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Armenian President Says Azerbaijan Preparing For War

Armenian President Says Azerbaijan Is Preparing For Wari
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October 06, 2012
Armenian President Serzh Sarkisian has accused Azerbaijan of preparing for war over Nagorno-Karabakh, the Armenian-controlled separatist territory inside Azerbaijan. In an interview with Reuters in Yerevan, Sarkisian said Azerbaijan’s government has been acquiring arms to prepare for new fighting.

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Armenian President Serzh Sarkisian has accused Azerbaijan of preparing for war over Nagorno-Karabakh, the Armenian-controlled separatist territory inside Azerbaijan.

In an interview in Yerevan with the Reuters news agency, Sarkisian said Azerbaijan’s government has been acquiring what he called a “horrendous quantity” of arms to prepare for new fighting.

Armenia and Azerbaijan have been in conflict for more than two decades over Nagorno-Karabakh, with a fragile cease-fire in place since 1994.

"Now, 18 years after the signing of this cease-fire agreement, Azerbaijan threatens us with a new war," Sarkisian said.

Sarkisian accused Azerbaijanis of having hatred toward Armenians and a “general xenophobia.” He said, however, that Armenia still hopes for a negotiated settlement that would end the conflict between the neighboring Caucasus states peacefully.

“When I say that there is hatred towards Armenians, a general xenophobia in Azerbaijan; when I say there is a dangerous accumulation of armaments in Azerbaijan; when I say Azerbaijan is getting prepared for resuming military hostilities and settling the conflict by military means, that doesn't mean at all that there is no need to continue with negotiations," Sarkisian said.

The self-proclaimed Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh has not been recognized by any country.

Ties between Armenia and Azerbaijan were recently aggravated after Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev pardoned a soldier who had been sentenced to life in prison in Hungary for murdering an Armenian officer in 2004.

The officer was pardoned immediately after he was sent back to Azerbaijan from imprisonment in Hungary.

European Union member Hungary says it returned the soldier to Azerbaijan after receiving assurances his life sentence would be enforced. Azerbaijan says the pardon was in line with the law and has rejected international criticism over the situation.

In the interview, Sarkisian said the pardon of the Azerbaijani officer showed Nagorno-Karabakh -- a region of about 160,000 people -- could never be part of Azerbaijan.

Several soldiers from both Armenia and Azerbaijan were reported killed in a series of incidents along the Azerbaijan-Armenia border and the Nagorno-Karabakh border this summer.

Russia, France and the United States have led years of mediation under the auspices of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, to try to resolve the dispute. But there have been no direct contacts between Armenia and Azerbaijan since the controversy over the pardon of the Azerbaijani soldier.

Based on reporting by Reuters
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by: Drazco from: Krakow, PL
October 06, 2012 13:27
Well this is just one side of the story. Truth is both these countries have hatred towards each other. Every Armenian I know has this strong hate for Turks (even more so then hate against Azeris). Second Armenia too has been acquiring weapons and missiles (namely from good-old Russia). So the weapons buildup is both countries fault. Personally I think both nations can come to an agreement, it seems more like the governments are brainwashing and manipulating their populations, just to keep in power. This goes for the Aliyev clan in Azerbayan and for the Karabakh clan in Armenia.
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by: minas
October 06, 2012 20:28
I think you are ill-informed when it comes to this particular conflict, not every Armenian hates Turks or Azeris, I, for one, don't hate Turks or Azeris. In Azerbaijan, hatred towards anything Armenian has reached an alarming level, the Azeri government officially advocates this racist policy and you can see the results in their society. But does it surprise me that our good old democratic European friends turn a blind eye on this? Not really. A few years ago Azerbaijan interrogated its own citizens for the mere "guilt" of voting for Armenia in Eurovision song contest! if, lets say, this was done by Serbia against Albania, it would have erupted into a huge scandal and possibly expulsion of Serbs from the contest for at least a few years, but in Azerbaijans case everything was business as usual. You probably don't even know that Azerbaijan refuses to issue entrance visa for third country citizens who have Armenian surnames, even if they have never been to Armenia. So if you are a Polish citizen, born in Poland and your paternal grandfather was an ethnic Armenian which gives you an Armenian surname you will be automatically declined visa to Azerbaijan! If this is not racism then what is it?! And yet this same country insists that more than 150,000 Armenians who live in Karabakh should become citizens of Azerbaijan! This is the epitome of absurdity tolerated for years by you and people like you who like to justify this kind of behavior by saying that both sides hate each other or they both have weapons. In politics, nothing is black and white. Nobody claims that Armenians are infallible and their record immaculate but their are certain limits which Azerbaijan has crossed them years ago and now it has reached the point where it makes a hero out of an axe-murderer.
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by: Fikret Devenli from: Baku
October 07, 2012 15:50
this is armenian point of view. you forgeting to say that 30.000 armenians lifing in baku today. how many azeris in yerevan? almost nothing! anti-azeri and anti-turk propaganda is binding factor of armenian nationalism. azeris cannot enter armenia too, wake up. armenian army killed 30.000 azeris and now 1 million azeris refugees, so logical azerbaijan not so happy about armenia. in soviet times there was peace and prosperity between people of armenia and azerbaijan. armenian nationalism broke peace when they invade karabakh.

