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And Vanuatu Makes Five

The parliament of Vanuatu in Port Vila
The parliament of Vanuatu in Port Vila
Vanuatu, an island nation in the South Pacific that is a member of the United Nations, has clarified its position on Abkhazia -- recognition.

The confusion arose five days earlier when Vanuatu’s ambassador to the UN, Donald Kalpokas, denied that his government had recognized Abkhazia.

Alfred Carlot, Vanuatu’s foreign minister, clarified in a YouTube video that there is, in fact, recognition of Georgia’s breakaway region as of May 23, 2011. Vanuatu thus joins Nicaragua, Nauru, Venezuela, and, of course, Russia in establishing diplomatic relations with Abkhazia.

It has not been announced yet how Vanuatu (population: 243,307) will be represented in Abkhazia and how many diplomats will be stationed there. In comparison, Vanuatu’s representation at the United Nations, the global center of international diplomacy, consist of two diplomats, one of whom -- Kalpokas -- is a former prime minister.

Abkhazia and Vanuatu are approximately 14,000 kilometers apart and have no recorded history of trade or other commercial activities.

-- Nikola Krastev
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by: Johann from: USA
June 12, 2011 00:28
I think, that Iceland, should also recognize Abkhazia. All the top brass at that island are former Commies. The president, the foreign minister, and the Interior minster, that controls the police. The foreign minister controls the Icelandic peacekeeping force, that is located in Afghanistan.

by: Maaja from: Tartu
June 13, 2011 18:30
Abkhazia was an independent Soviet republich between 1921 - 31 and its status was downgraded by Stalin -a Georgian- from that of Union Republic to that of an Autonomous Republic within Georgia. Rest of the world recognizing Stalin's border, so we should welcome that Vanuatu didn't recognizing Stalin's borders. Probably we will see more recognition soon.
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by: Robert from: UK
June 14, 2011 03:27
Maaja - are you joking? An *Independent* Soviet republic? Surely it was not independent from Moscow. And should one recognize the borders of 1921 simply because they were the borders of 1921? That would necessitate a lot of redrawing of maps. Vauatu's on-again, off-again, then on-again recognition is more of an embarrassment to Abkhazia's assertion of independence than a bolster to it. I don't expect a sudden tide of recognitions to follow -- rather, I expect Vanuatu's political leaders, beleaguered as they are by rising sea levels, got to pocket some money in return for the gesture. Abkhazia was carved out of Georgia by force and in contravention of international law by Russia. And the dubious precedent of Kosovo does nothing to legitimize it.
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by: Linda from: Abkhazia
June 19, 2011 06:46
Hi Robert,
Before you start commenting on Caucasus issues i advice you to read more about it. Start with UK sources. I would be grateful if you share your oppinion with me afterwards
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by: Rasto from: UK
June 20, 2011 08:36
If by UK sources you mean that biased sicko and liar that works at the institute of orientalistics in London and presents himslef as an expert on politics of Caucasus and writes biased arttilces that are published on doznes of Abkhaz webs than I am sorry for you. That guy cannot even answer to the emails when someone points out what a nonsense he had written and presnts him with arguments. He had written several articles published on where he openly lied about population censuses in Abkahazia since 1886 and based his argumentations on the lies. This person is abolsutelly politically biased manouvering people's opinion by manipulating with facts and figures. It is a huge shame that this guy is still employed by the institute.
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by: aleko from: Tallinn
June 14, 2011 08:32
Dear Maaja,

Abkhazia always was part of Georgia, it is impossible to deny long before 1921. Georgian Christian churches which are located in Abkhazia dates back to 5 century. And majority of population living in Abkhazia were Georgians. Not a single entity, even self proclaimed and criminal acted like Abkhaz with the support of Russians acted in Abkhazia - expelling 300 000 Georgians and then declaring their so-called independence. Nobody will accept this, ever! In the end trugh will prevail. Abkhazia is Georgian land, it was so and it will be so!
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by: David from: Los Angeles
June 18, 2011 17:17
the "majority" of people living in Abkhazia were Georgians because your people managed to commit genocide and expel the true natives of this land from the 19th century. Your people then were encouraged to flood and settle in empty native Abkhaz homes and lands. No wonder you were a "majority". Do you think people are stupid and don't know this? You should be ashamed of yourself. By the way, why does this IDP number always change with you people? Your own idiot leader said it was 500,000, I read last week 250,000, and now you said 300,000? Which is it? And most of them left on their own accord and this is easily proven with FACTS. Don't lie to appease your own stance!!! ABKHAZIA IS ABKHAZIA. Be careful with your comments, what is known as Georgia today is bits and pieces of stolen land from their neighbors. Remember that your people were newcomers to this land when the Circassians, Abkhaz, Ubykh, and Alanians were there for thousands of years before you. History does not lie. You do.
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by: Rasto from: UK
June 20, 2011 09:02
Homes were vacated in Abkhazia, because Russian imperialistic interests in whole Caucasus. Crimea and Balkans. You cannot take oput Abkhazian case as one isolated from plethora of armed conflicts where Russia fought against Turkey and its allies. Bad luck some Abkhazian warlords defined themselves as Russian allies some as Turkish allies. At the beginning of the 19th century even Abkhazian principality did not exist as the Shervashidze Abkhazia was merely a Sukhum district. All other territory was occupied by dozens of tribal Circassian warlords fighting against each other. And as surprise - guess what ??? Some Abkhaz warlords with their troops fought alongside Russians against other Abkhazians who were dispelled. So talking about Georgian's genocide against Abkhazians in the 19th century is more than ridiculous.

