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NATO Commander Apologizes For Afghan Civilian Deaths

U.S. General John AllenU.S. General John Allen
U.S. General John Allen
U.S. General John Allen

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U.S. To Probe Afghan Air Strike

The United States has pledged to investigate a June 6 NATO air strike in Afghanistan and take "appropriate actions" amid Afghan accounts that as many as 18 civilians were killed.
The U.S. commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan has apologized over the deaths of up to 18 civilians in a coalition air strike on June 6.

A NATO spokesman said that General John Allen flew to eastern Logar Province to personally deliver his regrets to villagers and local leaders for the civilian deaths.

It was the first confirmation by NATO forces that civilians were killed in the air strike, which occurred during what officials said was a raid to capture a Taliban operative.

Afghan officials have said the air strike killed 18 civilians, including women and children.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has denounced the air strike as unjustified and "unacceptable."

Based on on reporting by AP and AFP
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by: Popsiq from: Alabama
June 08, 2012 17:55
Missing from the report, above, are the excusatory 'facts': that the patrol was shot at and grenaded. They called for the perps to come out of the house. And then, on the recommenddation' of the Afghans who were leading the mission, called in TacAir. One. or perhaps two. bombs were dropped, killing ALL the insurgents "among" whose bodies were later found the bodies of 18 peope who couldn't be described as insurgents.

So there ya have it, ISAF is sorry and they'll be 'doing right' by the bereaved families. That way Americans can go on making fun of Afghans who readily see their kids killed in the wars they 'bring them to', and then settle for quadruple rations of Ding Dongs and L'il Debbies.

Which makes 'us' much better than 'them' - who never apologize, or pay-up, for the massive number of civilians they kill. So we deserve to win.

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