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Abkhaz Leader Sergei Bagapsh Dies

Abkhaz leader Sergei Bagapsh was in his second term as president of the breakaway region.
Abkhaz leader Sergei Bagapsh was in his second term as president of the breakaway region.
Sergei Bagapsh, de facto president of the unrecognized Republic of Abkhazia, died in Moscow early on May 29, one week after undergoing lung surgery. He was 62, and had headed the republic since early 2005.

An agronomist by training, Bagapsh began his political career in the Komsomol (Union of Communist Youth) and the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Unconfirmed reports say he participated actively in the 1992-93 war that culminated in the Georgian government's effective loss of control over the region. He was named first deputy chairman of the unrecognized republic's government in 1993, then served as prime minister from 1997 to 1999.

Bagapsh was elected president in January 2005 after an acrimonious standoff with then-Prime Minister Raul Khajimba, the republic's Russian-backed former KGB head who finished second in the first round of voting. In a deal brokered by senior Russian politicians, Bagapsh and Khajimba ran as a tandem in the repeat vote.

As national leader, Bagapsh sought to balance pragmatism and realism with the maximum defense of Abkhazia's hard-won independence from Georgia. Prior to the August 2008 Russian-Georgian war that served as the catalyst for Moscow's recognition of the breakaway republics of Abkhazia and South Ossetia as independent states, Bagapsh and his foreign minister, Sergei Shamba, had persistently sought dialogue with Tbilisi on the optimum model for coexistence as separate polities.

To that end, Bagapsh unveiled in early May 2006 peace proposals titled "Key to the Future" that envisaged, among other things, an end to Georgian political and economic pressure on Abkhazia; the signing of a formal peace treaty; guarantees by the international community and the UN Security Council to preclude the resumption of hostilities between Georgia and Abkhazia; consultations between Bagapsh and Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili on peaceful coexistence; cooperation in the fight against organized crime; and broad regional cooperation, including Abkhaz participation in multilateral cooperation within the parameters of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization and the European Union's New Neighborhood Program.

Even though Georgia rejected that overture, the European Union embarked in 2006 on talks with the de facto Abkhaz authorities under the rubric of "engagement without recognition."

Domestic Opposition

Paradoxically, the formal recognition of Abkhazia by Russia narrowed Bagapsh's freedom of maneuver without enhancing his status as national leader.

Over the past two years, opposition parties have systematically accused Bagapsh of betraying national interests, both by making unnecessary and unacceptable concessions to Russia over such issues as the Russian military presence in Abkhazia, economic cooperation, and by seeking to facilitate the acquisition by the republic's Georgian minority of Abkhaz citizenship.

Journalists and representatives of civil society have criticized him for restrictions on the media, and for failing to crack down on official corruption or expedite meaningful reforms.

Despite that constant criticism, Bagapsh was reelected for a second term in December 2009 with 60 percent of the vote, defeating four rivals. Khajimba, the erstwhile Soviet apparatchik who has reinvented himself as an Abkhaz nationalist, placed second with 15 percent. Since then, Khajimba has systematically sought to build up his power base while seizing every opportunity to denigrate Bagapsh

One year ago, Khajimba was elected head of the main opposition party, the Forum of National Unity of Abkhazia, and immediately called on the opposition to begin preparing for the parliamentary elections due in 2014.

In line with the Abkhaz constitution, early presidential elections must be held within three months following the president's death; until then, de facto Vice President Aleksandr Ankvab will serve as acting president, according to parliament speaker Nugzar Ashuba.

Whether Ankvab, who served as prime minister during Bagapsh's first term and whom Bagapsh has described as "scrupulous, exceptionally honest, competent and hard-working," will run for president is not yet clear. Khajimba most certainly will.

Other potential candidates are Shamba, who has served since January 2010 as prime minister, and businessman Beslan Butba, the leader of the Economic Development Party of Abkhazia. Butba ran against Bagapsh in December 2009, but placed only fourth with just 8 percent of the vote.

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by: sephia karta from:
May 30, 2011 11:25
The opposition will have a hard time to win that election, since it will be difficult to criticise Bagapsh's policies now that he is dead. Plus people are still quite satisfied with the government which might have been different three years from now.

The big question is how many government candidates there will be, and what United Abkhazia will do. They have by far the best party network, but neither Ankvab nor Shamba is a member, and there is even some bad history there. There is a chance that its chairman, Daur Tarba, who was Vice-Premier until last February, will give it a shot himself.

It will also be interesting to see whether the United Abkhazia-dominated parliament will act more independently if Ankvab or Shamba becomes the next president.