i am azeri in baku, i dont want war but karabakh must be returned to azeris. armenians can remain in karabakh with autonomy and equal rights, etcm, guarenteed by european union principles and monitoring. but azeris must be returned to their native lands also. armenia cannot occupy karabakh forever, yerevan has no resources to develop the region. azerbaijan said it will invest 100 billion dollars to develop it. development and cooperation breeds peaceful living for azeris and armenians.
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by: greg from: virginia
October 08, 2012 19:23
Fikrit, i don't doubt that you personally have good intentions towards the armenians in karabagh, but when your gov't makes an agreement with Hungary to reincarcerate a convicted felon, a self admitted armenian killer, and your gov't promptly violates that agreement upon that convicts release, casts him as a hero for doing what he did at that Nato program, then promotes him to a high rank in your army -with back pay, what message do you think that sends to the Karabagh armenians? That Baku negotiates with other countries in good faith?? That Baku respects the rights of NKR Armenians, and will honor those rights once it resubjugates NKR to Azeri rule?? Your gov't blew any opportunity you had to live peacefully with armenians as neighbors when it pulled that filth with the Safarov exoneration. And as for 30000 armenians living in Baku today? Interesting that not a single one of my non armenian friends who work for NGOs in Baku has ever encountered them. As far as they know, any armenians living in Baku today are living very much like Anne Frank did in the Netherlands during Nazi occupation - very quietly.
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by: Anonymous
October 09, 2012 07:39
Fikret you are right 'but azeris must be returned to their native lands' so pack you bags and go back across the pond to your homeland Turkmenistan, and don't forget to take your friends from turkey with you.
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by: Kevork from: USA
October 06, 2012 21:17
So by your logic, Armenia should just sit like a duck while the genocidal terrorists around her accumulate weapons. Did you just hatch out of an egg? "Armenians hate Turks" - gee I wonder why! Perhaps... destruction and theft of their country? And... GENOCIDE??
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by: Paul from: Toronto
October 06, 2012 21:37
Drazco, when one compares the military expenditure between the two countries (you can easily figure out the results of what the Azeri money has bought), one can say that you don't know what you're talking about.

Armenia also gets arms from Russia as part of CIS obligations, true, but just compare the unit for unit armaments you'll see that Armenia falls short considerably.

Also you cannot compare the Aliyev clan, more correctly referred as the Aliyev dictatorship with Armenia's so-called Karabakh-clan. Armenia has improved considerably its democratic institutions, where none exist in Azerbaijan.
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by: Drazco from: Krakow, PL
October 07, 2012 15:42
Im sorry but your wrong on this. Armenians have a deep hate towards Turks. Its understandable why, the Turks did commit a genocide against them. Still its been, what, like 90 years now? In the Caucasus history runs deep and so does hatred. Everyone hates everyone and this includes Armenian hate against Azeris and Turks. As for Aliyev and Karabakh (or Artsakh) clan, they have the same stratgies. Using the conflict to brainwash and manipulate their nations, just to hang unto power. Same thing, just a different name.
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by: Paul from: T
October 11, 2012 05:16
Drazco, the Armenians are fighting to keep their homeland, they are not fighting for any clan. You really do not know the dynamics of the region. For the Armenians it is a fight for survival, for the Azeris it is a fight to save face, prestige or even worse, Aliyev's personal megalomaniacal pride.

