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Abkhaz Foreign Ministry Complains About Georgian 'Terrorism'

Abkhazia's Foreign Ministry has called on the United States, United Nations, and Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) to pressure Georgia into halting what it called "terrorist activities" in a district bordering Georgia.

The ministry said the number of terrorist actions recorded in the Gali district "gives evidence to Georgia's wide-ranging campaign to terrorize inhabitants of this Abkhaz region."

The Gali district is mostly populated by ethnic Georgians.

The breakaway Georgian region urged the United States, UN, and OSCE to "pressure Georgia into stopping acts of terror on Abkhaz territory."

Abkhaz State Security Service chief Aslan Bzhania said on June 20 residents of the Gali area were being kidnapped and another resident of a village in the district was reportedly kidnapped early on June 22.

There were no reports of a response to these accusations from Georgian authorities.

Abkhazia declared independence from Georgia in the early 1990s.

Russia recognized Abkhazia and another Georgian separatist region, South Ossetia, as independent states after the August 2008 Russia-Georgia war.

Since then, only Venezuela, Nicaragua, and the Pacific island states of Nauru and Tuvalu have recognized the region's independence.

Based on reporting by Interfax and ITAR-TASS
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
June 25, 2012 11:35
Georgia cannot be accused in anything on its territory,
populated for thousands of years by Georgian ethnografic groups, Lasicans, Svans, Mengrelians, and other Georgians (80%), or even so called 20% of "Abkhazian" population in 20% of territory in Northern Abkhazia - Apsilians and Sinigians.

Only when Russia and its international brigades of spies, dressed up as Quislings, invaded Abkhazia in 1992-93 and expelled most of Georgian population, including about half of genuin "Abkhazians" from Northern Abkhazia, preceiding by
genocide against Georgians, Russia and its pseudo-Abkhazian spies started made some demands in name of Quislings of Russian occupiers from Adygeya and remaining under a gun point half of "Abkhazians" in the North of Abkhazia (all about 40 thousands).

Some Geogians returned to Gali and Ochamchiri region in South Abkhazia, being since 1990-th kidnaped, tortured and murdered
By Russian Spetcnaz and GRU spies, including their agentura
from Adygeya, Chechnia and other parts of (temporary) Russian Federation and some local Quislings, like Ardzinba, Ashba and so on, not unlike Bagapsh from Ochamciri - who was told that his wife was saduced once in 1970-th by a Venecian Casanova from Mengrelia, (working for Russians), thus he must avange against Georgians - as he did as Russians asked - hiding Russians and international armies (GRU, Spetcnaz) of genocide, along with tanks and artillery during sease fire in 1993,
when Georgian home guard agreed with demand of Kohi Annan
and withdrawn behind Inguri.

Only for the last year or so, number of abuses of local Georgians, like Gali district, receided after annexation by Russia
and cleansing...

Probably the kidnappings related to Russian GRU and Spetcnaz
However, even if local Georgians in Gali district are involved in
resistance type activety against notorious perpetrators of abuses
and crimes against humanity, or it is just controlled by Russia
and International "Psy" (pseudo-Abkhazian Russian spies"
gangs mafia type wars - it would be understandable...

In any case, it is not unlike hysterical screams of Hitler,
accusing his victims before, during and after acts of aggression or genocide against them:
"Pure German People!
Bloody criminal Jews!
Bloody criminal Pols!
Bloody criminal Serbs!
Bloody criminal French resistance!
Bloody criminal "bandita partisana!
Pure GRU, Spetcnaz and Adyga People!"

As for terroristm - I was victim of it since childhood in USSR and
since 1980 in USA - terrorists and kidnappers are Russians and
their Quislings from few other places, from Belorussia through
Abkhazia, from Eastern Europe through "Birobijan"!
In USA they slender to CIA and incite them against millions of
non-Russians that once lived in the Eastern countries, including
myself - usually by greed to plagiarize, or use rediculous excuse of force "recroutment", or accusation of being "red", or any other thing that can wisit only head of Ivans or mad dogs - CIA goes for it with exitment - to steal and to do evil simce common trend for Rashka and Nazi blyashka that staff KGB and CIA alike...