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
May 30, 2011 18:26
Where is my comment again?
You already super-imposed before me your own comment,
with a thought that comprise from my comment about death
of Bagapsh makes it difficult to critisize.
It is another sniky form of plagiarizm!
My comment should be before his...

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
May 31, 2011 04:01
Bagapsh must be the one from Ochamchiry,
Another ethnic Georgian sub-province in Abkhazia,
Populated by Lasica - part of the betrail of end of Century.
As desarmed Georgians moved their men, guns and leave,
Re-armed by Russians secret armies of pseudo-Abkhazians
Were accumulating artillery and tanks in Ochamchira mines.

Than, betraying sease fire, they genocidized on defenceless.
He died - for Russia to talk about him - all the time on news,
Russian annex-propaganda. He even might be quite alive,
With a mission of Russia and army of Russian "Lugovoys",
Take care of critics of expanding into Europe Russia strive.
In Response

by: KingDavid from: Los Angeles
June 04, 2011 20:02
Despite any intelligent person's best efforts to keep silent when reading the drivel and garbage that is Konstantin's posts, I must comment on the second one and say that he is absolutely lying about Mr. Bagapsh's (RIP) sources. OF COURSE he is not a Georgian, how dare you insinuate that? And funny that you try to call Abkhazia a "sub-province" of Georgia, when Georgians themselves are the foreigners in the region. History books note Georgian roots are not native to the Caucasus and in fact your own writers and historians make mention of this. You should read this quote, you fool:

""... Для исследователей истории грузинского народа ситуация осложняется еще тем обстоятельством, что Кавказ не является первоначальной родиной грузин, и поэтому здесь (в Грузии) не надо искать источники их культуры.""...

И.А.Джавахишвили. Соч., т.1., Тбилиси, 1959 год, стр.47-48.

In English:

""... For researchers of the history of the Georgian people the situation is further complicated by the fact that the Caucasus is not the original home of the Georgians, and so here (in Georgia) is not necessary to search for the sources of their culture .""...

I. Javakhishvili. Cit., Volume 1., Tbilisi, 1959, p.47-48.

So, next time you attempt to spread lies and falsehoods on the Internet (which I know you are paid or egged on to do by your government) maybe you should remember that people actually know the truth about your people and will not hesitate to use it against you when you are pathetic enough to write such trash! Do not even bother writing again and go harass others. Sergei was a great man and it is unfortunate that he passed so early in his life.

RIP Sergei Bagash and viva ABKHAZIA!!!!!

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
June 05, 2011 20:48
I never knew one said he was Intelligent,
Unless he is mediocre-impudent "Grafoman",
Calling himself "King David" or Napoleon, or "ment"
And snitch of Russia, like "Dzaglioev", covardly kill man,
In abmbush (Iliya Chavchavadze). - Another Russia's agent.

Someone like Morozov - Gauliter of expanding Russia breed,
Russian and one forced marry or raped Osetins by Boldyrevs,
Arrogant enough usurp King David of Israel, or Georgian king,
First of Iber (Juda) and Median (Tamar) another of Iber's gene,
(Southern Georgia and Kartly) - married to Chechen Princess.

David must be sick "otmorozok", of Russia desecrating people
And making them "Anychars" - (slaves-soldiers, or slaves-liers,
Order of Russia nazi bandits and their coatch - Levite "Luhes".)
Let start with his lie "Abkhazia... sub province of Georgia" - I said
"Ochamchiry... sub province of Abkhazia" - it was part of "Lasica"!

Not intelligent, but dishonorably canning impudent Russian odor.

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
June 07, 2011 08:12
Not intelligent, but dishonorably canning impudent Russian odor
And not unlike in Russian foretails, "Here a Russian odor smells",
With him Russian government machine made order to lying motor,
Unlike me (another lie of David). I never had any government at all.
I was born be sentenced to die, by Russia - no nation dare oppose.

Nobody pay me, I pay for all I need, usually reparing, re-assembling
And helping old bed-bound mother, all that I created is expropriated,
By Russia, its Western partners in crime, USSR Babilon, conspired,
And instead of hundreds billions of royalties I have nothing to merits.

You on another hand, must have enough resources, maybe parents,
Here in LA with high payed jobs or a business, from spread arround
Shear of expropriated from me and alike wealth, bring lie in the West.
I feel sorry for you, non-Russian slaves of Russia, lost native ground
As part of fuede with us - instead of milleniums of Dignity and Honor.

Now, David is as boldly as typical Russia - lies without reasonabillity,
It is why West believed them - indeed, why lie without accountabillity?
Rashka would! Before a count - victims gone, and vitnesses and you!
Go figure, if only Brits will be left as "chistodels" for "How Do You Do?"