You want to hear about hatred? read what's been uttered by the entire ruling elite in Baku. Anti-Armenian hatred is now a state policy.

by: A.Rahan from: USA
October 07, 2012 00:17
Seems like president Sargsyan is preparing ground for escalating into a full-scale war and attacking the remaining Azerbaijani territories.

The irony is that it's Armenia and its military, under Sargsyan's command, that has been unleashing war against Azerbaijan since 1991, by occupying 16% to this day, not complying with 4 UN SC resolutions, and not allowing 800,000 Azerbaijani displaced from returning back home to Karabakh.
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by: Paul from: Toronato
October 07, 2012 17:22
A.Rahan, you are wrong on all accounts.

I don't know where have you been but the rest of the world is a witness to a daily threat of "taking back Karabakh by military means if the need be" emanating from highest offices in Baku. To everyone (except you) this is not an invitation for an afternoon party. Add to it the huge military build-up. Baku does not miss a chance to "remind" Armenia that it spends more money on the military than Armenia's entire budget.

Wrong on who unleashed the war also. You are welcome to your opinion but reality is diametrically opposite to the views you hold.
Either do a proper research or stop lying.

Wake up and smell the gun powder up you sleeves.

by: Kaloust from: USA
October 07, 2012 03:11
Drazco, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but not to their facts. I am an Armenian and I don't hate neither Turks, or Azeries and I do not know of anyone of Armenian descend who do. I assure you and everyone else, that in this context hatred is one way street. The evidence of which is abundantly available. Here... we are dealing with a sick society living in dark ages. Let’s remember, in Nakhchivan, tens of thousands of khachkars, some as old as the 8th century, were destroyed by the Azerbi government from 2000-2005. That’s what Taliban did to other cultural monuments that we know of.
The incident was taped from the Iranian side. You can watch on youtube:

It is worth mentioning that Nagorno-Karabakh had an overwhelming Armenian majority for at least two thousand years. As a province of historical Armenia, this region (Artsakh) was one of the cradles of the world’s Christian civilization. In Soviet times it was forcibly made part of Azerbaijan Soviet Republic. In 1988, the Parliament of Nagorno-Karabakh declared its independence from Azerbaijan. Azeris responded with brutal anti-Armenian pogroms in Sumgayit, Kirovobad, Baku and other cities. A large scale Azeri military offensive on Nogorno-Karabakh followed along with ethnic cleansing and massacres. Armenians won the war and defended their right to self-determination and independence.
Now, a hereditary Azeri President Ilham Aliyev exploits the Nagorno-Karabakh issue to sustain his notoriously corrupt regime using any means from a grotesque falsification of history to a bizarre glorification of criminals like Safarov.
It is worth mentioning that the Azeri officer Ramil Safarov murdered an Armenian officer Gurgen Margaryan in his sleep with 16 axe blows to Margaryan’s face, nearly severing his head from his body. Margaryan had also been stabbed several times in the chest. It happened in 2004 at a military academy in Budapest where the servicemen were attending English-language courses organised by NATO. Upon his extradition to Azerbaijan, the murderer was met as a hero, pardoned by president Aliyev, promoted to the rank of major and paid back salary for all years he spent in Hungarian jail serving a life sentence. By doing so, Azeri authorities proved once again that killing an Armenian is not considered a crime in Azerbaijan — racism in its worst.
Clearly, Azerbaijan has no moral right to exercise any control over the Armenians of Nagorno-Karabakh. Moreover, the Safarov affair showed that unpredictable and impulsive Azeri president is increasingly becoming a liability for his partners in the West.

by: K D
October 07, 2012 14:19
It would be lawful and legitimate for Armenia to launch a preemptive strike. President Sargysyan must know that. It amounts to insanity if Armenia waits for Azerbaijan to attack. Why wait? Armenia must not trust western powers or Russia to guarantee peace. Once bullets start flying these powers will try to look for excuses. So, Armenians must defend their rights with their own hands.
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by: Kamran from: Baku
October 08, 2012 09:36
This would be great! This way Azerbaijan can get back its own lands and more, just like those thieving Armenians did 20 years ago.

