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The Last Song Of A Glacier

As world leaders meet in Copenhagen to address the threat of climate change, some people are already witnessing its effects firsthand. U.S. photographer Julia Calfee spent several months in the Swiss Alps taking pictures and sound recordings to document the changes in a glacier as local temperatures rise.

During an exhibit of her photographs in Prague, RFE/RL spoke with Calfee about her impressions while photographing the glacier and recording its slow demise.

Audio slide show

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by: will from: berlin
December 10, 2009 23:42
The soundtrack is kinda cool, until she gets into the hippie nonsense at the end. "He wants to be there"?

by: Milena Findeis from: Prague
December 11, 2009 15:49
The whole text of the artist Julia Calfee "The Last Songs of the Glaciers" see

by: Peter from: Switzerland
December 23, 2009 15:45
Very impressive. Sounds like the helicopter attack in Apocalypse Now!