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Eleven Killed In Afghan Helicopter Crash

By RFE/RL's Radio Free Afghanistan
KABUL -- The NATO-led International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan has said a helicopter crash in southern Afghanistan killed 11, including seven U.S soldiers. 
ISAF spokesman Brigadier General Guenter Katz, speaking on August 16 with RFE/RL's Radio Free Afghanistan, said four Afghans also died, including a civilian interpreter and three members of the Afghan security forces. 

"An ISAF helicopter crashed in Kandahar Province today. The crash resulted in the deaths of seven U.S. soldiers, three members of the Afghan national security forces, and one Afghan civilian interpreter. The cause of the crash in still under investigation," Katz said.
Earlier, ISAF announced three U.S. soldiers died and four ISAF service members, whose nationalities were not revealed. 
In a statement, Taliban spokesman Qari Yosuf Ahmadi claimed Taliban militants downed the American UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter. 
The AFP news agency quoted Ahmadi as saying the incident occurred in the Taliban-controlled Shah Wali Kot district in Kandahar Province, a traditional stronghold of the militant group. He added that a rocket-propelled grenade had been used to bring the helicopter down. 
The claim could not be independently confirmed.
In a statement sent to news organizations, Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar claimed his fighters have infiltrated the Afghan police and army and are successfully killing a rising number of U.S.-led coalition forces.

Afghan officials say Shah Wali Kot district, which lies north along the border with Uruzgan Province, is a key transit route, with insurgents regularly attacking local police checkpoints and planting bombs in the road to target passing government vehicles. 
The NATO-led coalition has relied heavily on helicopters to carry troops and supplies around the mountainous terrain in an attempt to avoid the threat of ambushes and roadside bombs. 
That has left helicopters as a target for insurgents, who have shot down several helicopters used by the 130,000-strong NATO mission.   
Last August, the Taliban shot down a U.S. helicopter near Kabul, killing eight Afghans and 30 Americans, including 22 U.S. Navy SEALs. The incident was the deadliest single incident for American troops since the toppling of the Taliban regime in 2001.
That incident was preceded by another last March, when a Turkish helicopter crashed into a house on the outskirts of Kabul, killing 12 Turkish soldiers and two Afghan civilians. The Taliban claimed they shot down the helicopter. 
With reporting by AP and AFP
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by: Jack from: US
August 16, 2012 17:57
Hillary is celebrating today. Her Wahhabi Sunni friends scored a big hit. When NATO minions die the humanity wins. Hillary thinks the same
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
August 16, 2012 18:24
And here I thought the US armed forces was the best in the world :))))
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by: Jack from: US
August 16, 2012 22:42
if only US soldiers were armed with superior Russian weapons, they would have defeated Taliban a week ago. With crappy US-made weapons US Army gets what you see - the helicopters are shot down with stone-age arrows, brave US soldiers are dying daily to the joy of Hillary Clinton and her peaceful Wahhabi Sunni allies

by: William from: Aragon
August 17, 2012 03:18
"The cause of the crash in still under investigation, Katz said." They all are. It would appear that after 10 years of war and a lot of shooting going on, no ISAF aircraft have been officially shot down by the insurgency. It is comparable to the question "How many Abrams tanks were destroyed in Iraq/". The official answer is none, despite the media footage showing burning Abrams tanks. The Pentagon is not hiding the facts from its enemies - they know how many things they destroy - they are hiding it from the American people.

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
August 17, 2012 05:57
The comment above made in my name was not made by me (and of course, Konstantin, I always thought that the US armed forces were the best in the world - the best when it comes to bombing Afghan women and children with their drones; whereas the second best is the armed forces of Georgia - remember how impressively they kicked the .... of the Russians in August 2008?:-)))
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
August 30, 2012 11:23
Lying again, Eugenio!
You think that I will not reply, because your Russian team
murdered my mother, using CIA, 7/7/2012?
I never would express such opinion, lier!
I say Just War must win, armies could change and lack of war
is changable - not what your treasonous Russia would think!
Americans are bombastic idiots, they often miss.
Some US soldier are Russian and German nazi idiots from
USA, brainwashed by Russian rats-Magogies to insult
Afghans, thus helping insurgensy.
But how can one compare it with deliberate genocide by Russian
bloodsuckers that bestialy tortured, desecrated and murdered
two millions Afghans, mostly women, children and elderly and enjoyed it - unless you one of them?

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