If Armenia attacks on its own, it has no military backing from Russia, and without Russia Armenians can’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag.
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by: Anon
October 08, 2012 20:09
Yes, Kamran, we know it's your wet dream for Armenia to attack, and you know Armenia has never been the aggresor like you, hence all the provocation, the Azeri breaking of the ceasefire by shooting across the border, the pardon and glorification of a racist axe-murderer, and all the falsification and hate against Armenians you ingest daily from your mass media.

You really got used to a land Stalin stole from Armenia to put under Azerbaijani control for almost seventy years, and your state exercised every kind of policy it could to deploy it of its Armenian population, just like Nakhijevan. It worked succefully in Nakhijevan, but you're too upset you couldn't uproot every single Armenian from Karabakh as well. For once, the Armenians stood up for themselves to stop your stealing and time-after-time massacres. Is that so hard to swallow, that now you have to falsify history and brainwash your people to hate your neighbors so much? I understand it's the fault of your brainwashing state's policy, but it has made you a war-mongering, hateful bunch, and it's really a pity.
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by: George from: US
October 08, 2012 16:24
Armenia will not strike.

by: Bigi from: Sofia, Bulgar
October 07, 2012 15:37
This guy must think we are dumb. I love Armenian people, lots of Armenian brothers here in Sofia! But the Armenian government is occupying lands that belong legally to Azerbaijan. So lets not bullsh*t each other. Armenia started the war and occupied a quarter of Azerbaijan and now Azeris want payback. Simple as that.
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by: George from: US
October 08, 2012 16:22
Thank you for having positive attitude toward Armenians but when is comes to Azeri and Armenian conflict please do more research. The land was never part of Azerbaijan. I wish you could go there and see how Armenian that place is. It is a pure Christian land and trust me it is. Each Azeri citizen knows it very well that NK is not Azeri. When is comes to war Armenians will do anything to protect their home land. Raising military budget just the way Azeri do will not bring back some one else land.
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by: Robert Weingart from: Kopenhagen
October 08, 2012 20:26
I do think that Armenia is great too and Armenians have great hospitality, i have been to Armenia and Karabakh. But George, please reflect your words: The land you are occuyping has both Armenian and Persian history, you can see it in Shusha Mosques and in Fizuli/Jabrail Region with Persian Cemetries. Karabakh is NOT Pure Christian land, its Christian too but also home of Azeris. Until people like you can not accept this, there will never be a right peace. I think some Armenians are not equal with Europeans. There in Europe, ricals learned to live with each other. Armenians are not ready i think.
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by: Anon
October 08, 2012 20:17
Dear Bigi, if by "legally belonging to Azerbaijan" you mean forcefully taking of couple thousand years old Armenian-populated region from a very weakened Armenia seventy years ago by the communist leader Stalin to be under Azerbaijani control as an autonomous region, then you are right. But you really have to be pushing to the limits to define that as legal. It's too bad Azerbaijan got used to stealing something that didn't belong to it in the first place. Now they're upset they didn't eliminate every single Armenian in Karabakh directly like Safarov with axes instead of their indirect policies of resettlements and other policies, so they could claim someone else's property for good. They want to right that wrong. It is, as you say, simple as that.

And one more thing: Artsakh (Karabakh) demanded its independence by peaceful protests. If it weren't by the massacres and pogroms of the Armenian in Sumgait, Baku and Kirovabad by Azerbaijan, the war wouldn't have started. Check out the timeline of violence. Azerbaijan is the aggressor in this case.

by: Chuvak from: Los Angeles
October 07, 2012 17:49
"Accuse" would imply that it is not abundantly clear that Azerbaijan is in fact preparing for war. The status quo suits the conqueror, in this case, Armenia, and, incidentally, Russia. So Azerbaijan was naturally preparing for war since the peace process offers no results, thanks to the French love affair with the Armenian state and the Russian paranoia.

by: Shamani
October 09, 2012 05:39
Armenians = Azerbaijanians, same nations = different languages.

