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Afghan Taliban Slams Video-Gaming Prince Harry

Britain's Prince Harry is shown an Apache helicopter upon his arrival at Camp Bastion in September 2012.
Britain's Prince Harry is shown an Apache helicopter upon his arrival at Camp Bastion in September 2012.
As Britain's Prince Harry ends his second combat tour of duty in Afghanistan, a comment about his skill as a helicopter gunner has led the Taliban to brand him a "coward."

In one of the many interviews Harry -- or "Captain Wales" as he is known in the military -- gave to British media at the end of his Afghan tour, he said about his move up to the role of managing an Apache helicopter's weapons systems: "It's a joy for me because I'm one of those people who loves playing PlayStation and Xbox, so with my thumbs I like to think I'm probably quite useful."

As Britain's "The Daily Telegraph" reports, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid described Harry as a "coward" and that his video-game statement was "not even worth condemning. It is worse than that."

The Taliban spokesman added: "To describe the war in Afghanistan as a game demeans anyone -- especially a prince who is supposed to be made of better things."

According to the newspaper, a commander in the southern Helmand Province, where Harry was based, said that describing the efforts -- and deaths -- of all the soldiers from different countries as part of a game was to show a lack of respect. "It's not a game. It's very, very real," he said.

The 28-year-old, third in line to the throne, said that he had simply done his job in firing at Taliban insurgents while in Afghanistan.

"If there's people trying to do bad stuff to our guys, then we'll take them out of the game, I suppose," he said. "Take a life to save a life...the squadron's been out here. Everyone's fired a certain amount."

How much Harry's statements will be used by the Taliban in the running propaganda war being waged in Afghanistan over local perceptions of the conflict is yet to be seen.

-- Dan Wisniewski
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by: Anonymous
January 22, 2013 20:16
The whole world knows that many taliban, especially the most bloodthirsty of some muslim clerics and warlords in afghanistan and pakistan are cowards.

to manipulate children, to send children to war because they themselves are afraid of dying, and to beat and torture women, apart from putting bombs close to markets and into buses where shia live or linger, is the nothing but cowardice.

they should strive both to get more educated and to put certain passages of the quran and the hadith into historical context.
many haven't even read the quran, many don't know what ضعيف ‎ d'aíf and موضوع maud'ú means in the context of hadith.
so, some believe whatever some crazy guy tells them to believe.

besides, why is prince ha so important? except for some monarchies precisely the british and the spanish monarchies do not inspire very much reverence. at least, the british "royal family" (well, probably) does not waste as much money as the saudi and the moroccan "royal" families, they do neither condone nor encourage the killing and beating or the detention of non-royalists, well not all the ministers are from the same family, etc.

still, after the russian, the french, the iranian revolution, at the beginning of the 21st century it's not really understandable why canadians, australiens, the spanish, the british, etc. do accept such monarchies. elephant killing trips, shopping, parties, millions of dollars/euros, pounds, etc.

that moroccans and saudis have no other choice. that is clear, but europeans, north americans and australians with their queen of canada and queen of australia? wonder why?
yeah, so some wars with radical muslims help to distract easily from quite obsolete "traditions". (of course, the picture is more complicated.)
what a waste of time.

by: Demetrius M from: My House
January 22, 2013 20:44
To please Zabihullah Mujahid, instead of utilizing helo gunships to kill taliban (yes, so similar to COD), we'll use small pox. Higher bodycount, less effort all round and no more references to xbox or PS.
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by: Camel Anaturk from: Kurdistan
January 23, 2013 12:34
Dirty Harry and Dimpetreaus from the house of Mickey Mouse are darn bloody right-but why waste so much fire power and smallpox when a hydrogen bomb will do the trick nicely and quickly.We must show the bloody taliban savages the true humanist WASP orthodox nature of our superiourity-its Dieu et mon droits!!! I say Syria and Iran can wait we must A-bomb the Afghans first!!! Amen!!!

by: UKR FAN from: Canada
January 23, 2013 04:21
That's almost laughable what the Taliban are saying if it wasn't such a serious matter. For a society that treats women the way they do, punishes their own (cutting off hands) the way they do, using the language they do toward the West and the list goes on.
Get a grip!!!!

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
January 23, 2013 08:30
While the US and their NATO lackeys continue losing the war in Afghanistan, getting into a war that they have no chance of winning in North Africa and just talking silly about how they will "overthrow" the govt of Bashar in Syria, the only Taliban militants they really can "kill" are those to be found in computer games :-)).

by: Bill Webb from: Phoenix Arizona USA
January 23, 2013 13:27
I congratulate the Prince for having the slight of hand and deftness necessary for operating the weapons systems on a helicopter gunship. Similar skill is necessary for delicate surgery and many other difficult jobs. I thank you for your service.

by: sattar rind from: hyderabad sindh pakistan
January 24, 2013 09:17
Captain Wales is just 28 years old and very safe in his camp as British Army might have made special arraignment his security. Therefore, he has right to assume war as a game. Anyway we love him as he is son of Lady Diana.

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
January 24, 2013 10:32
While Prince Charles is playing video-games, it starts to look increasingly like the US and their NATO friends are just running out of soliders willing to fight their never-ending "war on terror": The outgoing US "defense" secretary Leon Panetta is planning to announce a measure, according to which WOMEN will be allowed to fight directly on the front-line from 2016 on, in an apparently desperate effort by the US military to somehow offset the lack of MEN willing to die for nothing, be it in Afghanistan, Iraq, or, who knows, Mali, Syria or Iran in the near furutre.
If the US continues following this path, it will end up where the German Wehrmacht was in early 1945 - having to attract 14-year-old boys for front-line fighting.
Source on the upcoming statement by Panetta:
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by: Jack from: US
January 24, 2013 14:17
may US government and its NATO minions be "winning" forever! They had "won" in Iraw, they "won" in Afghanistan, they "won" in Libya (as recent hostage deal amply demonstrated), and now they are on a path to "win" in Mali.
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by: Chris from: NYC
January 26, 2013 01:15
Go get 'em Harry!!!
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
January 26, 2013 09:58
A good point, Jack :-). Another battle that they have so convincingly won was that against an ever higher US budget deficit :-)).

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
January 26, 2013 10:22
By the way, talking about fighting capacities of the US and other NATO forces: German media is informing that the US sovereign-debt crisis is forcing the Pentagon to cut its expediture so severely that up to 46.000 (!!!) of its employees will have to be FIRED within the next fiscal year.
In other words, those European pensioners who have to demostrate on the streets against the pensions cuts imposed by a number of EU govts will from now on feel support of the fired former employees of the US "Defense" Dept - who will also have no option other than going to protest on the street.
Yeah, going bankrupt is no fun, guys...
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by: Jack from: US
January 26, 2013 15:48
does it mean my friend Moisha Rabinovich can lose his job as RFE/RL moderator and his second job as CIA station chief in Prague? If that happens they can only survive on foodstamps and supplemental income Sara brings from her stunts at Cabare Atlas (btw, you should see her hairy legs!). I have to write to my congressman in defence of Moisha and other CIA freedom fighters

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