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Albania To Allow International Probe Into Organ Trafficking

Council  of Europe investigator Dick Marty has alleged that senior Kosovo Liberation Army commanders were involved in organ trafficking during and after the conflict.
Council of Europe investigator Dick Marty has alleged that senior Kosovo Liberation Army commanders were involved in organ trafficking during and after the conflict.
Albania has drafted legislation allowing an EU-led investigation into whether Kosovo Albanian rebels sold prisoners' organs during the 1998-99 Kosovo war.

Prime Minister Sali Bersiha said on May 2 that the draft, expected to be adopted by parliament this week, would allow international investigators to conduct the probe on Albanian territory.

Council of Europe rapporteur Dick Marty alleged in a 2010 report that senior commanders of the rebel ethnic Albanian Kosovo Liberation Army (UCK) were involved in organ trafficking during and after the conflict.

The report said organs were taken from the bodies of prisoners, many of them Serbs, who were held by the UCK in Albania in the late 1990s.

Kosovo and Albania have denied the accusations.

The European Union has set up a task force headed by U.S. prosecutor John Clint Williamson to conduct the investigation.

Based on reporting by AP and AFP
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by: freedom figther from: toronto
May 02, 2012 15:58
what about all them missing albanians in kosova like i told people before eu dont like albanians period the same countrys who annexed albania god will punish you eu is the freemasons using usa if it werent for usa germany would have taken all of europe and know europe is trying to play smart with us because eu countrys still have blood lines with serbia eu countrys gave europen woman to serbian kings still to this day eu supports serbia for all the crimes serbia has done this how eu rewards the serbs what a shame and shame on eu i hope us albanians never join eu why join a bunch of crimals like eu states get lost eu
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by: rick from: milan
May 02, 2012 23:08
Hei You
do you know that exist this "," and this "." ?
you wrote 120 words without no one point or comma

by: American Troll
May 02, 2012 18:14
Nice try, KLA, but you lose. The gold medal in "seemed like a good idea at the time" US-backed insurgencies forever belongs to the Afghan mujaheddin, and you'll have to pry that prize from their cold, dead fingers. That photo of them sitting in the oval office with Reagan and his "founding fathers" quote was pure, industrial-strength "whoopsies." Now look at this Limaj dude in Pristina today. War criminal? Organ trafficker? He looks like Craig T. Nelson in Poltergeist.

Serbs, no offense because your food is alpha-tier, but you need a better category of enemies. Might I suggest the Somalis? They're weak on organization but certainly brave and resourceful, plus chewing qat seems ready-made for the male Balkan mindset.
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by: Camel Anaturk from: Kurdistan
May 02, 2012 20:07
Shame on the bloody westerners,they gave the albanian drug overlords a country,,the EU gives them tens of billions euros to finance their trade,and they promised more for human organs-specifically brains to implant into troll`s heads and now what-they are criminals? A crying shame,that`s what it is,a really crying shame!!!As for the Balkan mindset-it is baaad very very baaaaad,but it still proves you`ve got a mind unlike the shamerican troll.
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by: freedom figther from: toronto
May 02, 2012 21:36
dick marty has been saying this for many yrs where is the proof like a good serb would say it never happen just like 300.000 bosna serbrenica never died it was a lie where is the proof you serbs make me laugh if we had what the serbian army had trust me serbian army would have never came to kosova the tanks air to air rockets sure we just had ak47 rockets launchers but we still fougth on the ground all the serbs did was looted raped woman and children thats no army that cowards yes usa saved us after ww2 europe made a mistake and that mistake came back and haunted them

by: vn from: Belgrade
May 03, 2012 00:57
This investigation will turn up nothing as there's not a shred of evidence to support the accusations. The only reason there's even an investigation is to appease the "we are the poor victims in the Balkans" Serbs.

The money wasted on this investigation could be better used to help feed the poor or buy surplus fuel oil for next year's brutal winter.

Someone (Serbs) have been buying in to the urban myth of organ trafficking. Time to pick another imaginary cause to champion!
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by: vn from: Belgrade
May 03, 2012 12:04
The vn/Albania and the misfortunate mindset of gluttening oneself with false complacency, obsessed with the word myth, which btw in Serbian mit - a myth, but also mito - a bribe, leading you all the way to the major corruption deals. There's no use threatening the Serbs with your "humanitarian" concerns for fuel oil (the only kind of oil the Albanians need?). During the post-bombing NATO crisis all major foreign NGOs voted for, guess what, the major problem - the UN car plates (as they are duty-free).

This time, no stone will be left unturned. Even the f..... truck that the British NGO used in Belgrade which came in 1999 after fulfilling a certain mission in Albania would have to be checked out for any DNA traces. All the satellite phone calls provided by the US and the UK will be reviewed, all the UK, Swiss, Norwegian, Dutch, German, Turkish, Cyprus bank accounts will be looked at. The Austrian castles using all kinds of horrible "young-forever" techniques with embryos and young children... So, you see it's just the tip of the iceberg. The threads of traces are enormous leaving more than enough shred of evidence (another obsession of typical homicide criminals thinking they have left no evidences).
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by: vn from: Belgrade
May 03, 2012 15:40
I don't know what's a worse fate- to drown in self imposed ignorance or bad prose. Methinks the former- at least there's an excuse for the latter.

If only you could speak and write in English.

by: Darren from: Canada
May 05, 2012 17:08
I don’t know if these libelous allegations are true or false, but what is wrong with providing organs to sick people, thus saving their lives? Let’s say that some organs were collected from killed Serbian invaders during the war of liberation of Kosova (when KLA nearly single-handedly threw the Serbian invaders out of Kosova): it points out that KLA are not racists. I deem it rather commendable.

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