded nothing in their life.
So the cause of their life now do not let awners to return home
And that's all !!
About what independence we can talk when problem is situated in criminal plane which covered with high words about freedom and so on.
In Response

by: Ashana from: Abkhazia
August 26, 2010 19:52
Why are you reporting all this nonsense ffrom Moscow and not from your Tbilisi?
I am sure that you are not so called saakashist, and juts have nothing to do in life and are so busy hardly with all this Abkhaz propaganda dribbling your saliva here and there in order to show the world your ugly opinion about Abkhazia and its people and leadership/
Sorry for such nationalistic and prejiduced views, I am not sure you would be able to recover soon and on the contrary, your comments, one by one speak about the depth of such desease.
Of course, for you the issue of property is the most important, but what then Abkhazians must require from you, losing so many people in the war notwithstanding the houses ruined and the towns and cities destroyed.
What about theAbkhaz State Archive or the Institute of the Abkhaz history, language and literature which were burnt down for washing up the very name of Abkhazians/
Thw flats or fridges you are so crying about and striving to return , would be returned if you could return the best guys of Abkhazia who were killed during this unheard war of the 1992-93/
In Response

by: Vakhtang from: Moscow
August 27, 2010 10:57
To ashana and other apsya who "swimming"here and trying to prove that apsya is good and georgians is bad.

First of all I was born in Moscow and never lived in abkhazia.It's my father from sukhumi.But nevertheless I know match things what happened in abkhazia.

That's right that among the georgians there were outfrosts and they commited crimes against armenians,russians,abkhazes and burnt down institute of absya history but that's all impossible even to compare what did apsya who murdered thousands woman,children because they all were georgians,

You are never can to wash blood of this people out of you hands.

I'm not going to prove something I only to reminds from time to time things that wery well known in Europe " abkhazes is murderes and they living in occupied georgian,russian,armenian,greek houses"

As about apsya history....
As far as I know apsya started to write in 1930s before they could only to speak.So that mean that apsya started to write their history in 1950s with all this inventions and lie.

Remember that it is not you land you appeared in abkhazia in 19 century.
In Response

by: Andrew from: Auckland
August 27, 2010 12:15
Actually Ashana, the overwhelming majority of deaths that occurred were suffered by the Georgian population of Abkhazia.

And what about the Apsua attempt to destroy all historical records of the Georgian presence in Abkhazia, by destroying ancient Georgian inscriptions on Churches, Georgian Icons, Georgian manuscripts, and creating a falsified history of the province.

The sad thing is that Abkhazia was always a multi ethnic province, with both Georgian, Apsua, and Greek populations.

The fact that you blame things that happened under Russian rule (Stalin is considered to be one of the greatest RUSSIANS of all time for a reason), when Georgians suffered just as severe repressions as yourselves (they lost nearly 1/3 of their entire people from 1922 to 1952) shows how easily you still fall for Russian divide and rule tactics.

by: HS from: Seattle, USA
August 27, 2010 17:23
Equating the Georgian government with ethnic Georgians who have lived in Abkhazia for generations makes no sense. People should be able to live in their homes; the Georgian refuges should be able to return to their homes in Abkhazia.

Despite Abkhazia's claim to independence, Russia controls their borders, most people use Russian language, and most hold Russian passports. That is not the image of an independent country.

by: Ashana from: Abkhazia
August 27, 2010 19:27
To Vakhatang and Andrew

You both as well as Boris have never been in Abkhazia , and you are working here for some informational propaganda against Russia/ But if you think that in such way you raise the image of Georgia you are profoundly mistaken.
Do not lay the blame on smb else.
Don’t think that all died in the war and no witness left/
So the truth is to be said that in that time nationalistic Georgia was obtaining the weaponry of the former USSR broke out an unheard vandal war in Abkhazia and before in South Ossetia, just because the peoples of these republics did not wish to live in the country which shared the opinions of Nazi and shauvinists.
In Response

by: Vakhtang from: Moscow
August 28, 2010 10:41
To ashana.
I was born in Moscow,that's right,but I was in abkhazia many times and I know the real situation there.

As for working....

I just speaks facts but you on the contrary lie but you'd forget one thing that people in the West and in the other part of the world today knows well what is going on in abkhazia and what abkhazes did
In Response

by: Ashana from: Abkhazia
August 28, 2010 16:31
you might be born in Malaysia, but you have to return to your native country which as I see you are dropping crocodile tears/
Why do you live in Moscow which you hate so much ? Or it is your usual state when you live with somebody and hate them/
So I think this is what happened in Abkhazia, being resettled and implanted innumerously into this land , you just could not love it as yours thats why the history wheel turned thm away to the places they came ones forcely from/.
In Response

by: Andrew from: Auckland
August 29, 2010 12:37
Now Ashana, historically speaking the Georgians have just as much right to Abkhazia as the Apsu.