A decade ago Abkhazian terrorists were harrassing me inSupermarkets and other public places threatening to cut-off my head as they did to Georgians in Abkhasia in 1992-93, after my first publications on Internet...

by: Pietro from: Roma
June 26, 2012 14:38
Disgusting Georgian bandits. Leave Abkhazia and the rest of the Caucasus away from your slave mentality and corrupt plans!
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
June 28, 2012 16:54
"Pietro" not "from Roma", "slave mentality" is you,
Varaga-Prussaka sadist or Rashka-Buikashka masahist
With "corrupt plans" of 1954 Russo-Brito-Germo-Austrio twist
To restore empires against CIS nations, using A-bombs too,
Received from Bechtel for personal use by Russian bists.

You changing names like Casaniova changing lovers,
In this case pretending to be both, Italian from Roma
And inciting Caucasus Halifat "Abkhaz ne vse doma"
In sheep's skin. Veteran of genocide on Georgians?
Got home and garden in Abkhazia to breed Ivans?
In Response

by: Pietro from: Roma
July 02, 2012 14:51
Excuse me, your verbal diarrhea made no sense to me. Could you repeat in legible and coherent English, please? Or are they not paying you enough to properly convey your thoughts over there at the Ministry of Diaspora Issues in Tbilisi? Grow up!
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
July 03, 2012 08:50
1. You must be Russian, spread by Putin everywhere, using rudely pronouncuation of names that suppos to sound like in country of residence, while using typical language of impudent Russian propaganda and mentality of GRU and Spetcnaz veterans of genocides that threatening and patronizing people and even often, not unlike Umarov, show a finger, like they marking one with different poin of view for killing.

2. Slavery wasn't known to pre-Georgian for-fathers of Caucasian race and Human Civilization (look pictures at site, but Russia was most voulgar sado-mazahist slavery, like in Lermontov's:
"...Strana rabov, strana skotov..." - so, the slave must be you,
Russian, whether Sadsist Varyaga or mazashist "Bukashka".

3. Russian aggression and crimes against Humanity started again in 1954-56, when Russians, including those of German extraction, leured into pact to resurect colonial empires the Quin and her motrher and Bechtel family.
Beside H-bombs parity being acheived with USA by USSR,
ethnic Russian Federation got from them, through Bechtel, incinuating kidnapping of his son, blueprints of Atomic Power Plant to produce a lot of concentrate for tactical A-bombs, personale stash for ethnic Russians to bomb non-Russian republics in order to conquer them for a new Russian Colonial Empire.
Provoking and invading Hungary, Cheks, Eastern Europe, Afghanistan's genocide, Nerve gas in Georgia, genocide in Abkhazia, clensings and conquest of North Caucasus, Beslan and invasion into South Osetia, annexation of East Moldova, blocades and blackmail of CIS nations - all links of the same chain that was plotted since 1954-56.

The were not genuin separatism in all of those places - they are
secret armies of Russia, some children of WW2 criminals in turbans...

by: Anonymous
June 30, 2012 10:03
from an outside perspective the discussions and accusations are very disappointing.
it's not really tangible why Georgians and Abkhaz could not coexist in one nation. In a region where that many languages are spoken and that many ethnic communities exist it's astonishing that diversity is not embraced as enrichment.
too many political and territorial claims certainly impede a peaceful co-existence. it's not quite understandable who exactly profits except for a very small minority.
Georgians and Abkhaz should find a solution regardless of the past years of conflict.
In the history that goes back many hundreds of years they fought many battles together and were united countless times.
If the languages surely are quite different the genes and the cultural heritage are very similar and in any case in many aspects intertwined.
hope reason prevails!
In Response

by: Michael from: NY
July 02, 2012 14:50
The answer is clear: a separate state for Georgians, and a separate state for the Abkhazians, as it was in the past. The Georgians are too racist and nationalist to live in peace with anyone. Even now, Mingrelians are being persecuted for wanting more language/cultural rights (which counteracts against what the Kartvelian majority say about there being "no discrimination" in Georgia proper), Meskhetians, Armenians, and Azeris are being threatened, and Adjars continue their struggle to be respected for who they are, despite danger from being assimilated completely by the Kartvelian group. What a pity. With all this, it's no wonder that the Abkhaz want to go back to having their own country. With "friends" like this, who needs enemies? By the way, Anonymous, depending on which Georgian group you refer to, they are actually not native to the region and thus have little in common with the Abkhaz other than what they "borrowed" from their neighbors in regards to cultural traits like food, clothing (from Circassians, aka the "cherkesska"), music, and so on. Historically, all of the Caucasus was interconnected in some way or another, but this does not give Georgians any rights to claim land and people that do not belong to them. With that, I hope the world will recognize Abkhazia and Ossetia (the descendants of ancient Sarmatians, which any history buff knows of) soon, for they truly deserve it!

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