Everytime enemy of Caucasus they are. Everytime helpers' of powerful one. Their armies have no honour, they are not soldiers. They are killers of women - children - old people... They know only one thing = Killing, whatever.

İn Caucasus, nobody wants them here. Azer-Armanians can go Africa.
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by: Alex from: LA
October 10, 2012 18:35
First of all LOL on your insanly uneducated comment, got to love repressed citizens of Islamic Republic of Iran. Iranians = Israeli are same nation too = similar languages. Persians go to Antarctica. Israeli's move to Persia, I mean Zionist Republic of Iran. I caught the Shamani bug = uneducated muslim virus.

by: Vakhtang from: Moscow
October 09, 2012 06:40
Gentlemen write about anything, but not about the real situation..
The reality today is that this kind of conflict has no solution.
This is of course ridiculous, but the only option of peaceful existence in this territory possible only with a dictatorship or totalitarian regime,аs it was under Stalin and the Soviet Union-))))..
Armenians and Azerbaijanis were told or you live together or run under police escort to a concentration camp....And they all lived in love and harmony and dancing-)))
The same story is not only in Karabakh, but also in Abkhazia, Ingushetia for example..
In addition, this situation suits Putin, who by means of promises and arms sales in one or in the other hands can control the situation..

by: George from: US
October 09, 2012 14:44
Mr. Robert Weingart from: Kopenhagen” first of all it is not Shusha, it is Shushi and the original name is not Nagorno Karabakh but Artsakh. There are Mosques in many European countries, do they make them half Muslim and half Christian? Shushi was just the center of trade form many neighboring countries that is why you see many cemeteries there. There are many Armenian cemeteries here in US and in many other countries but is does not make these lands Armenian. Artsakh is, was, and will be Armenian. Armenia does not wish war but if started will fight and win because they protect their home land
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by: Atilla from: Magyar
October 09, 2012 16:42

Win? Only if Russia does all the fighting for you like last time. Armenia has neither the military nor the economy to win a fight with its much larger, richer and much better equipped neighbor.

Furthermore, it is not Azeris who are in breach of 4 UN resolutions, but I'm sure you can guess who is, even through your rose tinted Armenian nationalist glasses.
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by: Alex from: LA
October 10, 2012 07:02
You can take the UN resolutions and shove up somewhere their own and yours. All these UN Laws are useless until UN punishes Turkey for the father of Holocaust, the Armenian Genocide, until then they are baseless. That regions won't be in peace until the Armenian Question is solved, and the Ottoman started the Armenian Question, the Republic of Turkey found and answer and executed. So don't look for reaction from Armenia(ns) we will never stop the fight, we are one of the oldest civilization that ever existed and do exist through unrecorded genocides and betrayal by other so called Christian brothers, that care about Armenian paying them the church tax then to their own church (hint: BYZ..... Emp....). The only reason why there are muslim in Asia minor, South Caucus and Europe. Enjoy them Europe.
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by: Atilla from: Magyar
October 10, 2012 13:42
Alex from L.A., since your such a zealous nationalist, why do you not live in your home country? Is it because it is an economic wreck with no future?

Armenia can ignore UN resolutions, but world’s judgment will not change and the UN will not forget about Armenian land grabs and ethnic cleansing. A country as weak as Armenia can only pray that their big brother Russia protects them for a few more years. When Russia steps out of this equation, Armenia will have to either comply with world opinion or perish. It’s all quite simple.

