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Right Defenders Demand Release Of Missionary In Kazakhstan

International human rights organizations are expressing concern over the fate of Elizaveta Drenicheva, who was jailed in Kazakhstan on January 9 for her missionary activities.

She was found guilty of propagating harmful religious teachings and sentenced to two years in jail.

She represented the Unification Church founded by Sun Myung Moon.

The secretary-general of the Eurasian Council of Peace, Vladimir Petrovsky, told RFE/RL today that Drenicheva has religious views similar to many other religions and that her organization has not been banned by Kazakhstan.

Human rights defenders consider Drenicheva a prisoner of conscience and have demanded her immediate release.
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by: Randy Orr from: Sumner, WA
January 16, 2009 20:29
This is unacceptable in a world that is embracing more and more tolerance among cultures and religions.

by: Laura H from: Dallas, TX USA
January 17, 2009 03:38
This is truly wrong. Without religious freedom, no country is truly free. The international community should express its outrage and this woman must be set free. Is this a Muslim nation? They should be horribly ashamed of themselves and realize they are creating more bad impressions of Islam.

by: Mike
January 17, 2009 04:19
Rev moon claims to be the reincarnation of Christ. Let him save his follower.

by: Dani from: Ireland
January 17, 2009 14:01
She has to be freed right away!She has 3 children and did no wrong.Unfortunately Kazakhstan has long way to go to democracy.It is a dictatorship similar to what I as a Bulgarian used to live under during the comminism.Individuals had no freedom of speech or to practice their religion.The Unification Church's teaching can only contribute to our society,bringing peace,love and harmony among all people,religions and nations.Elizaveta didn't do harm to anybody. She should go back to her family,her 3 kids are waiting for her.She was teaching about family values which are never being taught by the Comminists.It is a regime which destroys the family where love should live.I am angry that nowdays some nations are still so narrow and blind,living in their coo-coo land.Wake up!You can't kill the human spirit which longs to achieve a higher ground.Free Elizaveta and stop treating people as your puppets!She is free to share her views,especially when it helped her life.She wants to help others to find the true meaning in life,to find hope and happiness.Is that a crime that harms people?No way!I am standing right beside her and defend her!If you are a person who is open minded,who seeks to find the truth you can't be standing there observing or accusing like you MIKE.I have never seen such an attitude.You don't have to be UC member to defend Elizaveta!Your indifferent attitude shows to me that this world needs teaching like Rev.Moon's because it is the one of True Love and Unification.You won't see many teachings these days that teach these kind of values.Who these days lives for the sake of others?Tell me?Well,Rev.Moon does teach these things and is not a crime.What do you think?So,FREE ELIZAVETA!!!!!Best regards,Dani and my family from Cavan,Ireland

by: Steve from: USA
January 17, 2009 17:58
I have read the charges against her. They are adsurb. She is charged with teaching intolerance for saying that we should try to be better people. If the government of Kazakhstan believes in tolerance then they should tolerated her opinions as well.

by: Wayne from: Spartanburg, SC
January 17, 2009 18:58
This is intolerable. These charges are bizarre. This story will be on the world news page of my website until this girl is set free.

by: Paul Carlson from: USA
January 17, 2009 19:00
Laura, if you check some relevant UTube videos, you will see the leader of the Muslims in Kazakhstan speaking out FOR Elizaveta. They are on the right side, here.<br /><br />Mike, you are heartless . . . if you're a Christian you should feel ashamed. Haven't Christians been prosecuted for the very same &quot;convenient&quot; reasons, in many tyrannical nations? Doesn't your own denomination ever face controversy, or some doctrinal dispute? Of course it does.

by: Pier from: Harpers Ferry
January 20, 2009 09:22
I think the jailing of our sister in Kazakhstan is a shame!<br />I know how the communist work, I’ve seen them up-close: they accuse innocent people of committing a crime that does not exist to scare them or force them to shut down whatever activities they don’t like. That’s an old KGB tactic.<br />That’s the first step; other more mean spirited attacks will follow.<br />We cannot just sit and wait for this to be resolved by a bunch of low-life bureaucrats that never what to change anything. (They still dream of Socialism to come back)<br />We should organize a demonstration in front of the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan - <br />1401 16th Street, NW Washington, DC 20036 Tel: 202 232 5488 Fax: 202 232 5845E.<br />Call everyone you know in the greater Washington DC area right after the inauguration and let's demonstrate for justice and freedom. We have to free this sister!<br />I’m committed call 304.876.2810 and let us discuss how and when we can organize a group to demonstrate in front of the Kazakhstan Embassy.<br /><br />

by: Kuni Itoh from: USA
January 21, 2009 04:08
All she was teaching is to live a life you can be proud of centered on god. A moonie or not, how is that different from any other christian belief. She needs to be freed!

by: Bolt from: Malaysia
January 21, 2009 13:36
Elizaveta Drenicheva shouldn't be jailed. But Unification Church is rather harmful.
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