I sad Ochamchiri is SUB-PROVINCE OF "ABKHAZIA" that consists of
about 5 sub-provinces, all pre-Georgians: part of Mengrelia - "Gal'sky";
Part of Lazika - "Ochamchirsky"; part of Svanetia - "Kodorsky"; a City of
Suhumy with district - all above and other Georgians - through history;
Once Sinigi and Apsily - same (Apsily more genes of "Cro-Magnons").

Apsily - "Gudautsky" - during forming of Georgian ethnoces, some left
For hunting - not unlike "Latins" that return to betray Rome and Reme,
Only they didn't at the time. But being invaded by Gado-Afro-Adyga teaft
And being mixed, they turn barbaric - till real King David (not you David)
Liberated Gudauta and Sochi and "Apsily" mixed with Georgians again.

Only be changed again, lately by invading Lenin's Cossacks and Adygas,
By Hrutchev's influx of Party, KGB, GRU, Spetcnas and spies-Adyga again
Build false illusion of "Gudauta Psy-Adyga nation" - even most "Apsily" left.
So, Russian occupiers have Gudauta with their nazi-International barygas.

4. Where Georgians are from? - (pictures)!

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
June 11, 2011 08:46
Where Georgians are from? - (pictures)
Tell that archeologic and scientific chronology of Human Civilization,
With agriculture and metallurgy, came from heart of Georgia main,
That was in heart of Caucasus. Where from could they came?
History sources and Bible correlating with such evaluation.

The Ivan Djavahishvili forged in Zarist Russia St. Pitersburg
And based his once erroneous words on a Russia-Prussia
Claim that Caucasus was barbarian, Georgia made Russia,
So Georgians from somewhere, invading as Varangian hord.

Quite an Ivan, his ansestry could be Java, influxed by Osetins,
Pushed by Russia from Osetia and promissed Georgian land.
Maybe Javahishvili didn't mean it, but it was policy of "Cousins",
Even in USSR some Georgian told me - true history is forbiden,
Or envious Russia and Empires would genocide against them.

They expedited murder Stalin in 1953 because book of Krober,
"Antropology today", printed, was about to be released to public,
In wich first table of blood groups and M, m, N, n genes did bear
Convincing prove - Georgians being in Caucasian chain top link,
Through wich all Caucasian race and Human Civilization related.

Falshood are you, probably Russian proxy, acting as another fool,
Like Ivan Javahishvili, whose name is mentioned in many sources
Of history of Georgia as a quite intrigous clan, ploting for the gools
Against Georgia and Georgian Kings. Forgeting old feud of Feudal,
One have remember - Russia looks for it - betray to rule and to hull.

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
June 11, 2011 20:11
One have remember - Russia looks for it - betray to rule and to bald,
They would turn clan Javahishvili agains Georgia, as they did to you,
Even the wording of Ivan Javahishvili, most probably not same view
And meaning you giving to it. Following the highest IQ in The World
One would end up with the best Caucasians, looking Georgian too.

USSR scientists came to the same conclusion. Even before Peter,
Also presumed that pre-Georgia had some 20 millions evolution,
200-250 IQ and later mixed arround old World with Cro-Magnon,
With pick in heart of Georgia and picks of emerged civilizations.
It would explain IQ unsertainty - not firs-born rights in Georgia!

All falsehoods are yours, hood! Threaten Freedom of Speach?
"People actually know the truth about your people and will not
Hesitate to use it against you when you are... ...WRITE such",
Is a direct threat - who is teaching you? The "Luhes" lying plot
That he started in 1947 - bringing crowd stone me for Russia?

Just because I refused be plagiarized by Russian leaders at 4
In 1947, sentenced with mother to death by Russian Moscow -
He learned it when we arrived to Moldova (change jurisdiction)
And joined war against me for Russians, with entusiastic bow
To expanding Russian Empire. Is it he, teaching David to treat?

Trash is you! You can "RIP Sergey Bagapsh and viva ABKHAZIA"
As much as you wish, or as much as your Russian masters tell,
With advisory of "Luhes". Don't pervert history as Russian "lazha"
And don't threaten me - you both might go back to Russian helll.
As for Bagapsh - he was KGB and he was leader in Ochamchira.

He was there at the helm, as Russian occupiers - secret armies
Of Bolshevic Party, KGB, GRU, Spetcnaz were plotting genocide
And betrayed UN cease-fire hiding in Ochamchiri caves all arms,
And unleashing genocide against the desarmed Georgian side.

Many of my relatives were killed - some were murdered bestially.
Threatening again? Maybe he was the "great man" - in a pig eye
Of Russian leaders, ruling class and expanding armies of death.
(I don't care, maybe he had be avangeing against a Russian spy,
Venecian, dressed Mengrel, who insulted his wife?) - Fact is fact.

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