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Protesters Beaten In Moldova


After recent violent protests, footage of demonstrators getting dragged away and beaten by what appears to be plain-clothes police officers has been making headlines in Moldova and Romania.

The video, available on youTube, was recorded yesterday by a cameraman and reporter for a Moldovan Internet news portal,

It shows protesters asking the plain-clothes police officers where they have taken their fellow protesters, who had been demonstrating outside a government building.

But at around 2:50 in the video, the police officers start rounding up and dragging away protesters who strayed from the main group.

-- Eugen Tomiuc

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by: Alan from: london
April 11, 2009 22:15
appalling ! How do I get in touch with the church in Moldova?<br /><br />

by: Elena
April 12, 2009 14:12
Alan, join the Church of Jesus Christ in Moldova group on Facebook - it is a group for Young Christians in Moldova ...

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