by: Anonymous
June 14, 2011 11:10
Abkhazia, was independent in the most of her history.
Georgians are connected to Chechenians, Armenians, Circassians, and Alans the same they are connected to Abkhaz .
The so-called Georgian Churches in Abkhazia are simply Byzantic Churches that can be found all over Turkey, Syria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, North Caucasus…..
80% of Abkhaz have been deported from their native land Abkhazia in the 19th Century, and only after then Georgians immigrated to Abkhazia. Nowadays 500,000 Abkhaz are living in exile.
The Georgian Parliaments recognized the Genocide of Circassians and the right of their diaspora to return to their historic land but never did the same toward Abkhaz even they claim Abkhazia is part of their country and Abkhaz are part of their Nation.
Georgians have started the war against Abkhaz because they want Georgia for Georgians, they even claim Abkhaz were foreigners in their own homeland, and they launched an ethnic cleansing campaign against Abkhaz and other nationalities in Abkhazia. But unfortunately for them they lost and of course they were subjected to the revenge of Abkhaz.
The continuance lying about the history of Abkhazia and the about the war of 1992 means only that Georgians now are the same Chauvinists they were in 1992.
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by: to Anonymous
June 14, 2011 13:20
1. Georgian for Gerogians - this cliche or even propagandistic stigma was created by Russians, as if First President of Georgia said so, but it is not truth, please check here how the author of these words explains what he said and meant:

2. Churches on which there are ancient Georgian scripts and architecture is Georgian and in which religious Christian liturgies were performed in Georgian, how they can be Byzantic?!

3. My grandmother is Abkhaz, and I feel as Abkhaz as Georgian, and Georgians do not have chauvinistic approach towards Abkhazians, they are part of Georgian ethnicity and nationality. Just some brainwashed Abkhazians with the support of Russians started to ethnically cleanse Georgians from Abkhazia, if this is not true, why now Russians and so-called independent Abkhazia is not letting Georgian IDPs and refugees to their homes? Those who build or tries to build their being on hate and deceive will be defeated eventually, history has proved this.

4. Georgia has never started war against Abkhazia - simply you cannot start war on your territory. In my understanding it was an attempt to establish an order and fight against those groups who were radical towards ethnically Georgians. The manner it was done, is the another issue, new born country, new born armed forces, it is hard for Abkhazians and Georgians, because many innocent people died from both side. But Russian intervention was extremely nonconstructive and eventually they ended up with occupation of Georgian territories. But this occupation will end, like it ended in Eastern Europe, sooner or later.

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by: David from: Los Angeles
June 18, 2011 17:15
"Ethnically cleanse" Georgians? Just like they helped the Russian imperialists commit mass genocide and murder, rape, and infanticide against the Abkhaz, Circassians, Daghestanis, Chechens are more not even 150 years ago? Historically, that's not even that far back. Do you mean like that? Do you also want to comment on how the Georgians banned the Abkhaz from teaching their language and keeping up with their culture, like everyone else, when they were forced to be a part of Georgia thanks to their Georgian father Stalin? (a coincidence? i think not)
The Abkhaz were NEVER A PART OF GEORGIAN CULTURE. you have merely forced yourselves upon them. new studies with ANCIENT knowledge show that georgians did not even become a community or presence in the caucasus till 100 AD, while the Abkhaz can lay claim to thousands of years of history in the Caucasus. So, tell me, how is it that "Abkhazia was always a part of Georgia"? When Abkhazia was a medieval christian kingdom waging war against its neighbors, the ancestors of the modern day Georgian nation were a Muslim suzereinty under the reign of the Arab Islamic empire. So, tell me how does that make sense?