All the historical monuments in Abkhazia from Churches, to castles, and bridges were built by Georgians, and Abkhazia was a multi ethnic entity.

You kind of forget the mass deportation of Christian Georgians from Abkhazia by the Ottomans in the 17th century, but given the racist nature of your state that is not overly surprising.
In Response

by: Vakhtang from: Moscow
August 28, 2010 11:24
To ashana from abkhazia.


Are you not going to acquaint a good people with article 49 of the so called constitution of the abkhazia

"Only a person who is abkhazian by nationality can to be the president of abkhazia"


"Only a person who is abkhazian by nationality can to be the culture minister of abkhazia"
In Response

by: Ashana from: Abkhazia
August 28, 2010 16:44
I would like you again and again to see the film of Mamuka Kuparadze recent film THE ABSENCE OF WILL In which all is described openly and truly how the nationalistic histeria started in Georgia and Shevardnadze recognised the war as a crime/ Just he did not say that the main criminal was he , Eduard.Concerning the Abkhaz Constitutionon is oursand I think it is a great shame that you try to overturn the meaning of the articles in it and insult it.
Who are you ?
When will it occur so that a Non- Georgian will come to the power in Georgia, for example , the Armenians or Azeris which have such a huge settlement s there and you deprive them to be elected , even if they apply , as a majority you will switch them off according the ethnical aspect..
where are the Turks - Meskhetians and whty they were once expelled from Georgia , So, honestly talking , it is better for you to stop this hYsteric utterings and look deeply into your own souls and deeds.
In Response

by: Andrew from: Auckland
August 29, 2010 12:34
Ashana, now we can see the lack of education in Russia, oops I mean Abkhazia (same thing these days mate)

The Meskhetians were deported by the Russian government for the same reason that the Russian government deported circassians in the 19th C.

The Meskhetians are ethnic Georgians but moslems, so the Russians (not the Georgians) got rid of them.

The difference with Georgia and Abkhazia is clear, when Georgians can learn Abkhazian (Apsua) at state institutions of learning, but Georgian is banned from the education system by the neo-nazi style apartheid government of Abkhazia, just look at the neo-fascist behavior of Apsua militia in Gali.

Tell me Ashana, why do Apsua insist on retaining control of Gali where 89% of the population are Georgians, and historically it has been part of Mingrelia not Abkhazia?

Oh thats right, you are hypocrites.
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by: Andrew from: Auckland
August 29, 2010 12:41
As for this particular piece of stupidity "the Armenians or Azeris which have such a huge settlement s there"

Lets see, Georgian 83.8%
Azeri 6.5%
Armenian 5.7%
Russian 1.5%
Other 2.5%

All ethnic minorities in Georgia have the right to vote.

Compare this to Abkhazia, where Georgians used to be the largest ethnic group at 47%, and those that are left in Gali (making up 88% or so of the population in Gali) are denied the right to vote at all, or learn in their native language.

Abkhazians = Apratheid

You will be remembered for your crimes, you have made no other contribution to history unfortunately.

And now the Russians are going to breed you out.

by: Brazilian Man from: São Paulo - SP - Brazil
August 27, 2010 22:04
Theoretically Abkhazia is a “sovereign nation”. In practice, it is just another Russian 3rd-class backward province like Chechnya and Dagestan.
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by: Assir from: Sukhum
August 28, 2010 17:09
to the Man from Brazil

Where did you find it out and did you learn it in the University of Brazil?
In Response

by: Vakhtang from: Moscow
August 29, 2010 09:25
To the man from country of murderes.
What do you have against Brazil University?
You're better enlight folks about sukhum-apsya university,were the level of education is lower then the level you can get in the course on liquidation of illiteracy.

by: Vakhtang from: Moscow
August 28, 2010 09:19
To apsya who commited crimes against humanity and illegaly living in russian,armenian,georgian,greek,jewish houses.

To ashana from bandit place abkhazia.

Stop prove the unprovable!!

About ethnic cleaning of georgians in abkhazia knows the whole WORLD.

You can stand on you head but you can nothing change.

abkhazes went down in history as murderes of woman and children
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