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Google+ Hangout With Armenian Presidential Challenger Raffi Hovannisian

What's next for Armenia's former foreign minister?
What's next for Armenia's former foreign minister?
On April 9, incumbent Serzh Sarkisian will be sworn in for another term as president of Armenia.

As that happens, Sarkisian’s bested rival, Raffi Hovannisian, will be taking part in his own inauguration -- the “inauguration of a new Armenia,” as he says. It’s unclear exactly what the event will be, but the timing is almost certainly no accident.

Hovannisian disputes the results of the February 18 election. He lost to Sarkisian by roughly 20 points, according to official results. He recently ended a two-week hunger strike that he had been holding to protest the election results and demand electoral reforms.

RFE/RL’s Armenian Service (Radio Azatutyun) discussed all of these issues and more with Hovannisian in an exclusive Google+ Hangout on the evening of April 7. 

Watch a recording of the talk below.

WATCH: A discussion with Raffi Hovannisian
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by: serge from: usa
April 07, 2013 03:45
hovannisian is totally detached from reality. without exception, ALL MAJOR powers (US, Russia, EU, England, et al) have congratulated Sargsyan on his presidency. good or bad, however imperfect, Sargsyan is now the president and the nation must rally behind the president. Here is hovannisian, like the former president of Georgia, rebelling (with his overdone "hunger strikes") and trying to become president. the elections ARE OVER, however imperfect, and the case is closed. finished. its now time to get down to governing the nation, not re-running elections. i have lost ALL RESPECT for the pitiful hovannisian who is totally detached from reality, lives in a bizarre world where he can rebel against an elected president, go against all major powers, or throw a fit and have yet-another-hunger-strike. it would have been much better for the nation, if he accepted Sargsyan's presidency and worked WITHIN the system for positive change, not this silly antics.
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by: parvenu from: US
April 07, 2013 14:09
True words. Also, he hasn't specified what was it that he intended to do differently if he had been elected.
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by: Cilicia from: USA
April 07, 2013 20:11
Above posts... please don't act dumb and clueless. You obviously have no clue about what's going on in Armenia. This isn't about being president. It is about Armenia and the will of its citizens. Raffi's point is the Armenian people must decide what Armenia's government is, with proof. Raffi clearly has made his case, that if it is proven that the people voted for Sargsyan, then he will gladly step aside. He obviously has a case, until this current foreign-backed regime in Armenia comes clean with the election results. If it doesn't then that means that we as Armenians acknowledge that Armenia is not by us, for us. And all future "elections" are also unnecessary, and a Democracy is also not necessary.

For the past twenty years, each successive regime of Armenia hasn't done a damn thing to bring together the diaspora community with Armenia and allow our culture to flourish inside our own country, meanwhile tens of thousands of Armenians born in Armenia are on an exit course each month. The population of Armenia went from 5 million to 3 in 20 years. If you as Armenians believe this is a good formula for our nation, then God help us all, we are our own enemy, we do not need Turks to wipe us out.

by: Anonymous
April 07, 2013 16:38
Thanks for the event!Go Barevolution! We have the power.

by: Anonymous from: U.S.
April 08, 2013 02:17
Its one thing for the people of Armenia to rise up and declare their own "revolution" and opposition against the outcome of the elections, but the fact that Hovannisian has declared himself the leader of such a movement diminishes the role of the people. What good is this "revolution" if he puts himself ahead of the people? Protest, hunger strike, google hang out. What else is next? When are they going to talk to the people? This all seems like a scheme planned from the beginning of his campaign. The Hovannisian camp can accuse the Sargsyan regime for fraud, but who is going to call out the "barevolution" for their fraud?

by: Youri from: France
April 08, 2013 08:23
In France, we have a memory of what happened in Armenia ...

In short, this podcast touches me because I think it's going in the right direction for this country.

<a href="http://www.france-armenie.fr/">France Arménie</a>.

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