And shouting Genocide for the past 100 years won’t help the traitorous Armenian cause, Armenia has killed thousands of innocent civilians and displaced millions, it will pay, one way or another, its juts a matter of time.
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by: Alex from: LA
October 10, 2012 18:49
Ya the reason why i'm USA and I am also zealous patriot in America too. The reason why my ancestors ended in this great country, most of the time, is because of the Armenian Genocide, where more than 90% of the Armenia population perished, and even if 1000 years pass it won't matter to us, we won't rest until the world punishes Turkish government, no matter how many name changes they go through. For 1000 muslim deaths it's Genocide and for millions of christian death, its deportation. We need to deport you Magyar too back to Central Asia where you belong. That last sentence is your way thinking. Most muslims in this have the inability to think in unbiased way. Azeri/Turkish word is not worth anything because they never mean what they say, they only want to lie and take advantage of the situation. Ohhh and Genocides tend to weaken a nation and a people. When all the wealth and property is taken away by force by barbarian uneducated uncultured Turks that committed those crimes. Those that are living today are the same even if they claim to be civil today, because they are denying the genocide, with exception of those brave Turks that are not denying it. I hope China carries out genocidal instrument towards your ancestors in their western provinces, just so you at least feel 1/10th of the pain of genocide.
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by: Atilla from: Magyar
October 11, 2012 11:07
What are you smoking?

Punishes the Turks for Armenian treachery?

All Muslims should be punished?

This is exactly the sort of hateful, nationalist Armenian mindset which will keep Armenia crawling around in its economic, social and demographic collapse until such time that Armenia either completely falls apart or is taken over. This path Armenia has set itself on will only result in its own destruction.

Why can’t Armenian think ahead and move forward?

Settlement of the conflict will lead to opening of the Armenian-Azerbaijani and Armenian-Turkish border, which, in turn, will cause a substantial increase in the Armenian economy. Armenia will have access to the sea, cheaper prices for goods. Armenia is a member of the WTO and will be able to trade directly with the members of the WTO, without unnecessary customs barriers. This is a huge benefit for Armenia, but Armenians don’t get it, instead the Armenian government uses Azerbaijan as a scapegoat for all internal and external Armenian problems in order to stay in power, all the while choking the country to its ultimate destruction.

And what does the Armenian population do? They follow along blindly like sheep. Very clever! Good luck with that!
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by: Sabina from: Azerbaijan
October 14, 2012 08:55
hello! Can you please tell me what Artsakh means in Armenian?? I k
now it really good that there's no anything like this word on Armenian language. You guys are calling Karabakh Artsakh because you're thinking that people will believe that Armenia is yours..

by: RD
October 09, 2012 16:54
Aliyev is an embarassment to himself, but mainly to his people and country. It is said that war is as easily prevented as it is provoked. He who provokes war, should take for the responsibility of the thousands who will die. Aliyev wants to provoke war and should be held responsible for the thousands of young men he will be sending to their deaths.
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by: Azeri from: Baku
October 10, 2012 04:57
A thief: "All I wanted was the jewels of this evil home-owner. I came to his house at night to liberate these jewels from his dirty Mongolian paws (for his ancestors came from Mongolia 23000 years ago). But, being the hateful and aggressive person that he is, he tried to stop me, me a peace-loving person. So he left me no choice but kill him, and then take his jewels as well as house. And now I hear that his sons want the house back. Would the world please step in and stop these warmongers!"

Thieves = Armenians, who wanted nothing but 20% of Azerbaijani land
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by: Anonymous
October 10, 2012 07:11
23000 years thats right yea you Turks were around in those days. Armenians came and rules you, thats why Armenia lost its freedom for 700 years. You are right, can you come and rewrite your truth, omg he is the prophet we been waiting for. WE ARE ALL TURKS, THIS WHOLE WORLD SHOULD BE NAMED TURKEY AND THIS UNIVERSE TURKISH UNIVERSE THEY CREATED, THEY ARE OUR CREATOR GODS, ALL HAIL TURK ALL HAIL TURKISTAN. THANK YOU MOTHER EARTH, OPS I MEAN MOTHER TURK. The only reason you exist is becuase corrupt and evil Westerner only care about one thing $$$$$$$$$$$$$$, letting them and their coprotation to make $$$$$$ there, why do you think this Syria things is going on, same reason, westerners want to spread Syria legs and enter it and tell you pay me for that too. I can't wait for the resources to run out on this earth, sorry on this Planet Turkey, in Universe Turkish. So every nation will go at each others throats and destroy this human civilization, damn I mean Turkish civilization.
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