Georgia started many wars against its neighbors throughout history, Caucasians don't forget this. From ancient times, till their eager involvement in the Russo-Caucasian Wars, till the 20th century, the last war they waged in Abkhazia, and Ossetia in 2008. Georgians do not want peace in the region. If they did, they would recognize these states and let these people live fruitful and peaceful lives. These people have to live on edge because they are always worried about Georgians committing yet another genocide against them. What a pity your people can't wake up and accept the facts. Abkhazia will NEVER BE A PART OF GEORGIA AGAIN!
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by: Rasto from: UK
June 20, 2011 08:46
to David.
..David you are absolutely taking out of the context situation at the beginning of 19th centuries and on the basis of actions of few subjugated Georgian warlords (to Russians) you are artificially creating a collective or national blame to all Georgian nation. I think this is sick. No one can deny opportunistic behaviour of new settlers from Georgia who took vacated Abkhazian homes after Mulsim Abkhaz were forced out and flee to Turkey and other countries. But alongside Georgians, Russians, Armenians , Jews, Greeks and others used that opportunity and grabbed land. Seems to me you never blamed others just Russinas. On the other hand Circassians and Abkhaz are always presented as victims and good guys. Read about Bulgraian history and what expelled Circassians and Abkhaz have done in north eastern Bulgaria when they settled there.
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by: to David from: from Abkhazia
June 20, 2011 09:46
I will start with facts:
about IDPs:
1. "As many as 212,000 ethnic Georgians remain forcibly displaced, and whereas
some ethnic Georgians have in the past been able to return to the Gali district, Abkhazian officials most recently stated that no returns to other parts of the entity will be authorised. Questions also linger as to how solid a longterm asymmetrical relationship between Russia and Abkhazia might be. Some, especially ethnic Abkhaz, who number less than 100,000 in the entity, are wary of becoming
overly reliant on Moscow economically, politically, and culturally, or essentially being assimilated." - this quotation is from the International Crisis Group Report, please see the link:
So, this means that some ethnic Georgians who returned to the Gali district are around 30 000, thus 212 000+ 30 000=242000, and plus those forcibly expelled from Kodori. So, around 250 000. THE ONLY QUESTION, HOW 100 000 ABKHAZIAN MANAGED TO EXPEL 250 000 GEORGIANS, MAYBE THERE WAS SOMEONE WHO DID "HELP" ABKHAZIANS TO DO SO?
2. Parliament of Georgia recognized the genocide of Circassians by Russian empire:; So, Russian Empire and Russians were raping and ethnically cleansing Circassians, Ubikhs, and Abazgs, not Georgian, how Georgian could do it, maybe some ethnically Georgians participated in this campaign, but Orjonikidze also was Georgian who helped to occupy independent Georgia in 1921, so you can find bastards and betrayers everywhere.

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by: to David
June 20, 2011 09:54
3. in the 19th century Georgian kingdom and sovereignty was completely destroyed and eliminated by Russian empire, many conquerers were on Georgian soil during the history, but only Russians terminated Georgian kingdom and sovereignty. So, how could Georgia "commit mass genocide and murder, rape, and infanticide against the Abkhaz, Circassians, Daghestanis, Chechens"?
IT WAS RUSSIA WHO COMMITTED SO CALLED "MUHAJIROBA" - Georgian people did not take any part in the resettlement of Abkhaz people at all. Before Muhajiroba, Russian authority abolished the Abkhaz Principality. The last ruler of Abkhazia Mikheil Shervashidze was exiled to Russia where he died; his body was buried in Abkhazia in 1866. On the funeral Abkhaz people decided to revenge Russia. Abkhaz society negotiated with the son of Mikheil Shervashidze – Giorgi Shervashidze and convinced him to lead anti-Russian movement in Abkhazia. In July-August of 1866 Abkhaz people rebelled against Russia and declared Giorgi Shervashidze to be their ruler. Russia subdued their rebel ruthlessly. They hang up part of leaders and exiled another part. The descendents of Abkhaz rulers were prohibited to arrive in Abkhazia. As a result of the rebel the first wave of resettlement of Abkhaz people to Osmal Empire started – that is Muhajiroba.
Russian authority saw the danger and concluded to get rid of Abkhaz people who were particularly annoyed about Russian government. In April-June 1867 Russian government exiled Abkhaz people from Abkhazia under force. 15 000 people were exiled only from Kodori Gorge and finally the gorge was completely abandoned by Abkhaz population. Georgian people opposed the policy of Russia towards Abkhaz people. For example, head of Gudauta Mazra (district) Dimitry Chavchavadze suggested Abkhaz people not to obey the orders of the Empire and not to resettle to Osmal Empire. However, Abkhaz people did not have right to choose because it was forcible exile.
The second wave of Muhajiroba started in 1877 which was anteceded by another rebel of Abkhaz people against Russia. The rebel caused the second wave of exile. Part of Abkhaz people exiled in Osmal Empire tried to return back to Abkhazia but they could not enter there and settled in Adjara.
4. about the language and preservation of culture:
Georgian public figures of the XIX-XX centuries Iakob Gogebashvili, Kirion Sadzaglishvili, Ambrosi Khelaia and others stated that Abkhaz nation was independent ethnic group and they had full right to have their own alphabet. Georgian public figures (there was not an independent Gerogian state for that as such!) did their best to assist Abkhaz people. For example, they assisted them in creation of written language and in the development and promotion of their culture. The Russian government took advantage of this cultural process and finally Russian general and linguist Petre Uslar created Abkhaz written language for them. However, under instructions of the Russian government creation of the alphabet did not aim to develop Abkhaz culture; just the opposite - they wanted to separate Abkhaz people from Georgian environment completely. Member of the Vicegerent’s Council Evgeni Veigenbaum wrote: “Abkhaz language, which is not written language, is doomed to disappearance. The point is which language will replace Abkhaz language. Not a Georgian but Russian language should introduce cultural ideas and notions in the population. So, I think, our aim should not be inculcation of the written Abkhaz language but banishment of Georgian language with the support of church and schools and replacement it by Russian language,” wrote Veigenbaum.

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