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What Were Sarkozy And Medvedev So Angry About?

Did they nearly come to blows? Or was it just friendly presidential banter?

This is Sarkozy and Medvedev at the Washington nuclear summit.

Apparently, they were all smiles afterwards.

Any ideas anyone?

-- Luke Allnutt
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by: Jms from: Slovkia
April 14, 2010 18:25
Medvedev: "get out from my place".

Sarkozi: "No, Shut up. I lost last elections in France and i am trying to consentrate here to understand how You managed to rule country from the top :)))

by: Catherine Fitzpatrick from: New York
April 15, 2010 00:19
Maybe you need to open up a caption contest.

Here's mine, with the headline "Frappe Flap":

Sarkozy: "I have three words for you, Dima: force de frappe!"
Medvedev: "You know how fast those Mistrals can sail back, big guy?"

by: asdf
April 17, 2010 06:07
Whatever it was, Medvedev won the argument. And the woman in the background looks hot.


by: Oscar Franklin from: London
April 21, 2010 09:01
Sarkozy: "We won, and anyway, who sets fire to their own capital??!!!"

Medvedev: "Won? Don't make me laugh, we covered you with corpses. I suppose the retreat was a "strategic withdrawal"?"

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